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review 2015-04-02 05:55
The Shadows - J.R. Ward

Holy lord.....it hurt to read this book.

This was not a frilly book.


The killer wasn't just misunderstood.

s'Ex wasn't perfect.

There wasn't a Happily Ever After.

The death that occurred wasn't a secondary character's.

No one saved the day.



Oh my god.

I don't have words to describe what I feel for this book.


This was a heart rending, gut wrenching, sobbing through it all good hurt book. And yes it hurts to read this. I cried during the whole book. There wasn't a time during this reading that my eyes stayed dry. Not one. And it wasn't a Hunger Games cry either. The only other situation I can compare this to is when Albums Dumbledore died. 


The book follows the Shadows' lives. Trez and Selena and i'Am and Catra. There is a twist that none of us saw coming at the end of this book. It was ugly. There were situations in this book-like when the bitch queen had s'Ex's daughter's chart altered and had her killed because she had commoner blood in her and he didn't save her out of respect for his traditions-that made it fuckin ugly and imperfect.


There was Selena dying and not being heroically saved because it doesn't work like that. There was i'Am and Catra sleeping together. The villain of the hour was the Queen of s'Hisbe.


This book had so many imperfections that it is the most perfect book I've read in this year.

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review 2012-10-20 00:00
Hurt Me Good - H.C. Brown November 5th release
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review 2012-04-23 00:00
Hurt Me So Good (The Connaghers #2) - Jo... Hurt Me So Good (The Connaghers #2) - Joely Sue Burkhart 3.5 stars There was much to enjoy but Victor and I didn't always mesh well together!
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review 2012-04-04 00:00
A Good and Useful Hurt - Aric Davis 3.5 stars

At times it was hard to read with the brutal descriptions of the murders and the serial killers thoughts. I did ask myself at one time why am I reading this?? The short chapters made it easy to keep reading and made it a quick read.

The style of writing is easy to follow and get sucked into the story. I enjoyed getting to know the characters at the tattoo shop. It is sad what happens to them all. (the ending did make me smile)

I liked the concept of the ashes in the tattoos and the connection it creates. It is a unique concept that added a supernatural element to the story.

I usually enjoy reading outside but I found myself reading this one inside with the door locked. It did creep me out a bit.

Overall I did enjoy it. It is a story about life and that bad stuff can happen to good people. I would recommend it, but I would warn it was disturbing at times and pretty descriptive when you don't want it to be.
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review 2012-03-05 00:00
A Good and Useful Hurt - Aric Davis Why did I read it? It seemed like it could be an interesting story and it was recommended for those who appreciated Stieg Larsson, though, having read it, I am now trying to figure out why.What's is about? Mike is a tattoo artist with his own shop, who is haunted by visions of Sid, his girlfriend who committed suicide. When he hires Debs to take on the piercing and body modification side of things, he starts to live again. Mike doesn't really question it when he receives a request from a customer to tattoo some of the ashes of his son as part of the tattoo of a baseball. When a serial rapist and murderer takes the niece of a friend, Mike has a decision to make.What did I like? The writing style and very short chapters make it quick to read, but some of the subject matter made me a bit squeamish at times; a little less detail would have been fine with me, especially with the body modification, and the fate of one of the characters near the end. It's not an original storyline, but it approaches the hunt for a serial killer in an unusual way, exploring the spiritual aspects of tattooing and body modification along the way, in a manner I've not heard mention of before, making this book a curiousity for that alone.What didn't I like? It cannot say why, but this story just didn't appeal to me, despite the promise of the synopsis and the reviews I'd read. I should like to make it clear, I read positive and negative reviews, yet I still thought this book would be worth a read. I put the book down several times, because I just did not care about the resolution of the main plotline, or anything else pertaining to the story. I can't say I was bored, just wholly disinterested at times.The characterisations are a bit flat at times, though perhaps I was expected to sense a distance between the main character and his friends. Mike seemed such a loner really. Personally, I just couldn't connect with any of the characters in the book.It's not a bad book, not a great book, it adds a nice gimmick to a done-to-death* genre, but ... it just didn't grab me.Would I recommend it? Not really, no. I'm not sure to whom it would appeal.
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