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review 2018-06-18 22:01
#2 in Otherworld Re-read
Stolen - Kelley Armstrong


I'm re-reading this series this summer. This second volume is a good installment, especially with woman who do things as opposed to wait for things to be done. I forgot how young Savannah was when she first appeared. The realization of how age makes me dislike the 

Adam and Savannah pairing. Still, that's my personal dislike. I enjoyed the introduction of Paige and of the women working together. Quite fun.


Old ReviewElena, to me at least, is the most engaging of Armstrong's characters. She is nicely flawed, not annoying, and has a sense of humor. While there are flaws in the book (Armstrong's writing here isn't as polished as it is in the later books), Stolen is a fun read. I enjoy the fact that Elena is NOT a classic beauty and really loved her comments about bust and waist size. Also enjoyable is the fact that Elena is not strictly rescued

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review 2016-10-09 21:04
Like the following one better
Sweet Tooth - R.M. Huffman

I actually like a later story in this series better. This one is better at the whole dark mood, though the lead is a little less likable

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review 2016-09-26 17:23
Classic Horror Square
Carmilla - Audible Ltd.,Hannah Genesius,Phoebe Fox,Leslie S. Rose,Susan Wooldridge,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,David Tennant,David Horovitch,James Wilby

I've read this before, and this is an audio version which has some small changes.  Overall the cast is good, though Tennent and his accent didn't quite mesh.  The story is about obsession among other things.  The two central female characters are well portrayed and take over the story, quite rightly, despite the framing device.  I do recommend reading it first before listening to this version, however.

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review 2016-09-23 18:57
I really hope the author doesn't take this the wrong way (Vampire v. Werewolf square)
Sweet Tooth: Lord of the Pies - R. M. Huffman

This is one of those books that is stupid in all the right ways.


Dr Pierce (he is a Doc, thank you) is a vampire who runs an asylum because why not.  It's Thanksgiving so, of course, someone sucked the turkey.


There are a couple choppy sentences (it sounds  like someone knows Pierce is a vampire after we are told he didn't, for a sec it sounds like he is England) but it is so funny and has really good references.  And it is still free.  Love!

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review 2016-09-14 15:54
Diverse Author Square
My Soul to Keep - Tananarive Due

What do you do when you discover the truth of your husband?  Depends on what that truth is, doesn’t it? 


                Due’s book is an examination of a relationship that is tested because the man, the husband, is an immortal.  That is the main conflict of the story – what happens when the truth is revealed.


                Jessica is a woman with problems.  She is too dependent on her husband, too worried about what he thinks.  She fears and worried that she wouldn’t get married, so perhaps she settled.  At least, this is some of what her sister and mother think.  In some ways, Jessica ties into the question of what makes a complete life, should a women feel that she needs a man to complete her.  This is one current that runs thought the relationship.  This is made more complicated by the fact that David, her husband is hiding more than the fact that David is not is real name.


                He’s older than what he owns to, by far.


                He’s like Wolverine in some ways without the claws.


                The problem with the book, if problem it is, is that Alex, Jessica’s sister is a far more interesting character than Jessica.  Additionally, while parts of the ending make sense, there does seem to be something off about the reaction (everyone seems to have forgotten the uncle).  The book is more of a character study than an actual plot driven novel, though it does capture the struggle of a woman trying to leave a relationship and the struggle she might have with money.

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