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text 2022-05-02 23:33
Here is How you can Clean the Oven in About 5 Minutes


No one likes to clean the oven, which makes the chore one of the most overlooked cleaning tasks homeowners tend to postpone for months. Chances are, you are unwilling to spend hours cleaning the oven, but did you know you could deal with the job in just five minutes? Believe it or not, oven cleaning doesn’t have to steal lots of your free time. Just stick to this step-by-step guide to clean the oven in a flash:


  • Prepare the oven – no matter how quickly you want to finish oven cleaning, never forget to make the appliance ready for the job. In fact, you need just a few seconds to check if the oven has been turned off from the electricity. After that, you need to make sure it is completely cool. That’s all – the oven is ready for cleaning.


  • Mix a cleaning solution – speed cleaning the oven doesn’t have to involve dangerous chemical-based cleaners. Quite the opposite, you can speed clean the machine using only two eco-friendly ingredients you already have at home – baking soda and water. Take a handy glass bowl and mix half a cup of baking soda with a little water to prepare a natural DIY oven cleaning solution. Keep in mind that you need to make enough scrubbing paste to perfectly cover the oven's interior. So in case you are dealing with an extremely grimy oven, you might want to double the amounts of both ingredients to make enough baking soda paste. With your oven cleaning remedy prepared, open the oven door and apply the paste. Steer clear of the heating elements to prevent oven damage. Once the interior has been covered with the solution, let the mixture sit overnight.


  • Clean the racks – while waiting for your eco-friendly cleaning paste to work its magic in the oven, you should address the oven’s racks. Just like the interior of the machine, the racks can get grimy, that’s why you should make them part of your oven cleaning routine. Banishing stains from the racks is an easy job that takes no time. Simply fill the sink or the bathtub with hot water mixed with some white distilled vinegar and allow the racks to soak, so that buildup grime can loosen up. If you are faced with stubborn grease, scrub the racks with a stiff brush and rinse them thoroughly. Then let them dry on a clean soft towel.


  • Remove the cleaning paste – as the required time has passed, you should come back to the oven and wipe baking soda residue with a damp cloth. As one of the most powerful eco-friendly cleaning ingredients, baking soda should have loosened up burnt-on grease, allowing you to clean the oven by just wiping the interior. However, if you encounter stubborn messes you can’t wipe with a cloth, use a plastic spatula to easily scrub them off.


  • Upgrade with white vinegar – another eco-friendly cleaning agent to include in your oven cleaning approach is white distilled vinegar. When it comes to eliminating germs and bacteria from the oven, it is white vinegar that you should choose. Pour it into a spraying bottle and spritz the oven's interior while the baking soda is still there. If you notice foam in the oven, don’t worry – this is a normal reaction of baking soda and white vinegar mixing. Take a damp cloth and wipe the oven clean, paying attention to nooks and crannies. You might also spray the surface one more time with white vinegar to make sure the interior is squeaky clean. Wipe with a cloth again and you are done cleaning the oven.


It takes only a few simple steps to effortlessly clean the oven. Plus, the approach is eco-friendly and safe for your health.


© Fast Oven Cleaning


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text 2022-04-22 08:01
4 Pond Maintenance Tips to Consider in Spring



What is that special addition to your garden that brings the space closer to nature? If you enjoy a beautiful pond in your garden, you are certainly impatient to make the most of it this spring. However, to keep the pond in top condition is not always a simple job. You need to know how to clean and maintain the pond appropriately, to let it function throughout spring and summer. Here are the best tips for pond maintenance:


  • Clean – never let your pond become messy, otherwise, its looks might be the least of your problems. Untended debris is likely to lead to your pond malfunctioning, therefore you might face costly repairs. To allow the pond’s smooth functioning, remove fallen leaves or debris visible on the surface. If you want to deep clean the pond, drain the water first. Then use a pressure washer to clean inside stones or gravel. From time to time you should turn on the clean-out pump to get rid of filthy water. Once done, fill the pond with clean water.


  • Address surrounding plants – your water feature probably looks even more relaxing when surrounded by lush tall trees and various plant species thriving in spring. However, plants nearby might become a potential threat to your pond because of the huge amount of leaves falling in the pond. To protect the pond from leaves and other debris, cover the surface with a trap net. Of course, you don’t have to keep the pond covered with a net all the time, but when a particularly windy day has been forecasted, remember this tip. Another benefit of the trap net is protecting your pond’s wildlife from predators. If you intend to keep the net for a longer period, make sure you empty it regularly to prevent it from falling into the pond. If you grow a tree hanging directly over the water feature, trim the plant nicely to avoid blocking the sun.


  • Take care of water plants – if you haven’t added water plants to your pond yet, spring is the best moment to do this. Especially in late spring when the water is warm enough to promote plant growth, but not too hot to negatively affect the plants. Water lilies, marshes and floaters are some of the options you have to bring nature to your water feature, so pick your species and learn how to take care of them. Just like any other plant, water plants require fertilising, so don’t forget to boost your health with a suitable fertiliser. Given the fact that some animals in the pond will probably use the plants as food, go for the most harmless, chemical-free fertiliser you can find. If for some reason a water plant doesn’t survive, remove it right away to avoid the formation of toxins in the water.


  • Check on algae growth – these micro-plants have both advantages and disadvantages, so you need to take control over their growth in the pond. While you might be tempted to remove all algae from your water feature, don’t forget that some of the aquatic animals use algae as a source of food. For that reason, you should prevent algae from growing excessively, rather than removing everything. When it comes to getting rid of algae, you can deal with the job with artificial, as well as natural means. In the first case, you can benefit from a rake to physically remove algae from the pond. An ultraviolet water purifier is also a solution to control algae growth. If you prefer handling the problem naturally, simply grow powerful water plants like lilies or hyacinth that will compete with algae for nutrients and light.


A well-kept water feature is what every homeowner needs to improve the image of their garden. Remember these tips for marinating your pond in an outstanding shape this spring.


© Fast Landscape Gardening


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text 2022-04-20 04:29
6 Good Reasons to Hire Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners


Being a landlord is not simply an easy way to make extra cash at the end of the month – you have certain responsibilities, mostly concerning the state of your property. If you want your house or apartment to be rented quickly, you should make sure the place is sparkly clean and in perfect condition. One option you have is to refresh the space by yourself. But the more reasonable alternative is to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. Here is why calling the pros is your best bet:

More free time
Unlike typical chores you deal with daily at home, cleaning a rental property could be much more time-consuming. If the last tenants were not into cleaning, chances are you need to spend hours, even days to restore the presentable image of the place. Any room should be addressed and obviously, this is not a task you can complete in a flash. So instead of putting lots of effort into cleaning and disinfecting your property, book an expert end of tenancy cleaning service. Free your time to invest it in more pleasant or beneficial activities.


  • Speed cleaning
    If you choose an experienced cleaning company, you will be granted cleaners who can tackle cleaning jobs in no time. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and the experience to refresh the living room or to remove bathroom grime very fast. Their speed cleaning hacks help them to work quickly and as you know, the faster you get your property spotless, the sooner you can put it back on the market.


  • Quality job
    Do you know how to remove an old wine spill from the carpet? Or how to safely get rid of the dust on the light fixtures? There is no cleaning task too challenging for the expert cleaners and to get the best results for your property, you should rely on their deep knowledge. A proven cleaning team would never miss a spot or skip a nook when working at a property. Furthermore, expert cleaners are well-aware of the right cleaning solutions required to address a cleaning task. To impress potential tenants with the cleanliness of the rental, hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.


  • Pro equipment
    One of the reasons why expert cleaning services are worth the investment is the cleaning equipment pros work with. From the latest machinery to the most effective cleaning mixtures, a team of pros always tackles a cleaning task with powerful equipment. Proven cleaners also know the necessary to operate with the machinery quickly and safely. Plus, most cleaning companies today apply eco-friendly cleaning products that pose no threat to the environment or the health of future tenants.


  • Flexibility
    If you worry that you wouldn’t be able to afford a decent end of tenancy cleaning service, fear not. Most reliable companies are flexible and they can customise their quote according to your specific needs. You don’t have to go for all the services a cleaning company offers, which makes hiring a pro a pretty affordable solution. Just be as detailed as possible when sharing your cleaning demands with your company to obtain the most reasonable price.


  • Get your deposit back
    In some cases, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the property before leaving, or else they might lose their deposit. So if you are a tenant who is about to leave the rental, book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. The experts will do their best to make the place sparkly clean so that you can get your deposit back.


A spotless home always makes a great impression, even when it comes to a rental one. Hire a quality end of tenancy cleaning service to attract new tenants and lend your property in no time.


© All Services in One


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text 2022-04-05 13:00
Important Tips for Tenants Wanting To Rent Luxury Apartments

We know you stopped by because you were looking for apartments for rent in West Oakland. Right?

Owning or renting a luxury apartment has been a goal for many. What you couldn’t get in an average apartment, you can get in a luxury one, by paying an extra penny of course. So if you are among those seekers looking for a deluxe apartment to rent, make sure to check the following Guiding points before you proceed.

Important Tips for Tenants Wanting To Rent Luxury Apartments

What’s A Luxury Apartment

First of all, you must know that a luxury apartment is a property that has high-quality facilities, space, security, and location in comparison to other properties. It has unique features and is usually offered by luxury real estate agencies. One can rent this space for either everyday living or spend holidays with close ones.

What Benefits Does It Offer

Luxury apartments offer benefits similar to that of a luxury hotel. This includes a splendid space, access to high-end amenities, a luxurious lifestyle, and fewer maintenance costs. For people looking for apartments for rent Oakland has a number of luxury rental options to choose from.

How Is It Different From Other Properties

When choosing a suitable luxury apartment, make sure to compare the different properties first. Look for what amenities and services each property offers. These could be spacious rooms, swimming pools, reserved parking, gyms, etc. Some properties also provide services like a private car cleaner, hairdresser, fitness trainer, cook or mechanic, and so on.

What Real Estate You Should Choose

While shuffling through the options for luxury properties, you must also learn and study about the real estate agencies offering them. It is important to know about the property agencies, how old are they, are these reputed ones, have these been positively reviewed by customers or not, etc. Check out their portfolios on the internet or in person, photographs of the number of projects they have done, and also the localities they are developed into.

What Is The Registration Process

Learn about the registration process offered by each of the real estate agencies. The usual process of registering for a property is more or less the same with each agency. However, while some procedures can be simple others can be a little complicated.

How To Make Payment

Lastly, know about the modes of making payments while booking the luxury property of your choice. How is it done, online or in person, is it reliable and secure, how much time does it take, etc. should be your major concerns in this respect.


The above points are important checkpoints that should be at your fingertips while choosing a luxury apartment. Once you find the most suitable apartment, make haste to book it. Raj Properties offers a diversity of apartments for rent in West Oakland in high-end localities. Visit the website today to find the apartment of your dreams.

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text 2022-04-01 14:22
5 Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips You Need to Know


Looking for amazing carpet cleaning tips to bring that old carpet back to life? Get in here, let's talk!

In addition to the comfy feeling and warmth they give to the feet, carpets have a unique way of improving the beauty and style of a home. However, maintaining them can be a herculean task sometimes.

People often lose interest in keeping carpets because of the much effort needed to keep them clean. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a discouraging factor to miss out on all of the benefits of carpet flooring.

In this article, we put together 5 Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips You Need to Know. Of course, we will leave you with a bonus at the end of the article. So, stay glued. 

Remove stains immediately

One of the major reasons people often find cleaning carpets difficult is because they leave stains on them for a long period. And when it’s now time to clean, they scrub all their energy away, as it’s already stuck and wouldn’t be easy to get off. Therefore, a good maintenance habit is to ensure you remove every stain immediately.

Do not scrub first

Since we have said attending to stains immediately is one of the best carpet cleaning tips to apply, you also have to know how to attend to them appropriately.
A drink just spilt on the carpet and you are in haste to start scrubbing? Oh no! You would end up creating a bigger mess that may take a longer time to clean, or worse, stick with you forever.
Your kids spilt their favourite juice on your carpet? Take a deep breath, blot the affected area first before scrubbing to avoid spreading the stain deep into the carpet.

Apply heat on candle wax

The nice fragrance from burning candles can be so beautiful and therapeutic. Nonetheless, candle wax can cause a great mess on carpets. Of course, that’s not to say you should stop using candles. And no, you do not have to grunt whenever it’s time to clean your carpets. Whenever there’s a wax stain on your carpet, simply place a pressing iron over it so the heat can get it melted, and then you can now clean them out without stress. Easy right?

Use good cleaning products

The cleaning products you use go a long way in not just determining how good looking your carpets will be, and how easy cleaning will be for you, but it also determines how long it will last.

Baking soda, vinegar, and even shaving cream have all proven to be very effective in removing dirt and keeping carpets clean. You do not necessarily have to scrub out your hands to get them clean. Few drops of these cleaning agents ease a lot of stress. Carefully select cleaning agents to be sure they are not adding to your problem.

Ice it

This has to be one of the easiest DIY carpet cleaning tips every good cleaner should take advantage of.

The thought of having gum stains on your carpet alone is tiring. And when you try to remove them? It often leaves you frustrated. Typically, this is because of its adhesive nature.

Applying a little ice on gum stains does the magic. Take some ice cubes from the fridge, apply ice on the gum stain, and allow to stand for some minutes. This way, the gum becomes less sticky and can be easily cleaned.
Bonus tip

Seek professional help

After all, is said and done, we cannot rule out the importance of professional carpet cleaning services. Hiring professionals to clean your carpet on a routine is a very good way to enjoy them for a longer period.

You wouldn’t have to fuss whenever it’s time for cleaning if you know some of these carpet cleaning tips that make life a whole lot easier. Don’t have the time to spare? Don’t hesitate to book our professional carpet cleaning service at FastKlean. We are here to help!


© FastKlean

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