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photo 2021-02-22 07:05
Top Tips For Choosing the Best Web Development Company in 2021

Web development strategies are half of your business’s success, which is why you should look at web development to expand your business's horizons. When choosing the web development company in Broomfield, CO you'll cooperate with, you have to think about how much you're ready to spend on the chosen company. To choose the best web development company in 2021, pay attention to the field of knowledge and the feedback of previous clients. Try to gather information about who is personally responsible for your site and all the information on it. Setting deadlines and goals are vital because it helps manage development when creating your site. 

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photo 2021-02-22 06:55
Why Custom Website Development is Best For Your Business

Custom website development is defined by including specially created programming code to satisfy specific business needs. Custom website development is the alternative to pre-made site templates that are found on the internet and are ready to go. Custom website development can provide you with an exclusive site architecture that's built around your customer’s journey. It provides a unique design to your website. Custom website development offers great opportunities to safeguard your website. Custom website development allows you to have your site modified any way you need by professionals. So if it’s time for you to build, update, or refresh your business website, then I recommend you to connect with the expert website developers in Clearwater, FL

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text 2021-02-19 07:22

Every time we talk about technology, there is always the unmistakable thought of how rapid the advancements have been. The world has gone digital, which is a big reason for the rise of mobile and web app development services.

For sound web development, frameworks form the backbone of how web applications get created. Because technology makes things complicated due to its sheer pace of evolving, the benchmarks of web applications too are constantly rising.


Web app frameworks keep things in check.

What is a Web App Framework?

In simplest terms, a web application framework is a software framework that facilitates the development of different types of web apps including services, resources, and even APIs for that matter.

Frameworks can also be considered as libraries that allow for quicker and better development of apps. Presently, the number of web app frameworks has gone up drastically, and there are a lot of options to choose from. And making the right choice is pretty important if you actually want to create an interactive web app.

The Best Web App Frameworks for You to Choose From

Any kind of web app has two sides to it- Front-end as well as Back-end. While the front-end is visible to the client or end-user, the back-end is supposed to the business-end of the web app development spectrum.

Because both the ‘ends’ are dependent on each other, we will try to tell you the best frameworks for both cases-

Back-end Frameworks

1- Rails

Rails is a relatively modern framework that’s actually loved by a pretty healthy chunk of developers. It is considered to be a great framework for beginners and allows them to quickly begin their journey into the world of web development.

The community of Rails is robust too, with a large number of tutorials and resources that prove to be assistive in becoming a Rails expert in a pretty quick time.

2- Express

Node.js is now a dominant constituent of a number of companies that offer custom software development services, which is a big reason why Express is also proving to be a trending web development framework.

The biggest takeaway of Express is its minimal and highly no-nonsense approach. With the basic framework functionalities intact, it does not compromise on the features of Node and further harnesses the already efficient performance of Node.js.

3- Spring

Spring is a framework that makes use of Java, a programming language that needs no introduction. The framework has a number of smaller projects that call for markedly better performance and allow for a quicker scaling of businesses.

The simple fact that it uses Java is enough reason for a huge number of developers to make use of this framework. The only thing that can pose a little problem is that for someone who is not too familiar with Java, the learning process can be tricky.

Front-end Frameworks

1- Angular

Angular is a very popular framework that creates amazing single-page apps. Because it is entirely dedicated to the client-side of things, the scope of learning is pretty limited. The basic nature of Angular does not show a lot of support for SEO but can be tuned to become SEO-friendly.

2- Vue

Vue.js is another framework that is gaining rapid popularity as a novel JS option. Vue is pretty dynamic, where you can make use of it for one part of a particular project, without actually hampering the overall other parts of the same project.

Also, the ecosystem is something that brings the flexibility of allowing you to build entire front-end applications. While there are giants like Google that don’t include support for Vue, the future is pretty bright for this web app development framework.

3- React

Developers are aware of what a component-based architecture is, and that’s mostly because React was the first to bring in use, later on, to be adopted by Angular and a number of other frameworks later brought into use.

While it’s actually a front-end library, it’s referred to as a framework and provides the ability to work on both, the server-side as well as the client-side.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the top web app development frameworks that will surely make your lives easier. Here’s hoping that making a choice for one is a little easier now. If you have a web development project, make sure that you reach out to Consagous Technologies, a leading and development company with just the right set of people to take care of your project perfectly.

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photo 2021-02-15 11:45
Building Block of a Business Development

Building a strong B2B website requires every aspect of your website to be strategically and meticulously planned and executed. A solid content strategy is a critical building block of your website. Another building block of a good B2B website that often receives the least amount of attention is key messaging and copywriting. A good web design is about more than just attractive visuals. It also creates a positive user experience that will impact usability, navigation, engagement, and ultimately conversion. Having a blog page that includes the proper functionality is a good way to provide content, increase traffic and generate leads, also as earn SEO benefits from traffic and inbound links. Building your website on a content management system (CMS) is another crucial building block of a marketing-focused website. Know your website needs help, but not sure where to start? Then it is good to consult with an expert web developer in Castle Rock, CO

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text 2021-02-15 06:57
Create an Amazing Social Media App- A Complete Guide
Social media apps have made a solid presence for a huge number of users, thanks to the global lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. Social media app development is something that’s bound to grow in the time to come. As to what it takes to develop a good social media app, here’s a rundown.
It will be long before a bigger revolution in technology comes about that can replace the impact of smartphones and digital technology. The extent of alterations they have made to lives all over the world will be hard to replicate, that’s for sure.

Because every piece of information can now be accessed with just a few clicks, social media apps have actually consumed a big chunk of our daily hours. In fact, the increasing number of smartphone users has been a big reason for the rise of social media app development on the whole.


Because technology is also growing at a rapid pace, vast opportunities are now opening up for everyone to explore the potential of reaching out to people with social media apps.

If you are someone looking to cash on the idea of creating a good social media platform, this guide will surely prove to be of help.

Let’s get underway then, shall we?

Social Networks

You might know names like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But what exactly does the term social network refer to?

In a single line, social networks are tools that enable digital communication through which users share and consume content on a common platform. Till a few years ago, such communication tools were only confined to computer systems. However, thanks again to smartphones, people access social media at their convenience through multiple apps.

Social Media Apps- Types

Social media apps are divided into multiple categories. If you are looking to get a social media app developed, a proper understanding needs to be there of the different types of social media apps, so that the road ahead is pretty clear.

Social media apps are largely divided into the following categories-

Media Sharing Networks

The name of this category makes it pretty easy to understand. These networks allow the sharing of different kinds of content like live videos, photos, and videos. As far as this type is concerned, there is not much difference between media sharing networks and social media apps these days.

Examples- YouTube, Instagram.

Social Media Networks

The main motive behind social media networks is to facilitate the connection between different people and individuals.

Mostly, social media networks allow for resonating with different like-minded people, uploading and sharing photos and videos among many others.

Examples- Facebook, LinkedIn

Community & Discussion Forums

Such platforms help in getting answers to different queries, get new ideas, and even share their experiences.

Examples- Reddit, Quora

Blogging Platforms

Blogging social media platforms allow users to create blogs and then publish them. With writing as a hobby and great writing skills, these platforms allow for posting on multiple devices.

Example- Medium

Technologies Involved in a Social Media App

Technology stack has an important role in the perfect social networking app development. The higher the scale of the project, the more elaborate will be the technology stack.

In the present day, there is a huge number of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks that are used for developing apps and websites. Because technologies are pretty dynamic in nature, they tend to fluctuate quite a lot.

In the end, the technology you choose will have a big impact on the overall project and its goals.

Here is a brief look at the technologies that are broadly used in social media app development-

Admin Panel

For creating a sound and efficient admin panel, Angular, jQuery, React and Material UI are taken into use.

iOS and Android App Stack

XCode IDE, Swift, and Objective are taken help of in the case of iOS development, while Android Studio, Kotlin, Retrofit, and Java help with the Android development.


To ensure a smooth operation in the backend, .NET, Ruby, Postgre DB, and Redis are in prominent use.

Time and Costs for Social Media App Development

It is important to understand that an app that’s designed and created from scratch will always stand out in performance and functionality when compared with a mere customized template of an app.

Obviously, creating a social media app will surely involve the investment of time and money.


If we talk about the timeline, developing a typical social media app will take about 1800-2000 hours on average. These hours will typically include designing the UI/UX, app development, and other related tasks like project management, testing, and deployment.

Development Costs

The major costs in designing a social media app are involved in the amount that is being paid to developers for their services, and also the kind of features that are needed in accordance with the client’s needs.

An MVP social media app, with all the basic features and functionality, will cost around $30,000. This cost will fluctuate depending on the features that will have to be added to the MVP app.

Features that Cannot Be Ignored in a Social Media App

There are no two ways that every social media app will try to be different and offer something unique to the users but in hindsight, there are a few basic features that are very essential to every app.

Here are such basic features-

  • Feed scrolling
  • Liking posts on the feed
  • User profile
  • Chat
  • Push notifications
  • CMS (Content Management System) for admins and users.
  • Analytics

As every new day passes by, technology takes rapid steps to more progress. If you think you have an idea for a social media app with enough firepower to make a mark in the market, you should surely take a shot at it.

You can connect with Consagous Technologies for professional social media application development and get that social media app you always wanted.
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