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text 2014-03-22 01:15
Carry on Without Me.
The 100 - Kass Morgan

The top of the review space (on Goodreads for your BL peeps) says : What did you think?

What did I think? I think I'm out. That's what I think. DNF @ 40%.


(show thoughts included below)

There were too many PoV's. As well, there were too many flashbacks for too many PoV's. And let's not forget that I get iffy when there's too much flirting/pining/romance when it starts to choke out a great sci-fi concept. 

Sadly, I'm not even sure if the show is going to work for me. When all the kids ran off the ship in a very non-cautious and jubilant way, I think my mouth dropped open. My husband casually remarked, "they're teenagers. What did you expect?"

I think I'm gonna have to give teens way more credit than that. Engaging in drunken antics which you end up regretting the next morning is not equal to disembarking a spaceship without concern on a possibly dangerous, contaminated, and uninhabited planet.

One thing I have learned about all post-apocalyptic and/or dystopia shows : everyone owns leather jackets, cargo pants, and combat boots. IN THE FUTURE, JEANS, T-SHIRTS, and RUNNING SHOES DON'T EXIST! Also, hair dye and makeup are always plentiful, even when you're nowhere near civilization

For those who've watched the show...is Glass from the book even on the show, or did I miss something here? 

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review 2012-03-17 00:00
Earth Girls Aren't Easy - Charlene Teglia Short story.

Danek is dropping off a friend's manuscript and also looking for his bondmate, oh and he's an alien. Angie is the friend he needs to give the manuscript to and also coincidentally is Danek's bondmate. He now has to convince her of that and to go away with him. Cute, sweet story. Loved that the heroine didn't fight her feelings. I guess this is book 2. I'll have to read book 1.
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