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text 2017-10-02 15:46
With Malice - Eileen Cook

Look I know this was a spin on the Amanda Knox story that took place in Italy. However, other than that, I really don't get why Eileen Cook insisted on the book taking place there. We don't get a sense of Italy at all. We also take a long way around to figure out what happened. When the truth is revealed I pretty much laughed cause it doesn't make sense at all. 


The story follows 18 year old Jill Charron. She finds herself in the hospital in a lot of pain and wishing for her best friend Simone. Jill is shocked to find that she has been in a the hospital for several weeks, and her friend Simone is dead in an accident that it appears Jill is responsible for. 


I didn't like Jill from the first. Maybe because she sounds robotic and not normal at times about things we get to see from her POV. I need to have a bit of empathy for a main character instead of feeling bored by her and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I also didn't get why Jill was even friends with Simone based on the tidbits we get to read via other people and what is said/not said about their friendship. When we get to the reveal I just rolled my eyes. I was wanting something else there that would be surprising. Cook definitely does not hide anything at all, you know which way the story is going since the story is littered with clues. 

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text 2017-10-01 13:08
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
With Malice - Eileen Cook

This book really didn't work for me. I swear unreliable narrator stories only work if there's an actual twist to be had. Also including texts, transcripts, etc to break up the book didn't help either. You don't know who people are exactly and it just made things confusing. The reveal was laughable. 

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review 2017-09-25 11:37
Book Review For: ' King of Hearts' by Eileen Putman
King of Hearts: British Rogues Historical Romance (League of Rogues Book 1) - Eileen Putman

'King of Hearts' by Eileen Putman is the First Book in the Series "League of Rogues". This is the story of Gabriel Sinclair and Louisa Peabody. Gabriel in a drunken card game ended up at the Convent where he was looking for a lock of Virgin Hair. But ended up getting caught and the Nuns had made it out to be that he tried to murder and rape one of their girls. In addition the man that he was playing cards with where he won a Ship from try to say that he had stolen it. Which his crimes set him up to be hanged. Louisa believes she knows the evil of men after what her father and husband had done to her. So Louisa has chooses to help the women that have suffered from the evil of men. On one of this runs to save a women that is to be hanged she ends up rescuing Gabriel. Louisa is Leary of Gabriel at first but he is now in good health so she must house him with her. Gabriel from the first time seeing Louisa he thinks she is an Angel and asked to marry her. Louisa thinks she knows Gabriel's type and that he is the King of a Thousand Hearts.
Gabriel starts to meet the collection of people that Louisa has saved and his feelings for her just grow. But Louisa has allot of past hurts and trust she will need to overcome before she can fully be his.
I truly enjoyed this book. It had everything that I look for in a Historical Romance Book. I hope to read more of Miss Putmans books soon!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/King-Hearts-British-Historical-Romance-ebook/dp/B073WTY21T/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1506276659&sr=1-1&keywords=King+of+Hearts%3A+British+Rogues+Historical+Romance+by+Eileen+Putman
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review 2017-08-06 18:10
The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook
The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook

Ugh, the book tied me in knots! (In a good way!)

The mystery is on a slow boil as your introduced to Skye whose life is stuck in a dead-end 
then she makes a deal, a easy deal that would get her money and a new life. That is until the deal ends up with someone dead and Skye stuck in the middle and running out of time to find a murderer. 
As everything slowly unravels for Skye, who you feel a deep empathy for, even if she made a really crappy choice. I always hoped she be okay in the end. Cook does put the reader through an emotional ringer as everything starts to add and and then! -She hits you again with another shocker that left me guessing if it solved everything or just another secret.

I can't say enough great things about this book- only to read it for yourself!

ARC: NetGalley

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review 2017-07-28 17:04
Super Sikh, Vol. 2: Viva Las Vegas - Eil... Super Sikh, Vol. 2: Viva Las Vegas - Eileen Kaur Alden

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


Just when you realized you need something you didn't know you needed.




Super Sikh, aka Deep Singh, goes on to vacation in America because he wants to visit Graceland.  Then he gets thrown into a TSA holding cell.


This comic is just so wonderful.  Super Sikh battles Group X, which is a comic version of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and so on.  I say comic because there is a slight Boris and Natasha feel to them.  This does not mean that the creators of this comic have overlooked the misogyny that is connected to such groups.  It’s just there is a humor here that is quite fun.


Deep Singh’s trip takes him to Las Vegas as well, where he steps in to help a young woman.  This is the only slightly false note.  Not his helping her, but her reaction, even taking into account Singh’s good looks.  She doesn’t act stupid or anything.  Additionally, she is aware of the weirdness of what happened.  I can’t really say any more without giving away spoilers. 


It’s actually quite a lovely book.  I love the characters – including the rats and the car rental guy.

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