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review 2020-04-08 01:58
Sweet Chaos (Love and Chaos, #2) - Emery Rose

This was an awesome read for us and we loved it from beginning to end and everything in between.

This story was heart felt and emotional and one of those slow burn romance reads with and older guy in lovelust with a younger women but, with one major complication he used to be in love with his sister or thought he was .

We loved Dylan already from Wilder Love with his sister Remy the man was just a boy and one that was so strong and determined and so broken but, no matter what age he was and no matter what he had to do he would do anything to see what he considered his was provided for and taken care of.I loved the growth we saw from Dylan this time around although still broken in a lot of ways he made some of his dreams come true and was becoming a little less broken every time he spent with Scarlett.

Scarlett was the rebel of her family and planned to live her life on her own terms.We found Scarlett to be strong ,independent,beautiful on the inside as well as out but, her one weakness was never putting herself first.We loved how she always believed in Dylan when others never did all they saw was a punk from the wrong side of the tracks what Scarlett saw was what was below the surface the good along with the bad.

The chemistry between Dylan and Scarlett was scorching.These two who came from totally different backgrounds fit perfectly together. I loved the story and how this couples journey was wrought with tons of things stacked against them but, Dylan was determined to beat the odds and claim the one thing that would complete his own happiness. I loved the broken bad boy he made my heart just melt when it came to loving and taking care of the people he loved most in this world. Dylan with little Kai melted my heart each and every time and had me wishing that Dylan would someday have everything that his twin sister had because he deserved it for all the sacrifices he made in life in the sake of family.

This was one heart felt tale that tugged at ones heart strings but, also was one of hope ,healing,forgiveness and family.

"we absolutely loved it"

This is a fairly new author too us but, the books that we have ready by her have been both amazing and we are looking forward to seeing what this author creates for us.

"This one goes into the keeper pile!"

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review 2020-04-05 14:51
Year of Expanded Reading: The Inner Voice of Love by Henri J.M. Nouwen
The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom - Henri J.M. Nouwen
It was amazing how pertinent some of these meditations felt to our current situation -- there was one in particular that seemed to be written about social distancing -- when they were written in the 1980s. The reflections were really beautiful, and they are meant to be read and digested slowly. I kind of abused the format of the book because I can really only read uninterrupted during one part of my day, so I read quite a few of them at once when I got my daily "reading time." But if I had known the format beforehand, perhaps I would have adjusted my reading schedule so that each reflection could be savored.

Although many of the essays remained relevant to things I am facing in my life right now, I also saw how they would have spoken to me at different points in my life, too. In particular, this book would be a particular balm to someone who had recently suffered through rejection or unrequited love. The primary theme is about building up your inner sense of self-worth so that you are less dependent on the approval of others.

This is part of my Year of Expanded Reading, which is a focus on reading books by non-white and/or non-American authors. Nouwen was a Dutch priest who spent his life in Holland, the U.S., Peru, and France. Because of the universal spirituality of Catholicism and the "Western" ideologies of the Netherlands, this book did not push me too far outside my comfort zone culturally.
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review 2020-04-05 14:44
It is done...finally
Prisoner of Love - Tawny Taylor,Michelle M. Pillow,Jaid Black

Not to my taste.


Tale the first features a h and her bestie getting caught up in the mists of time and finding themselves in Scotland long before indoor plumbing was invented. Add to that, the convenience of the H and his band of merry men being on a rieving mission to steal his would-be bride (steal her and marry her in some random priest's hut as opposed to a formal arrangement between families. Gotcha). I mean, I suppose it wasn't bad, but it's hard for me to get past the 0-60 aspects of it. But then there was that position where we're beat over the head with the fact that her buttocks and labia are skyward (that's what it said. :shrug: )


Tale the first reminds me of a book I read sometime last year. I'd swear the book author read this and decided to improve upon it. Basically the H is a dragon, the h is trying to get something from him, and as he discovers quickly, she's his mate. Irritants - that 0-60 aspect, coupled with bdsm.


Tale the third is an alien abduction, with the H being a dragooni or something like that. The h spends several days in an induced sleep while getting "prepared" for mating while she's awake. The impression I got was that the H (and with this sort of thing as a norm, I'm using that term v. loosely) was boinking her while she was drugged out of her mind. Then expected her to be all warm and fuzzy about things when she woke up. Frankly I would have been out for blood. Also, this is a menage.

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url 2020-04-05 06:48
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text 2020-04-05 05:59
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