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text 2020-07-08 11:28
Tip to Protect yourself from Coronavirus

Today I came with a topic, that is EMF radiation. Do you know about it? M sure you may know that. But do you know its dangerous nowadays?


You are affected by it. As we know, we all are using smartphones and computers or laptops for our office work or normally. During coronavirus, we are spending a lot of time on the wireless device.


They are not good for our health. That decreases our immunity power. That's why coronavirus attacks on us. You should care for yourself and your family.


If you want to save your life. Use the radiation protection products which will help to maintain your immunity power during working on wireless devices.





Here, m giving you the best guides and share products which will help you. Know all about emf protection phone case, emf protection for mobile phones, emf protection for cell phone, emf protection for I phone, and radiation protection for cell phones. Also, radiation protection for phone, 5G Corona, and radiation from 5G.

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text 2020-06-15 09:04
Protect yourself from EMF Radiation During Work From Home

What is radiation? Is there any difference between radiation and the electromagnetic field of radiation? These are some basic questions concerned with radiation from 5G. Radiations are generally high energy subatomic particles emitted from a central point or source of extremely high energy which causes the ionization process.


For example, radiations are produced from the universal source of energy or the sun. We admire these radiations as these are very beneficial to us undoubtedly for example, in physiotherapy, yoga and are ethical in many ancient ways that tells about the benefits of the sun radiations.



On the other hand, Electromagnetic Fields are created due to the mobility of the electric charges. In general, the reason for the production of EMF radiations is the voltage difference. Greater the current, greater will be resultant magnetic field and vice-versa. An electromagnetic field also occurs even in the absence of mobility of a current. If the current flows, the magnetic field strength will change with the power consumed, while the electric field strength will be the same.

Residential Exposure and Radiation Protection Products

Electromagnetic fields were brought out by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1999. Radiations are always remaining present in the surrounding. But are invisible to the human eye that is why we are not able to see them with naked eyes. Radiation can be good as well as bad for our health.


Basically, two types of electromagnetic fields are well known i.e. non-ionizing electromagnetic field and ionizing electromagnetic field. Non-ionizing EMF is capable of breaking down the molecular bonds, for example -gamma rays, x-rays, cosmic rays, etc.

But the ionizing EMF is not capable of doing that, for example -manmade sources of electromagnetic fields such as electricity and microwave.



Various types of electromagnetic smog are also used in the transmission of the information. Magnetic fields are not shielded with common materials as these fields are capable of passing through them. Both the electric and magnetic fields are extremely strong close to the source but mitigate with the distance. The majority of electric power gets operated with a frequency of 50–60 cycles per second. The average residential power frequency of electromagnetic fields in homes is very low.


You can use emf protection for mobile phones by knowing about it.


Effects of Electromagnetic fields radiations

Electromagnetic fields with various frequencies constitute one of the fastest-growing climatic influences, which causes unease and conjecture. These EM fields have extremely adverse health consequences to animals as well as human beings.

Short term effects:-

EMF causes various biological effects from high-level exposure to these radiations that are proven by scientific mechanisms. Basically, the magnetic fields induce current by penetrating into the body at high field strength.

These lead to changes in nerve and muscle stimulation. And also changes in the nerve cell stimulation to the central nervous system. Headache, depression, nausea, weak immune system, annoyance, and vomiting are some basic examples of short term effects.

Long term effect:-

The majority of researches is focused on childhood leukemia as a long term effect by magnetic fields. IARC announced that the magnetic fields are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. Childhood Leukemia is a very rare disease with the total number of cases per annum, which are supposed to be about 49,000 globally, in 2000. Various other harmful effects also have been studied for possible concern with magnetic fields.

These include different childhood cancer such as cancer in adults, depression, suicide, reproductive dysfunction, immunological problems, Developmental disorders, cardiovascular disorders neurobehavioral effects, and neurodegenerative disease. Radiation protection products should include exposure measurement sources, where exposure is expected to exceed the limit value.

Source: vivobase.com.sg
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text 2019-01-30 10:35
Steps to Reduce EMF Radiation Pollution

EMF pollution is very harmful to our environment. Try to reduce EMF radiation; it is one of the essential things that you can do to protect your family and yourself. Today, most of the people experience harmful health effects of Electromagnetic radiation. Here are providing some necessary steps that you should follow for EMF protection.

1.)  Use wired instead of wireless devices. It includes:

  • Cordless “DECT” phones
  • Wi-Fi router.
  • Internet for Laptop and PC – use an Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi
  • Avoid wireless baby monitors.
  • 2.)  Use your cell phone safely:

    • Put your phone on “Airplane” mode when you do not need it, you can do it at night.
    • Never keep your mobile phone near to your head.
    • Use Air-Tube Headset or speakerphone for voice calls.
    • Avoid putting a mobile phone in your pocket if it is not on “Airplane” mode.
    • Do not give a cell phone to your children if they are under 16.
    • Avoid using a mobile in a car – EMF radiation level is increased.
    • Do text messages instead of calls. Use it for emergency calls.
    • Use a landline when you reach your home.


  • 3.)  Use your laptop and PC wisely:

    • As I mentioned it earlier, for internet use a wired Ethernet connection.
    • Avoid using a laptop when it is plugged-in or charging. It is better to use when it is on battery power.
    • Use a wired mouse and external to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body.
    • Do not put a laptop on your lap. You can use a radiation shield between your body and the laptop.
    • Take frequent breaks in your garden as often as possible.
    • Utilize wireless iPads.
    1. Make a sleep sanctuary – One of the essential steps you can do to reduce EMF radiation while you sleep:
    • Unplug electrical things that are not in use in your room at night.
    • Keep wireless devices such as Pads, cell phones, and other electronics items out of your room. You can use a battery powered alarm.
    • Make sure you have removed all the wireless devices from your home.
    • You can use bed canopy to sleep; it blocks radiation from the wireless devices.
    • Consider an EMF professional that will help you make a sleep sanctuary.
    1. Buy EMF protection products:
    • You can buy EMF protection products to reduce the effects of EMF radiation such as bed canopy, radiation shield, and Sensitiv Imago Angel.
    • 6.)  Measure the Electromagnetic radiation in your home. You can use the Cornet ED88T meter for it.


    • 7.)  Start exploring awareness at your neighborhood, and friends. There are chances that much of the EMF radiation pollution is coming from your area. Gently start to show the EMF pollution with your EMF detectors and share the health effects and solutions of it. You can make a community that is aware of and make efforts to reduce EMF pollution.


    • Good luck and thank you!

Source: emfhealthangel.com
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