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url 2020-02-19 11:12
B2B Customer Experience: A new way to improve brand growth


No matter whether you operate in B2B or B2C market, customer experience is paramount for business success.


Of many similarities, there exist few differences between B2B and B2C customers, especially when it comes to purchasing habits. B2B marketers can leverage customer experience to differentiate and take their brand to the next level.


With that said, here we have come up with proven ways to improve the customer experience to enhance your brand.

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url 2020-02-12 10:39
This posture can increase your memory power to score good marks in board exams start practice from today

Power to score good marks in board: बोर्ड्स एग्जाम आते ही बच्चों पर दबाव बढ़ जाता है। हर कोई विद्यार्थी चाहता है की  उसको अधिक नंबर मिले। इसके लिए बच्चे रात रात भर पढ़ते है , रीविजिन, मॉक टेस्ट, वाइवा , प्रैक्टिकल और न जाने क्या क्या ।  सामाजिक और पारिवारिक दबाव भी इतना होता है की विद्द्यार्थी स्ट्रेस में आ जातें हैं। अच्छी परीक्षा देने के लिए आपको दिन भर स्ट्रेस ले के पड़ने की जरुरत नहीं है , अगर आपका मन शांत और दिल खुश हो तो आप ज्यादा पढ़ सकते हैं , अगर आप स्ट्रेस ले के घंटो भी बिता देंगे तो न ये आपके दिमाग को बल्कि शरीर को भी नुक़सान पहुँचता है । आज के स्मार्ट युग में चाहिए की आप एक स्मार्ट टेक्निक लगा के एग्जाम की तयारी करें , इस से मिलेंगे आपको मन चाहे नंबर साथ ही आप कहलायेंगे एक स्मार्ट स्टूडेंट ।

Read more: latest Flypped Hindi News

Source url: https://www.flypped.com/this-posture-can-increase-your-memory-power-to-score-good-marks-in-board-exams-start-practice-from-today/hindi/

Source: www.flypped.com/this-posture-can-increase-your-memory-power-to-score-good-marks-in-board-exams-start-practice-from-today/hindi
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url 2019-12-30 06:04
Increase Click Through Rate for CTA Buttons.

If you are trying to increase click through rate for your website then this post we will super important for you to read and implement these strategies on your website for better clicks on your CTA buttons.


Source: www.notifyvisitors.com/blog/increase-click-through-rates-for-ctas
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text 2019-12-13 10:09
Retro X Power:-http://facts4supplement.org/retro-x-power/

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Source: facts4supplement.org/retro-x-power
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text 2019-12-09 06:00
Index Card: Prepare and Organize

The digital age foster a paperless society. The online reminders and notes on your mobile are tacky, but at the same time – the paper is retro; it’s aesthetically appealing, quick, and nifty. Presentation and organization of index card is a classic study hack to improve the study habits, boost fast active recalling technique, and promote competitive learning.


The blog will further point out a few benefits of presentation and organizing index card –

Whether you’re a student or an employee fashioning a presentation to impress your superiors, the next obvious thing you would do is reach out for your index cards.


Make a List: The most common nifty hack used by millions. Making a list of things to remember or the “to-do” list. The index card is the best tool to execute your daily chart/plan/ as a list. Easy to follow and maintain. Pin it on a soft board or attached it with a magnet on the fridge, easy to read, and quirky to follow. Organize your set of index cards at, computer card, which is sticking next to your monitor or as home cards.


Publish Novels: It might seem strange, but some authors indeed organize index card daily, to keep a record of the events related to the story they’re writing. The instant story plot lines or explaining a character, the index cards they use daily help them formulate the base of the story. But, some authors prefer composing the novels in bits and ordering them into a book. However, it is a fantastic method to use index cards as a track keeper for storytelling and never to let the flow of creativity stop.



Prioritize: When you are thinking about prioritizing, one has to be on the toes regarding the urgency, and if the goal is in front of the eyes all the time, it doesn’t let you go on the heels. As a result of which, priorities can be kept in check, and maximum satisfaction can be achieved. If the preferences are presented effectively, the impact it has on the mind is positive because no one feels energized by looking at something shabby. But, if it is the other way round, the spell of the presentation can surely work out some magic.


Write them Down: Preparing for a meeting, writing keys points before the exams, or whatever it may be. Presenting these index cards personally boosts your recalling skills. When you take notes, recite, and learn. It helps you simplify the complex idea for quicker understanding.


Conclusion –


Index cards are essential and integral parts in presentation and organizing, whether it’s interpersonal or intrapersonal. The tacky learning you’d acquire, quick grasp of the information, recall data faster, and being more creative with presentation. Following the method daily creates a neutral string path in your mind, which enables you to quickly retrieve the information you’ve learned in a long haul. In simple words, it sharpens your memory vigor. Try Index Card Teacher and give your presentation and organization skills a new definition.

Source: www.indexcardteacher.com/index-cards/improve-your-presentation-with-a-professional-organization-of-your-index-cards
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