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review 2015-05-08 00:00
Clutter Free Home: 15 Day House Cleaning Speed Run to a Quickly Organized House
Balmy in Barna: Bobbi - Molly McDonnell This had some good little pointers!

While I must first admit I didn't use this to the 15 day concept there are several tips and ideas that I want to try to utilize as I have time and money. One thing Claudia Jameson has a heavy emphasis on ins containers (totes, trays, lazy susans, baskets, etc0 and those cost money I don't have right now. But as I have some extra cash I think I know what some of it will go toward (Hint: the answer is in this paragraph).

we are advised to start off by going through our house and take detailed nots of what needs to be organized and picked-up. Then plan ans start sorting the basic, working your way to more specific areas (kitchen cabinets, pantries, linen closet, etc.

A lot of what is shared was common sense and many thing I have done already but there are a few tricks that caught my eye.
My favorite idea was using paper clips or rubberbands to organize papers more to save space. Even for envelopes, etc. Well I have a drawer of scratch paper (mostly used envelopes, junk mail with black backs, etc) So I went through and sorted by size and then paper clipped everything in groups. My loose papers now take up half the space!
Another favorite was for bed sheets. Take the sheets and using 1 of the matching pillowcases, store the sheets in the pillow case for easy grab and storage. I did this and my linen shelf looks so much more organize plus less threat of things unfolded and getting tangled with other bedding.

Ultimately I am reasonably impressed. I wish there were a few other tips. I have a feeling the author has a few others up her sleeve being a few here are quite creative yet simple.

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text 2015-03-16 21:50
How House Cleaning Works When You're a Misanthropic Monster Thing

My kitchen is (more or less) ready for action now, so to speak.  It'll need to be; oftentimes I do not get around to cleaning in there, except on my days off.  I bought a lot of mason jars and some neat little ten cent bottles that are already pre-labeled for spices and dried herbs, so I made use of what needed to in order to put the dark little cabinet that I keep my spices in check.  It took a lot longer than I wanted to in order to clean everything and to re-season two of my less used skillets, but hey, it's done.


Now I just have the rest of the apartment to clean.



So, hey, I don't know if you realize the gravity of the situation of having to take care of a large book collection that needs to be displayed properly, but I am now having the realization that I am way over my head as I look at the things that I have festooned on the ground. it's too goddamn much, man!


I at least need to get to the bathroom this time.  That bath tub is going to start growing a colony of sentient life if I keep it up.  I can't shower with the knowledge that I am washing away a small village of creatures pleading for mercy each time I want to get customer stank off my ass.  I have enough issues as it is.


Now I have the choice of what to watch/listen to as I work.  I COULD do my usual viewing of Hoarders to incentivize me to not be that one person one day who shrieks as her grand children are carrying out bags of cat feces with one or two of my books at the bottom of the bags because how dare the bastards not let me go through the biohazard orange bag for maybe that copy of a bad fiction collection that I got for free, anyway, might get tossed out? 


OR I could listen to Super Best Friendcast (like I was already doing when I was cleaning the kitchen) and breeze through some FTL and invariably end up playing it more than cleaning. 


Any way you look at it, this house needs cleaned before I can properly enjoy spring.  And maybe I can find some more things to sell to subsidize my need for moar things without dipping into my pre-tax return cash money money dollar sign. 


Gonna kill this cat, if he keeps bothering my jury-rigged herb garden.  Yes, he will perish.

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text 2014-05-02 12:45
50 Things To Know To Downsize Your Life By Lisa Rusczyk
50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life: How To Downsize, Organize, And Get Back to Basics - 'Lisa Rusczyk', '50 Things To Know'
I received this book in exchange  for an honest review from the author. We're all looking for ways to live a simpler life. Having less in our life is one way of making things easier. The difficult part is culling the items we don't necessarily need. In the book  '50 Things To Know To Downsize Your Life' Lisa Rusczyk points us in the right direction.  She lists fifty things you can do to nudge yourself closer to downsizing and she does it logically by leading you from room to room in your home.  She begins in the bedroom, then the kitchen, closets, bathroom, and ultimately the kids rooms!  Things I Have Been Doing
  • Don't carry credit card debt
  • store small toys in bay wipe containers
  • 3 'see through' drawers (in my daughter's closets)
  • Hanging shelves (in my daughter's closets)
  • Shoe racks
  • Don't have a guest room 
Things I Want To Do/Have Been Wanting To Do

Digitize cookbooks or enter recipes into cooking software I own. This is a project.  One I've been avoiding for a long, long time.

Kitchen cabinet reorganization.  Most of our kitchen cabinets are the way we want them since we had our kitchen remodeled 4 years ago.  But theres two cabinets that are a royal pain in the rear and I would love to have them organized properly.

The silverware drawers.  Too much siverware in my opinion.  Not according to my husband though.

Meal Planning.  Yes, another one of those things that needs to happen, but just hasn't.

Jewelry organization.  This is going to happen for me real soon!  I bought some ice cube trays from the dollar store to organize sets of earrings and necklaces to put in the top drawer of my dresser.  Yay Me!

Things I'm Not Going To Do
  • Owning one set of sheets per bed
  • Owning two towels per person
  • Shower Necessities  (we like our girly 'goop' s my hubby calls it)
About The Author (from Amazon.com)
Lisa Rusczyk is the creator of the popular blog Charlie The Cavalier and 50 Things to Know Books. Lisa is passionate about helping others in life. She also enjoys Cavalier King Charles Spaniels a breed that she have loved for years. Lisa is currently a stay-at-home Mom, but has been an instructional designer, software trainer, and technical writer in the past. She was recently featured on CNN's HLN for a fire pit project.
Lisa is a Doctoral student in Educational Leadership who happened to start writing her first book 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby after her little girl was born. Her book sold over 1,000 copies in the first year on Amazon. Today, she has over 15 books and helps others self-publish. Further, she shares this information with the public via this blog, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and recently on a local Pennsylvania television station. Lisa knows that like her, there are a lot of people who would like concise information on a topic in one digital location. Lisa is known for her simple and effective tips.
Please check out Lisa's other books here.
So now that I've read the book I feel like I need to get my butt in gear and do even more Spring cleaning than I thought was ahead of me! 
 It's nice to have a plan and it will feel even better once the tasks are complete!  Happy Simplifying everyone!
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review 2013-05-08 00:00
Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement
Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement - Kay Wills Wyma,Michael Gurian It took me some time to read this because I originally borrowed this book from the public library and then didn't get a chance to read it. Every time I went back to borrow t again it was either reserved or checked out! Glad I came back to reading it because it is filled with humor and many truths about today's youth feeling entitled.

The 'Experiment' focuses on one life learning area per month, making this a year long endeavor. At first I thought this may be 'b-o-r-i-n-g' to read about, but Mrs. Wyma writes with humor and I could totally relate to her children's attitudes.

The focus areas include the following life lessons: Beds and Clutter, Cooking (menu planning, shopping & washing dishes), The Outdoors (weeding, planting), Working/Employment, Domestic Dirty Jobs (think bathrooms), Laundry, Handyman/DIY, Party Planning/Hospitality, Teamwork, Errands, Service For Others, and Manners.

By looking at that list of twelve areas you may think 'that's all common sense'. I kind of thought that too, but then thought about some of the things my kids do or say. If your children don't have to do certain tasks, what makes you think that they're intently watching you do said task so they know how to do it? Chances are they're not watching you intently and they don't know how to do said task. You will see that clearly when you read this book, as well as paying more attention to the little things in your child's own daily life.

I have tried little experiments with my kids throughout this book (lunch packing, loading/unloading the dishwasher, cleaning up after a meal, etc.) I can tell you this, my kids need to learn to do more for themselves and this book was a great jump start for me to teach more daily life lessons.

I did not know that Mrs. Wyma started a blog before she got this book deal. I will be going back to look at past entries from her blog, as well as keeping up with her present entries. You can find her at www.theMOATblog.com. Keep teaching your children; they are our future!
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review 2011-05-07 00:00
Cleaning Nabokov's House: A Novel
Cleaning Nabokov's House: A Novel - Leslie Daniels www.precisionreviews.blogspot.com
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