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review 2015-02-13 00:00
Children's EBook: EVERYTHING HAS A HEART (Fun, Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, about Hearts and Valentines, ages 2-6)
Children's EBook: EVERYTHING HAS A HEART (Fun, Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book, about Hearts and Valentines, ages 2-6) - Sally Huss I "bought" a copy of this book from Amazon.com.au when it was free. It might still be free, but I don't know. Regardless, this review is just my honest thoughts.

Everything has a Heart by Sally Huss is a book with rhyme that, to read, will not take much time. It goes through examples of a lot of animals, foods and types of people. There are all sorts of drawings and depictions, giving examples of the types of things with a heart. It's quite a nice book.
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review 2015-02-03 20:32
Alpha Falling
Alpha Falling - Syls Darkplace

Read years ago, so correct me if any of my information is wrong, but I still remember it was pretty good and that I definitely enjoyed it.

Alpha Falling has a very interesting concept regarding the ABO universe: alphas can be turned into omegas when fucked by another alpha. This is exactly what happens with alphas Jared and Jensen, where Jared decides to get revenge on Jensen by turning him, only to have it backfire when he knots Jensen, thereby tying the two together forever, mating them. Many complications arise after the mating, especially since the transformation also bumps Jensen down in the social hierarchy, and Jared is already in a relationship with Dana, although the two aren't mated. Jared and Dana come to realize that their relationship isn't going to continue to work and the two break up and eventually Jared and Jensen form their own relationship, consensual and with children of their own.

Not the best writing, and if you have problems with (initial) cheating then this story isn't for you. But it's definitely worth a read for the ABO concept it presents, since I don't believe I've seen it used in any other story.

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review 2015-01-27 23:07
A Million Stars for Bringing Home the Bad Boy!
By Jessica Lemmon Bringing Home the Bad Boy (Second Chance) [Mass Market Paperback] - Jessica Lemmon


THE FUNK HAS BROKEN!!!!! Well, I say that but I can definitely see another one on the horizon. This book will be a hard act to follow.

There are only a few books that leave me feeling like they deserve more than 5 stars. By that, I mean that I’m typically happy to dole out 5 stars to books I love but there are only a select few that leave me wishing the scale went up to a million. This was one of those books.

I’m also in a weird emotional position of wanting to scream from the roof tops about how amazing this book is and holding it close and wanting to keep it a secret because I loved it so much and know that other people will love it too and then I’ll have a fight on my hands for Evan. *and I'm ready...see:*

But the book and author totally deserve the screaming from the roof tops so…

I’ll admit that the first thing to catch my eye was the cover. The guy is smoking hot. The blurb wasn’t an instant “READ ME!!!!” but it called enough for me to put this on my TBR list. But then this horribly amazing thing happened…I was in a book funk. It was massive…lasting the whole of 2015 (seeing as it’s January, it’s technically not that long but it feels like it’s been forever). I’ve gone through countless books trying to find something to read, even reading some of them (with mixed results), but nothing was really holding my interest.

I started this on a lark. I never expected to be pulled into the book and fall in love with the story, characters…everything. I wanted to live in this book.

From page one I was transported to Evergreen Cove and into the lives of Evan, Charlie and Lyon. I didn’t want this book to end. I found myself checking the % of how far I was into it, dreading the 100% mark. I wanted to stay with Evan and Charlie forever.

I loved Charlie. She was funny and quirky and sweet and caring and just all around amazing. She was also insecure and unsure of her worth when it came to love. The more you found out about her, the more I hated her ex Russell for how he treated her. On the surface he was nice and sweet but he undermined her, looked down on her and overall, made her feel like crap. Add to all of that the fact that he cheated on her then returned to take advantage of her good nature and spewed his horrible venom at her, making her doubt herself and her relationship with Evan and Lyon, and I seriously wanted to go all Queen of Hearts on him…well, after some long drawn out torture. I seriously loved when Evan went all alpha and stepped in to protect his woman and punched that jerk!

Evan. How do I describe pure perfection? He’s like my dream man (Nero) all grown up and hot and tattooed and AMAZING. Evan has been through a lot in the last four years. He lost his wife, has been raising his son and is now selling his business and moving to start a fresh life away from the bad memories of how his wife died. My heart broke for him and his experiences. I wanted to reach through my kindle screen and comfort him every time he remembered how his wife died. It’s rare for me to fall in love with a fiction character and love the heroine just as much. So I was really glad Evan had Charlie there to help him move on. One of the things I loved most was the fact that once Evan realized that Charlie was an attractive female, and that he was interested in her, he never deviated from that path. He let his interest be known and when it was reciprocated, he went about making them happen. He knew what he wanted and went after it. There was stuff they had to work through since Charlie was his wife’s best friend, but there was never a time when he was interested in someone else.

I never once doubted Evan or Charlie’s interest in each other. Their chemistry was off the charts and their antics often made me laugh. I also have to say that I loved Lyon. It’s been my experience that kids in books are…difficult to get right. Either they’re never around, around too much or they don’t act like real kids. But I thought Lyon felt like a real boy! (sorry, I couldn't resist the Pinocchio reference.)

This book was pure perfection.

I have not read any books by this author before, and I deeply regret that. After I finished this book, I went to see what else the author has written and I have seen her books around…I just haven’t read them. So, upon completion of this review, I’m embarking on a journey through her backlist.

***I received a copy of this book via NetGalley for an honest review.***

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review 2015-01-23 06:43
Magpie - Waldorph Magpie - Waldorph

This story just completely sucked me in, to the point that I am really glad I didn't have much else to do today so I could just spend time reading it, as is necessary because it's - ugh, good. There are moments in this that are really very sad, but how can you have a ST fic involving Tarsus IV and Jim's resulting trauma and not have there be any sad? It's also quite beautiful. And it convinced me I really do need a shelf for bonding stories.

Spock felt almost bad that he could not explain Jim better, but he was aware that every time he attempted to explain he ended up making Jim sound bad. He had tried it in Standard, in English, and in Vulcan, but he could not find the correct words. Could not find the word they could accept—he had a feeling that his mother would be very displeased if he told her Jim was t'hy'la.


I absolutely loved it and can't wait to read more by the author.

Spock had lived all of Jim's trauma second-hand. He had found solace in the eye of the hurricane, taking advantage of the way Jim could keep everything at bay. I know you, he thought. I do not want to know who I am without you.


The writing isn't perfect and there are some typos but it's still great.


Edit: initally didn't add this quote cuz I typed this up just before bed and clearly I shouldn't do that since I come back and remember stuff I've forgotten, but - quote:

Sybok doesn't believe in the concept of t'hy'la, has never experienced it.

Not many do, but Sarek knows how to recognize it, and thinks that Spock is not the one they should be so very concerned about.

He can see the way Jim has angled his body towards Spock, the way he keeps contact, and the way he defers to Spock every time a doctor speaks. More often than not, it is Spock who replies, who knows allergies and medical histories while Jim lays back, tired and resigned and like the child he is. It is abruptly, starkly obvious that Jim Kirk has no one else in the world but Spock.

(spoiler show)
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-01-03 10:54
Consorting With Dragons
Consorting With Dragons - Sera Trevor

4.25 stars

The main character's name is a different variation of my favorite male name (Jason) and that alone gets it 5stars from me, because sometimes I'm easy like that.

On a more serious note: I enjoyed the fuck out of this story! And there isn't even any sex! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did (I couldn't even put it down to go to bed), but this just made its way to my 'a thousand hearts' shelf of love. There were just so many things about it that I adored! The writing is great (very minor errors), the characters are all marvelous, I even smiled over the children and that is a very rare thing indeed, so points to Sera Trevor for that as well. There's some depth to the characters and the start of what seems to be some excellent world building, although if the story were longer there could be more development to both characters and their world. I even liked

Polina's character! I love me a bitch welldone ^~^ and the fact that she had moments of being likeable suggests that perhaps somewhere down the line there is hope for her to redeem herself, only at her own choosing of course.

(spoiler show)

My only complaint is that

the ending conflict of the story felt not only forced in to give the story a bit more "plot" and length, but also unnecessary. Yes, Jasen didn't want to tell Rilvor that he wasn't a virgin in the exact moment the first opportunity presented itself due to circumstances, but he had time to talk things out with Rilvor after that on many an occasion; and if Rilvor had had a problem with Jasen's lack of virginity (which he doesn't) then fuck him the marriage should be off anyway. Having Jasen keep the "secret" until Rilvor caught up with Jasen after the supposed scandal was "brought to light" (yay for rumors) served very little purpose. But besides that, what really irritates me is that the conflict felt resolved too easily and quickly. This irritated me so much that I skipped through the epilogue for basic information. I doubt reading the whole epilogue word for word would have made me feel any more complete, so no loss there.

(spoiler show)

Overall, this was cute and sweet, with moments that had me smiling (at children, of all things) and left me wanting more (and not just for the above spoiler). I would love to read something else by this author in the future.

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