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text 2019-08-16 08:18
Role of boxes in the Food industry



The food industry is one of the largest consumers of packaging products in the world. Every year millions of food boxes of different types are manufactured and consumed around the globe. The delivering of food at home by the restaurant or purchasing ready to eat frozen food from a nearby store has become the most popular trend.


People use to buy ready to eat food or order home delivery of the meal to save time and a lot of effort. To cater to the increasing demands of delivery and selling, various types of boxing and packaging are used by the restaurant owners as well as processed meals suppliers. These boxes play a vital role in increasing the sale of the items and at the same time keep them safe and fresh for a long time. Usually, these containers are made of highly thick cardboard stock, durable corrugated stock, rigid Kraft stock, vinyl, and fabric.



The choice of the manufacturing material depends upon the size and nature of the edibles that are to be packed or carried in the containers made out of such materials. This is the reason that all the leading food chains, restaurants, and suppliers as well as those who love to prepare delicious meals at home trust these custom carton boxes to contain their edibles with utmost protection and keeping it in its best shape for a long time. 


The following five reasons will explain how important the role of the food boxes is and how they can be proved of high value for the manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers in a beneficial way:


1. The right size of the packaging

Since all the food items are not the same in size, shape, weight, and type, they need a different type of packaging. The custom retail packaging helps the manufacturer and suppliers to get the most appropriate size of the containers according to the requirements of the edibles. Such customized cartons come in various sizes and shapes that can perfectly contain the eatables whether they are freshly cooked or processed and then packed.


Many items are delicate and require the appropriate size of the package to be sent to the retail market or the customers. These items include cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, pie, pastry, and many others of the same kind. The pastry box is dedicated to keep the delicate dessert safe and protect its actual shape. Similarly, other items have dedicated containers that are designed exclusively to keep that particular eatable fresh and protected until it is taken out of the box and served to the foodies.


2. Cost-effective packaging

There is a common misconception that the custom boxes wholesale are costly and they can affect the budget of the business. For those who use the same size of the package for all of their feasts, it becomes quite hard to put the things in it. On the other hand, those who use custom-sized cartons for all the feasts according to their requirements, their serving ratio increases many folds and they can entertain twice as many customers as the others can in a given time. Also, the customers like the way the food chain or restaurant takes care of the meals they are going to take away with them.




Ultimately, custom box sizes not only save money but also help to increase the selling ratio and profit margin of the outlet. It also enhances the popularity of the restaurant or the supplier.

Since these cardboard packaging boxes are manufactured with organic stock that is 100 % recyclable, their manufacturing cost becomes lower and the producers and retailers can get the finest quality packaging solution at affordable pricing. The cheap popcorn boxes are an example of such cost-effective casings.


3. Convincing display of the products

Several food items such as chocolates, candies, cupcakes, macaroons, and other of the same kind require not only safety but at the same time a proper display. A dedicated box convincingly displays the manufactured goods and makes sure that the goods grab the attention of the buyers. Such countertop display boxes influence the buying behavior of the buyers and help retailers to increase the sale of the items.



These custom counter display boxes are made according to the shape and size of the manufactured goods that are to be displayed. Such as the custom box of chocolates is exclusively designed to display chocolates at the counter of the store. Another beneficial use of these custom box of chocolates is that they can be used for the promotion of a newly-launched sweet or its new flavor if the item already available in the market.


4. Green, eco-friendly packaging


Since these containers are used to carry the goods that are meant to fulfill the craving for a tasty meal as well as to benefit the consumers’ health. An unhygienic custom cookie packaging can damage the taste as well as the nutrition of the products. On the other hand, the hygienic bakery cookie boxes keep the baked products fresh and do not affect their taste and nutrition. The packaging material that is used for the manufacturing of such containers is 100 % food-grade and it is made of considering the international standards set by leading global health organizations.


5. Embellishing customization opportunities

Such white box packaging can be used plain while they can also be embellished with various exciting customizations. For example, Chinese food takes outbox is a type of packaging that comes with a lot of customization options. The exclusive design and the handle on the top of the container make them an ideal choice for cooked meals of all types.


Similarly, the thickness of the walls of the cereal boxes can also be customized according to the way they are to be shipped and offered for sale. Such customized cereal boxes ensure that cornflakes are safe from moisture, sunlight, and dust and the consumers can enjoy the finest taste of the flakes every time they open the box.


All these benefits describe how important is the role of the cardboard boxes packaging for the food industry and how they can enhance the selling ratio of the products as well as the profit margin of the seller. Order now your food boxes at https://www.thecustomboxes.com/food-and-beverage/.

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text 2019-07-30 13:06
Latest trends in Eco Friendly Boxes Styles


In the ever-changing packaging industry, new trends and style emerge as per the customer needs and desire. The awareness among the consumers about global warming increases. Eco-friendly boxes are amongst those. With global warming, every other person prefers things which are better for the environment. From planting trees to the packing of the products we all look for eco-friendly packaging. Now you and I prefer recyclable packaging because they are aware of global warming. It is the reason the company follow environmental policies and prefer eco-friendly packaging boxes.

When we specifically talk about the packaging material, there is a lot of waste which leads to pollution, and there is no meant to recycle them. Now you have observed in the market various recyclable, and reusable packing materials are available. Now companies are taking part in reducing the carbon footprint and finds environmentally friendly solutions because they want to reduce the waste from packaging material.



If you have not considered using a sustainable basis for packing than these boxes style will change your perspective about the packing of your product. Reusable and the environmentally friendly box is the critical priority for companies across the globe, and like, new trends in the reusable boxes are emerging. Let’s look at the Friendly Packaging Ideas

Trend #1 – Increase in Recyclable and Recycled Materials

It is the fast-growing trend of using the recycled material in the Eco- packaging boxes, and at least they prefer sustainably-sourced renewable stuff. These trends influence the world well-known companies to use these packaging materials. Recycle experts and brands are working together because to deliver the product that is friendly to our motherland earth. And find our new ideas to recycle the hard stuff or material. The companies with contribution with recycle experts now prefer to deliver their products in Eco-Friendly Bux Board Boxes and eco-friendly Kraft Boxes.

Trend #2 – Optimize Packaging Design

Environmental -friendly packaging bags 400 companies are concentrating on discovering various ways to minimize the unnecessary packaging stuff like the extra boxes, layers, and ties while still focusing that is essential for the product packaging. If we talk about in other words the huge packing box and material for tiny products is a waste. Around the world, companies prefer the minimalistic approaches towards the wrapping of the product. And they are struggling hard to find out innovative ideas to minimize the waste.



Various brands are putting their every product in flexible packaging. and if the products are secure and safe in this packaging, then many brands probably follow these trends. It can allow for better consumer convenience and packaging performance. Why are they better for our environment? Because they require fewer elementals are lighter, and you can recycle them efficiently. If you discard them then contributes less to land space.

Trend #3 – Clearer Labeling
Using recyclable packaging is great! But clients need to see more clear labeling – on the outside of the pack – on "how to recycle a package?". On the box, they have mentioned clearly how to dispose of it. In this way, you can make easy our buyer to make a choice. Such as, transparent labeling means customers can choose whether to buy the same product (the tissues boxes) from options that are:

  • Wrapped in the film of plastic (which they cannot recycle it, disposable plastic and single-use)
    - Wrapped in the cardboard box and made from the recycled paper
    - Wrapped in the plant-based plastic material



The labels on the outside of the on eco-friendly Kraft boxes and eco-friendly bux boxes product package will improve transparency. And telling users on "how to reuse the packaging correctly"– and which product he buys and which to bypass. Evident, concise labeling has become the top priority for leading brands to improve transparency. Brands need to take their responsibilities to the environment. Also the social responsibility label on the packaging, also directing customers to online resources that outline sustainability plans.

Trend #4 – Shipping Materials
An essential part of the packaging material, supply chain, will continue to get the eco-friendly makeover. Now several brands are using reusable and recyclable e shipping materials. The priority is to make sure the products are shipped securely and safely.



Eco-friendly packaging ideas: like air pillow cushions brace and block the product in a carton and also shields against the shock in transit. They are designed to operate accurately with the recycled and biodegradable film. They can be recycled and reused, in an appropriate waste stream, and disposed of to disintegrate. Besides, there are other eco -friendly packing material like peanuts fillers and more.

What Next?
After reading the entire we have understood about the latest Eco-friendly packaging and their benefits for our environment. We prefer them over plastic and other material because it takes only a few months to degenerates.

Eco- Friendly Boxes: will get more intelligent and smarter and active as several brands invest in to build the sustainable supply chain. We will see eco-friendly retail packaging material from design to construction. The good news is that we can expect that we will see the progress and new development in the eco-friendly retail packaging, kraft and bux box packaging. Click here to order now custom Eco-friendly boxes.


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text 2019-05-24 08:27
The Benefit of Custom Packaging for your Brand



Custom boxes has the capability to provide desired color, design, shape and styles of boxes to the customer. It is the process in which consumer easily get the aforementioned features according to their needs. These boxes are beneficial for building trust of buyers regarding the brand and keep an eminent place for any packaging company. If brand intelligently works on custom carton then they will be able to get advantage on a large scale. There is a need to understand how custom packaging provide benefit to your brand? Moreover, why a brand needs custom packaging? To answer both questions here is a list of benefits for customized packaging:



First- Provide Brand Recognition


In every business, the packaging is the foremost things that depict your product and attract your buyers effectively. All information is mention on the custom packaging boxes with logo as well. Through this useful information, customers could identify aware of the brand. Custom logo on boxes is ample source to a recognition of the brand and also ensures the buyer's loyalty for brands.


Second- Create an Alluring Experience



The Customization of custom cases not only prevent the content from dis-tractors, but it also helps to create a delightful experience among the brand and the customers. For instance, if the consumers buy a product from a company and it has a bad experience with product packaging in result, they always remember bad memories. In such a situation, clients never think about the good quality of a brand. They always understand that brand sales low-quality products. Moreover, quality is important to chunk to build the trust of consumers. If your company use overwhelming material then their consumers satisfy with them.


Third- maintain the Sustainability of the Brand


If you give an opportunity to consumers to have desired cartons in custom packaging for small business or large business that ensures the sustainability of your brand. On the other hand, boxes without customization are not engaging for clients and not maintain the popularity of brands. Furthermore, it is mandatory to maintain brand sustainability by using good quality materials and use unique styles.


Fourth- Go Green Packaging



Now, most of the people considering the use of Eco-friendly packaging and cartons. Actually, they have a lot of concern about the healthy environment and greenery. In this regard, this packaging would use as a symbol that shows Eco-friendliness and increases sales and retains your brand value eminent. These cases are neither harmful to our surroundings and nor wasting the material. 


Fifth- Increasing Revenue



A most critical chunk of packaging is the revenues and profit of the brands. Similarly, when brands taking more time for designing, coloring, and making unique styles boxes. These precious efforts make their product appealing and eye-catching and also play a vital role an increasing their chances for boosting the brand's sales and profit. Alluring product display is a great source of earning more revenue and this is only possible by using up to mark packaging solution.


So, the gist of all discussion is that custom packaging bestows a variety of benefits to a company. It provides awareness, sustainability, awesome users experiences, Eco-Friendly packaging and boosting sales, etc. You can also check how mushrooms are being used to create Eco-friendly packaging.





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