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url 2021-05-02 17:19
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Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit

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text 2020-04-12 17:48
Happy Easter

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text 2020-04-12 15:17
An Easter Walk


... or Passover, or Spring Festival, or whatever else you are celebrating these days.


Easter walks are very much a German tradition (Goethe even immemorialized them in his Faust), and it turns out not even the Corona pandemic can do away with this.  Unlike last weekend, people were out only (or almost only) in family groups, and everybody was enjoying today's brilliant sunshine.


In the spirit of Sherlock Holmes's axiom that we have much to hope for from flowers because they embody the essence of goodness, here are a few impressions of what I saw on my way.


Villa Hammerschmidt (residence of the President of the Republic when Bonn was the West German capital)

These final two are views of our garden and that of our neighbors

... and lastly, a few more pictures of the Easter bouquet I gave my mom:



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review 2020-03-07 06:26
Book Review: The Quiet / Crazy Easter Day
The Quiet/Crazy Easter Day - Jill Roman Lord

The Quiet Crazy Easter Day is a really cute book. It will make children understand Easter and the season in why we celebrate it. It really is something lovable and enjoyable. The book is padded and good for little ones.

The pictures are vibrant and tell to story. The words rhyme to make it fun. I enjoyed the rhyming though out the book. It is not all that hard to see what the book is about. How would you celebrate if you were there when the lord was reborn.

There no book so far that does this for little children that make it this easy. Little children as young as 2 can look at the pictures and enjoy it as well as children as for can learn to say some of the words. Read along with a parent there. It that sweet and cute.


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text 2019-10-22 09:03
MT's newest effort ... with a little help from Easter-cat

Note: I originally reblogged this, but MT added a picture, and I deleted it, but now it won't let me re-reblog.  So if you see this twice (or 3 times!) I'm very very sorry.


Apologies to those who will get this twice - but he outdid himself again. MT and Easter-cat have teamed up to write the feline version of Go the F*ck to Sleep.




So MbD said she was going to play me an audio book, and I had to listen to the whole thing. Before I cracked it, she explained it was short, included swearing, and was read by Samuel Jackson. OK, I can deal with this...

So we listened to Go The Fuck to Sleep.

It was funny, but for us, it was 'other person' funny. Not having kids of our own, it seemed we were sharing others pain. Then it occured to me - we have our own issue. I present:

Go The Fuck to Bed – by Easter Cat


Dusk is dawning, and my spirits are rising

You are obviously tired and well fed

Rather than lounge on the couch for a while

Please, can we go the fuck to bed?


Patting your chest, you are suggesting laps

Nope, can already see where Carlito has shed

No laundry to be done and you’ve been to the ‘loo

Suggesting we just go the fuck to bed


The bees are all home, the dishes are done

Cats are intelligent, it is often said

Since your work for the day is done

Quit pissing about, let’s go the fuck to bed!


It’s getting dark, the back doors are shut

Now Lito is going off his head

Chasing his tail and other mysteries

I really think we should go the fuck to bed!


The chickens are quiet but the possums are active

I hear them running across the shed

Pappa is drooling on the couch

Why can’t we go the fuck to bed?


Finally success, the humans are moving

Bringing chocolate and books to be read

Don’t care if they bring the kitchen sink

We can finally go the fuck to bed


Now Lito is here and prancing around

Pretty sure I can smack his head

Now there is yelling and I jump off

Why the fuck did I want to go to bed…


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