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text 2022-09-20 11:21
Stress Free Way To Handle Your Exit Cleaning

There is no doubt about the fact that cleaning after someone moves out of a property can be quite stressful. The good news is that there are some Exit Cleaning Melbourne companies out there that specialise in providing different services for this specific purpose. 


The one thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not only important to get rid of the dirt and grime but also have to make sure that any belongings left behind by your tenant or ex-tenant are disposed off in an eco-friendly manner.


Enquire about eco-friendly products


This can be a good place to start, especially if you have a tight budget. You should ask about eco-friendly products and whether the company offers any discounts for using them. Do they have a checklist of what needs to be cleaned? What is their bond return policy?

Exit Cleaning Melbourne


If your carpet looks like a disaster and you’re not sure what to do, it might be time to call in the professionals. A professional can help you figure out the best way to clean your carpet and give you advice on how often it should be cleaned. They will also be able to tell you if they think any of your furniture or fixtures need special attention.


Ask about the cleaning checklist of company


You’ve probably heard about exit cleaning, but if you’re new to it or still have questions about what it is and how to go about it, check out list of FAQs below.


  • What is an exit clean?

An “exit clean” is the process of thoroughly cleaning a property after an occupant moves out. This ensures that your property looks immaculate for the next person who moves in.

  • How do I know if my lease requires me to do an exit clean?

If there is nothing stated in your lease, then technically you are not required by law to perform one – however we suggest doing so anyway!

 Most landlords will ask their tenants to complete an inspection checklist before they leave so as not only ensure that the property has been left in good condition but also helps them make sure any damage incurred was done by them alone (as opposed to being caused by previous tenants).


Ask about the bond back return


You can ask the person who sent you for an Exit Cleaning Melbourne. This is a good idea because it helps you get your bond back faster and easier. You just have to make sure that:

  • The person who sent you for an Exit Cleaning Melbourne has your contact number or address
  • He/she knows when he/she will be sending the bond back.

#The process of getting the bond back




Exit cleaning is a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to be prepared and ask the right questions. If you want more information about how experts can help with your exit cleaning needs, contact cleaning professionals today for discussion!


Source: Stress Free Way To Handle Your Exit Cleaning

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text 2022-07-29 04:49
How to Clean and Maintain Your Cleaning Supplies


If you have invested in quality cleaning supplies and you still fail to achieve super clean surfaces, chances are you don’t maintain the supplies properly. Effective cleaning tools and supplies go a long way to simplify and improve cleaning jobs, as long as you take care of them the right way. To make the most of your cleaning supplies, learn how to maintain them with the tips below:


  • Clean the vacuum – with a canister or bag, the vacuum cleaner needs to be kept in top shape so that you can make the most of your investment. If you own a bag that has a canister, remember to empty the canister after every cleaning session. Wash the canister with warm soapy water to remove the buildup grime and let it dry before you return it to the vacuum. As for the bagged version, you should replace the bag with a new one once it is almost full. The filters of your vacuum should be also carefully maintained – wash them with warm soapy water every three months to eliminate bacteria and trapped dust.


  • Clean the mop – depending on the mop you have, a different cleaning method should be applied. In case your mop is with a cotton head that can be removed, throw the head in the washing machine and choose a high heat setting of the machine to kill germs and bacteria. If you have a sponge mop with a removable head, soak the head in a bucket filled with hot water and some liquid dishwashing soap. Remember to replace the sponge head once every three months, since a well-preserved mop head does a more effective job. Another mop cleaning hack for you to try is to fill a bucket with hot water and add some white vinegar. Let the mop head soak for a few hours, then rinse thoroughly. White vinegar is antibacterial, therefore perfect for disinfection. Plus, the method is eco-friendly.


  • Clean the toilet brush – as one of the germiest spots at home, the toilet harbours lots of bacteria that can be easily transferred to the toilet brush. For that reason, experts recommend you should replace the old toilet brush once every four to six months. In the meantime, you can sanitise the brush using an eco-friendly cleaning solution made with a tablespoon of borax, two cups of white vinegar and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Let the toilet brush soak in the mixture for at least half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Clean the toilet brush anytime you clean the toilet bowl.


  • Clean the sponges
    Once a week you should remember to disinfect your sponges since they get super grimy when tackling messes. In fact, cleaning the sponges is a pretty easy process. First, if your dishwasher comes with a sanitising cycle, you can take advantage of it to clean the sponges. Your second option is to fill a microwave-appropriate bowl with water, put the sponges in and microwave them for about two minutes. That’s all it takes for you to disinfect the sponges. Just don’t forget to be careful when taking out the sponges, as the microwaved water will be hot. 


  • Clean microfiber cloths
    Perfect for dusting or wiping glass surfaces, your microfiber cloths insist on special treatment. Rinse them gently to eliminate soil before you put them in the washing machine. Wash the cloths separately and never use fabric softener, or you risk the efficiency of their static charge. If your microfiber cloths seem extremely grimy, add half a cup of baking soda to the wash to get extra whiteness.


Now that you are well aware of the right ways to maintain your cleaning supplies, you can boost their cleaning potential and extend their lifespan.


© First Choice Cleaning Company

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text 2022-07-18 11:07
7 Tips for Finding the Right End of Lease Cleaning Company

End of lease cleaning can be one of the most stressful parts of moving out of an apartment or house, which is why you want to ensure you’re working with a reliable end of lease cleaning company that will get the job done right. These seven tips will help you find an  end of lease cleaning Melbourne company that you’ll want to use again and again!

1) Do an online search

The first step is to do an online search. This will help you get an idea of what companies are out there and what services they offer. Be sure to read reviews before making a decision.

2) Check out review sites

When you're looking for a cleaning company, it's important to read reviews from past customers. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of quality and service. Look for review sites that are specific to end of lease cleaning companies. This will ensure that you're getting accurate information.

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Company

3) Look for end of lease cleaning companies in your neighborhood

One of the best ways to find a reputable end of lease cleaning company is to ask around your neighbourhood. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers to see if they have any recommendations. If you don't know anyone who has used an end of lease cleaning company before, you can also check online review sites.

4) Ask friends and neighbours

The best way to find a good end of lease cleaning company is to ask your friends and neighbours who they use. They will be able to give you first-hand accounts of their experiences and whether or not they were satisfied with the service.

5) Don’t be afraid to negotiate

When it comes to finding the right end of lease cleaning company, don’t be afraid to negotiate. You may be able to get a better price if you’re willing to haggle. Plus, it never hurts to ask! Some companies might even have discounts or offers depending on your needs. If there are more than one cleaners that seem like a good fit, call each one and ask about pricing and availability for your specific property. They will most likely offer you different prices, so find out which one suits your budget best before making any decisions.

6) Consider hiring short-term help

Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company can save you time and money in the long run. But with so many companies out there, how do you know which one to choose? 

  • Get recommendations from friends or family who have used an end of lease cleaning company before. 
  • Do some research online and read reviews from past customers. 
  • Make sure the company is insured and bonded.

7) Keep in mind some companies use subcontractors

When you're looking for an exit cleaning Melbourne company, it's important to keep in mind that some companies use subcontractors. This means that they may not have as much control over the quality of the cleaning. Make sure to ask if the company uses subcontractors before you make your decision. Additionally, make sure the company has a good reputation and are insured. 

A good rule of thumb is always to interview at least three different companies and take your time finding the right one for you.

Source:  7 Tips for Finding the Right End of Lease Cleaning Company

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text 2022-02-19 06:57
How To Keep Your House Clean?



If you want to know how to keep your house clean, we can help. The secret is to do some simple cleaning tasks every day to stay on top of clutter.


If you are sick of cleaning your house on weekends, here is what you should do. By following the tips given below, you can keep your home tidy throughout the week. Spending a couple of minutes tidying up everything can save you from a headache at the end of the week.

Make Your Bed


Your bed is one of the most visible surfaces in your bedroom. If you don't make your bed, it will make your look appear full of mess. But if you don't like tucking in your bedsheet, you can get a duvet that features a removable cover. You will need to launder it at the end of the week.


Making your bed each morning can change your life for good. In fact, this is the habit you should stick to.

Empty the Dishwasher first thing in the morning


Make it a habit to empty the dishwasher in the morning, as it will make it easier for you to clean your house. After all, doing dirty dishes won't take more than 5 minutes. You can do it while brewing coffee or waiting for kids to prepare for school.

Wipe the countertops


Apart from making your kitchen appear full of mess, dirty countertops may attract different types of pests. So, you need to load dishes right after your meals and then clean your countertops.


Cleaning and wiping the counters won't take more than a few minutes. The task involves putting food crumbs away and wiping down the countertops using a piece of rag. You don't need to spend more than a few minutes on this task.

Do your laundry before work


Doing your laundry before leaving for work can change your life for the better. But if your washing machine comes with a delay start option, you can set it to switch on a few minutes before you will arrive home.


After dinner, you may want to put damp clothes in the dryer. You can take them out a few minutes later during a commercial break while watching TV.


The good thing is that you don't need more than a couple of minutes to put away one load of laundry. For instance, you can do it a few minutes before hitting the bed.


If you are unable to decide what you should wash, you can try a laundry sorter with the most clothes.

Clean your Sinks and Faucets


You need to remove hairs and toothpaste splatters from your bathroom sink. Place a box of disinfecting wipes in a place where they are easy to access, such as under your sink.


In the morning, you should wipe the faucet and sink basin. If you want to save money on disinfecting wipes, you can use paper towels or old t-shirts to make DIY wipes.


Don't allow things to pile up


We suggest that you regularly deal with your school papers, catalogues, and store flyers, bills, and mail. They will pile up and take over your kitchen counter or dining table if you don't take care of them.


This pile can make you so overwhelmed that you won't feel like dealing with it. As a result, this stuff continues to pile up as time goes by.


So, it would be best if you sorted out the mail as soon as you get it. Besides, keeping a shredder in your kitchen or an easily accessible place can make it easier to handle junk mail.


You can use a money sorter and put the flyers in a recycling bin. That's all you need to do to complete this step.

Use Doormats


Placing doormats can help reduce the amount of soil you will bring in. So, get a few doormats and put them at the entrance of your exterior doors. Cleaning doormats is a piece of cake, and if you can shake or vacuum them every few days, that will be more than enough.


If you want to trap more debris, you may place a few more doormats in your garage.

Don't delay things


It's better to not put your cleaning tasks off until the next day. After having snacks with your family or friends in the evening, straighten and put your blankets back on the couch.


Collect your empty glasses and popcorn bowels and replace them in the dishwasher. Your kitchen sink is not the place for these things, and encourage your family members to do the same. If you spend a few minutes on this practice, you can have fun the next day.

Straighten up your kitchen


At the end of the day, if you straighten up your kitchen, you won't have to look at all the mess the next day. So, don't forget to set up the coffee maker, remove food crumbs and wipe down the counters. There should be no traces of kitchen trash before you hit the bed.


You may write down these things on a piece of paper and hang this reminder on your fridge where you can see it.

Stick to a House Cleaning routine


Coffee stains will be more challenging to remove if you let them sit all night. So, you may want to mop the coffee spills as soon as you can, and it won't take more than a few seconds.


Similarly, you can take care of other cleaning tasks in your house. If you want to keep your home clean, you may follow a consistent routine. Therefore, there is no need to wait for our house to look full of clutter before you gird up your loins.


Long story short, if you want to keep your house neat and clean at all times, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article.


If you are looking for a cleaning company in London, just contact All Services in One. We offer excellent services and top-notch customer support.  

© All Services in One


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text 2022-01-24 03:31
Professional Tips for a Clean Home


We all want a clean, fresh and well-ordered home to bring calm and peace of mind but to tell the truth, cleaning is hard work for many of us. And that's why despite its incomparable merits, many people still want to shy away from it. It requires a good knowledge about your overall home and the target areas you need to give close attention to when executing your cleaning task.

You probably want a spotless and squeaky clean home for yourself and have been trying your best to make your cleaning dream a reality. But it's not just as much as you want it to be. Don't worry; you're not alone as no one is perfect. Here are the basic areas of your home you should target to access the tidiness so that you can approach your cleaning like an expert and experience the sweetness of a super clean apartment.

Your home is filled with things that deal with all the sensory organs. We mean the eye, ear, nose and skin, each of which helps to detect sight, sound, smell, and feel, respectively. Even though it might look unbelievable, every home does have its own smell. Do you have any idea what your home smells like? You probably don't. You don't have to be surprised about that as it's a general condition. Rarely do we notice the scent in our household. This is because we're used to it, and we now have what's called nose blind, which prevents us from detecting the smell. However, it's one of the things that a guest can easily notice, especially when it's a professional cleaner. Inconsistent cleaning, sewages, pets, foods, spills and unnoticeable areas of the house are one of the major causes of unpleasant smells in the house. Therefore, you want to clear off any of the aforementioned and other things that can give out bad odour and fill your house with substances that freshens up the aura. These are what you should do to ensure that you get rid of bad odour and maintain a home that welcomes your guests with a nice scent.

Neglected Areas
By neglected areas, we mean those places that you seldom see or notice in your houses, like the hidden side of your appliances and those areas that are fast to get messy with buildups of specks of dirt like your sink counter, mirrors etc. Why are these parts important to your cleaning? When you have a small amount of dirt on these areas, you can easily apply a cleaner, leave for a few minutes and get them wiped off in no time. However, when the grime is accumulated, it becomes more tasking to get them off. You might even need to use some sophisticated equipment and products. Since those areas get dirty more frequently, it's better that you give them cleaning attention on a regular basis to free yourself from a more strenuous and time-consuming task. The best part is that you will also save the cost of purchasing sophisticated equipment and materials.

If any part of your home will get dirty, the walls are most probably not going to be an exception. We often give little consideration to the walls when cleaning our home. But in the long run, it counts among the factors that will determine how clean your home is, which is why you should pay attention to your walls as part of the areas you need to clean. You want to check your walls and other parts such as door handles, switches and points of contact for fingerprints and other specs of dirt. You may not have to clean your wall every week, but it deserves a cleaning attempt at some point in time.

These are the areas in your home that you don't normally give special attention like light fixtures, window sills, baseboards and others. Specks of dust on these items can be detected with a hand wipe on them or even with a bare sight. So, you want to give them some cleaning attention so as to have a more sparkling and aesthetically attractive home that soothes the owner and welcomes the guests with an appealing look.

Your floor is the widest surface in your house. Since every other item, including yourself, stays on it, it's exposed, getting dirty frequently from the spills, dust etc. And a dirty floor is easily noticeable to the extent that it can mean a dirty home. The colour and finishing of your floor determine how easily you can notice specs of dirt. A light coloured floor hides dirt more than a darker one. On the other hand, a floor with a shiny finish will show dirt easily. Whether glossy finishing, a dark or light coloured floor, giving your floor a regular cleaning touch will go a long way in maintaining a clean household.

In conclusion, knowing what, where and when to clean are the basic elements of cleaning tasks that differentiate the result you get. You should always pay attention to what your sensory organs are telling you about your home and ensure you do something whenever you get negative feedback. We hope you will start paying more attention to the basic areas you've discovered here today. If you want to get more cleaning tips, be sure to get in touch FastKlean.


© FastKlean

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