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review 2017-04-02 22:43
Dumb Bunny
Junie B., First Grader: Dumb Bunny - Barbara Park,Denise Brunkus

Junie B. Jones is an average first grader. However, one of her classmates, Lucille is having Easter egg hunter at her house and everyone in class is invited.  The Easter egg hunt is a Lucille's mansion and the winner that finds the golden egg wins a play date to swim in Lucille's heated indoor swimming pool! Only, there's a small problem. Well a big pink fluffy problem. Lucille insists on Junie being the Easter rabbit complete with floppy ears and a cotton tail. Junie hates costumes and keeps tripping over her own too big rabbit feet. She just feels like a big old dumb bunny and has no hopes of winning the prize. Will Junie give up or does she have something up her basket? 


This book has a super fun activity to go with it. I would have my class hunt for eggs, however, they are in for more than just candy with this fun activity. They would be on a scavenger egg hunt and only the reading clues inside the eggs will help them get to the grand prize at the end. 

Reading Level: 1st grade through 4th grade

LEX 410L 

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text 2015-02-14 12:53
I'm in love!
Stardust - Der Sternwanderer: Neue Edition - Charles Vess,Neil Gaiman

Diese wundervolle Neuausgabe von Stardust habe ich zum Geburtstag bekommen und mich auf der Stelle in die Aufmachung verliebt. Besonders bei den Illustrationen von Charles Vess komme ich aus dem Schwärmen nicht mehr heraus. Nicht nur, weil sie wunderschön nostalgisch sind oder weil sich hier tatsächlich jemand Gedanken über die Orte gemacht hat, die abzubilden seine Aufgabe war. Vollkommen überzeugt war ich in dem Moment, als ich dies hier in einer Art Wimmelbild entdeckte:

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review 2014-11-25 22:18
Mystery within a Mystery
The Easter Egg Murder - Patricia Smith Wood

The best analogy I can think of for this book is a Rubik’s Cube. As I read it, I knew all the pieces of the puzzle could fit together, but I never did figure out how until the end. It’s the kind of mystery that engages the mind, with intricately constructed interlocking pieces and multiple layers of relationships, motives and history. It has a whodunit within a whodunit, as the team of amateur sleuths, police and FBI in 2000 work out who is behind the unsolved “Easter Egg murder” from 1950, as well as a murder and an attempted murder in their own time. In spite of this complexity there are no loose ends, no holes, and even its surprise ending is set up so the closure comes from the prior events, not out of the blue.


The cascade of events in this story is triggered when Senator Philip Lawrence starts writing two books—his memoir of his life in politics, and a book about a fifty-year-old murder that took place in the small New Mexico town of Los Huevos on Easter Sunday. The second book becomes more important to him than the first, and when word gets out that he’s working on it, the project stirs up some serious trouble. The retired senator’s editors find themselves in the middle of that trouble. I liked the way the two editors’ involvement in solving a mystery was handled. The amateurs don’t outsmart the professionals, but cooperate and communicate with them in a realistic way, as well as occasionally striking out on their own.


The characters are deft sketches, the pace brisk. The pieces of the puzzle keep moving. For those who like their books spare and fast, this will fit the bill. The tension is seldom at a life-threatening level, but it builds steadily to that point. There isn’t a dull moment or a single extra word that could have been cut.


I actually would have liked a few more words. The historical part of the mystery was so interesting I wanted to explore that time and place in more depth. I had a good sense of Harrie—one of the editors who is the primary point of view character—as a whole person, but I didn’t get to know the other major players as well as I would have liked. Almost like a radio play, a good portion of the story is told in dialog. I’m never in a hurry to have a good book end and I wouldn’t have minded if this slender 212 page novel had a little more meat on its bones.

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review 2014-04-25 00:00
The Easter Egg Square (Easter & Lent, Humorous Stories)
The Easter Egg Square (Easter & Lent, Humorous Stories) - Charles Akins The Easter Egg Square (Easter & Lent, Humorous Stories)
This children's illustrated colorful book is about eggs. They are mostly all the same shape and are bunched in a basket on their way to the kings table in hopes of being selected. All but one square looking egg, Kuebly.
He feels sad to have been left out. After being decorated for Easter the other eggs are bumped out of the back of the tractor. Maybe Kuebly can save the day...
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review 2013-05-20 00:00
The Easter Egg Farm
The Easter Egg Farm - Mary Jane Auch My youngest loved this book so much that we had to keep getting it out of the library, long past Easter time!
A cute message, of valuing everyone, regardless of differences.
Loved her chicks, my daughter had fun finding where each egg pattern came from (dress, lamp, window shades, etc.) Highly recommend.
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