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review 2018-03-11 19:29
God Gave Us Easter, Lisa Tawn Bergren
God Gave Us Easter - Lisa Tawn Bergren,Laura J. Bryant

I enjoyed this Christian Children's book. I received this as part of a gift. I voluntarily chose to review this. I've given this a 5* rating. I really like the way this author explains things to the very young. I'm sure my grandchildren will enjoy this.

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text 2017-12-01 22:58
16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square 5: Advent

Tasks for Advent: Post a pic of your advent calendar. (Festive cat, dog, hamster or other suitable pet background expressly encouraged.) 


Bonus task:  make your own advent calendar and post it.


Technically, it's not my own Advent calendar, but MT's.  I make a beer advent calendar for him every year.  He gets one bottle of, hopefully, new-to-him craft beer each day.  I find it works wonders helping him find his Christmas spirit.


I say hopefully because this is year 3 and no, I'm not organised AT ALL about how I do this, so every year I'm at the shop, with, luckily, the same sales guy, and he and I go through the stock pulling beers off the shelves with comments like:  


What about this one?  No... I think he had that last year...what about this one?  Definitely not - he won't appreciate guava, sage and pineapple in his beer... Oh! this is a new one and he'll really like it!


There's also a lot of me pulling beers off the shelves because they have pretty labels or hilarious names and the Purvis guy (Purvis is the shop name) telling me I have the worst taste in beer, but great taste in marketing. 


I DID get organised in one respect this year:  instead of buying gobs of tissue paper to wrap the bottles in, I had the brainstorm of buying some fabric remnants, and wrapping the bottles in those instead, making them re-useable year to year.  I cut them into the proper size, and then added two grommets to feed a ribbon through, allowing me to easily tie the whole thing up.  I used all the bits of ribbon I've saved from previous years' holidays, so each is a bit different (and not always a good color combo, but oh well).


I also got proactive about the numbered labels:  I bought a set of craft paper swing tags, drew as nice a set of numbers on them as I could, added a grommet and they'll now be the permanent day numbers for future years.  Earlier this year, I bought a nice old wooden box to put the bottles in too, so future years, this SHOULD be a snap to pull together; maybe then I can start keeping track of which beer I buy from year to year.


So, the finished product:

Without tags or cat.


With tags.


 With tags *and* cat.

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review 2017-05-09 13:05
Book #852 - 343,166 Pages Read
The Case for Easter: Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection - Lee Strobel

Definitely the shortest book I've ever read, but possibly one of the most important. The author sets out and makes a very compelling and convincing case by interviewing experts in the field on the subject of the Resurrection as described in the Bible. This made a big impression on me, and I hope it does for others who read it as well.

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review 2017-04-23 23:00
Gods Easter Miracles
God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea Kids - Lee Ann Mancini

This was nice and fresh read. It was also a good learning book for young readers. It shows the important. What a lesson you can learn from the sea creatures. Something happens to one of their friend's little brother, will the little brother survive? I know it teaches about friendship and some Christian values.


Will it be that they get a miracle? You will need to read the book for it. The lesson in the book is best for though to learn about what Jesus did for as all. The sea kids have a special Easter hunt. What happens to all and if one shares his egg with another. What does that person do to do with that egg and show something that is sweet?


The author does a wonderful job of doing the lessons. I hope that your readers and parents can use this as a good way to input the story in focus. The pictures are down wonderfully. The pictures can tell the story. I can not state as to what all that happens for it would spoil the story and lesson learned. I love that it show the meaning of love and what Easter is all about.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2017/04/gods-easter-miracles-adventures-of-sea.html
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text 2017-04-15 23:01
Happy Easter

Another Holiday I'm Not ready For

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