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text 2019-06-29 09:46
The ultimate guide to mobility trends in 2019

Is your business mobile yet?


If yes, you are doing things rightly. But if your answer is no, then it is time to work on it. 

Have you ever thought why the demand for Android and iPhone app development company is rising these days? It is because the business scenario is changing. The dynamic mobile technology is constantly shaping the entire mobility landscape in corporate organisations. The different mobility trends are streamlining all the stringent business processes. Thus, the day-to-day workflow is becoming very easy.


Here we are going to talk about the top mobility trends of this year. If you are thinking you need an app for business, read on to get an idea on which features and trends you need to focus to get maximum ROI.


Apps for employees at the workplace

These days, employees are extensively using mobile apps for their official work. Be it through video calls, e-mails, or chats - the truth is they are relying a lot on various types of mobile apps. Some of the best examples are Skype, Slack, Fleep, Chanty, Ryver, etc. 


Mobility is increasing employee engagement as well as retention. With the proliferation of role-based apps, employees are getting a thorough understanding of their designated jobs.

The increasing influence of AI

While discussing digital transformation, no one can ignore the impact of AI. This seems to be the future of everything. In mobility technology, we are already experiencing the benefits of virtual assistants, messenger bots, chatbots, role-based mobile apps in automated reasoning, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, and anomaly detection. This trend is definitely going to stay and become stronger with time. 


Contextual communication

Well, customer experience and the concept of mobility are correlated. According to most business owners, who already have a dedicated business app, mobility technology can personalise communication with your customers based on purchase history, past choices, and behaviour.


Contextual communication not only helps in understanding customer needs but also in building long-term relationships with them. So, it is better to make sure you are incorporating this feature while making your business mobile. 


Other than the things mentioned above, you have to consider that mobility can tackle compliance issues effectively. Mobility takes care of the biometric system, data encryption, and authentication with multi-factor authentication. 

So, if you are thinking of getting a business app with all these trends that are worth your attention, time, and investment, get in touch with a trusted Android and iPhone app development company like Visions & Solutions. With our expert app development team of best Australian app developers, we make sure to give your app vision the right solution within your budget.

Source: www.vnsinfo.com.au
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text 2019-05-31 09:24
What Real-time Features That Your Mobile App Needs To Have

This article tries to explain the advanced real-time features that app owners should be considering today to make their apps more lively and engaging.


Apps that give more chances to users to interact real-time are more successful than those which do not. Technology has been evolving fast and apps are no exception to that. Over the years, apps developers around the world are toiling hard to bring in improvements and features that can help an app work like a pro agent for any service or consumer products. Real-time features, that allows users to interact and utilise any service via the app in their actual time is one such great improvement the world witnessed. Most companies owning a mobile app are deploying them with instant features that will facilitate real-time engagement between the app and the users.


However, anyone, thinking to have some real-time features in their app needs to know first what they are actually.



Actual on-time feed

Mostly needed in mass-related or media apps, this feature will allow the users to be updated with real-time information, wherever they are. This must be added with the scheme of multi-user collaboration, which will allow everyone to add, edit, delete or update data simultaneously. With everyone able to put up information from their own end in the feed, the app gets a huge feed of all real-time data and information.


Push notifications

This too comes as a very crucial real-time feature for every modernised app which lets the users to be informed about the new things in the app. For instance, a new feature addition, any discount, promo offers, etc. Businesses can utilise push notifications for enhancing their retention.


Live Chat

Instant messaging or live chat feature is another affluent feature to integrate into your app which can help users engage with type texts, voice calls, video calls, and even group chats. They can even send away files, audios or videos. Real-time chatting enhances the collaboration of the users with the app and helps them better in availing the on-demand services.



Live streaming

This has become another much-needed feature for any advanced app in areas like travel, real estate, shopping and entertainment. Videos simply allow users to receive data with deeper interactions.


Order or Process Tracking

Live order status is another essential real-time feature highly relevant for on-demand service or product delivery apps. While business owners send their executives to deliver their product, the users can track the shipping and delivery information. The GPS feature of the phone needs to be integrated with the app’s interface to make tracking experience possible.  


No doubt, real-time features are taking app experiences to a whole new level. Thus, any app that fails to integrate any one of these is sure to lag behind when the expectations of people are growing too much.

Johan Smith is an expert app developer at GetAProgrammer, a renowned Android and iPhone app development company in Australia, that is helping businesses for years to signify their digital presence with exemplary mobile apps.

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text 2019-04-09 13:03
Awesome Apps with iPhone App Development

iPhone Application Development

iPhone has changed into a traditionally open contraption that is constantly seen as the most secure device among the phone customers. Furthermore, due to its colossal referenced in the market, adaptable iPhone applications are in the interim required by the specialists.

Endeavors We Have Catered Positively:

Till now, we have made iPhone applications for the undeniable distinctive quality. All of them were having irrefutable functionalities, nature and UI/UX. We have passed on our iPhone application improvement benefits in following affiliations:

  • Business
  • Redirection
  • Lifestyle
  • Heading
  • Online business
  • Individual to particular correspondence
  • Redirection
  • Record


What We Offer Our Clients

Our sweeping dimension of flexible affiliations reliably passes on best results in prefixed time. Our fashioners have monster joining with different clients that have helped them offer distinctive sorts of iPhone App affiliations. We are for each situation lively to serve you in:

  • Custom iPhone App Development
  • iPhone M-business Applications
  • iPhone/iPad Game Development
  • iPhone Social Media Applications
  • Try iPhone Applications
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • Flexible Application QA/Testing
  • iPhone Support and Maintenance


What makes us Best iPhone App Service Provider:

The totally explicit health and ever surrender nature of our fashioners has favored our clients with shocking customer experience. Our Mobile application development association dependably endeavors to treat the clients in the best way. We are discernible in the market by uprightness of the running with reasons:


Incredible/Reasonable Price: A client always stuck at the spending technique. With us, you will never find a singular issue; rather, we work with you to improve your business ROI.

Shown Methodology: All the development groups we handle are totally showed up by the pros. Our changing foundation engages us to work with the latest degrees of progress and make demonstrated outcomes.


At whatever point Technical Assistance: We don't leave our clients in the wake of thing transport. Or then again maybe, we serve by then even after the improvement. Our crucial truism is constantly to empower them to build up their business and social affair a useful propelling framework with the iPhone applications.


100% Quality Assurance: When we state 100%, we would not joke about this. We present the top of the line idea of yield from our end. Compensating with the quality isn't some tea.


With us, your sweep for iPhone application Development Company will never be a tangle any more. Our lord social event of modelers will serve you the best relationship inside the market; all at a really reasonable expense. Till now, we have cooked a bounteous number of clients, endless are at present our returning clients consistently. We have even passed on our iPhone App benefits by upgrading their present applications with the latest and floating movement.


We as a whole around respect on the likelihood of the iPhone application without compensating the client's need. Our goal dealt with plans constantly draw in our client and help them lead their business towards, accomplishment.


If you are needing to get application improvement for iPhone, associate with us at info@owebest.com and get the most elevated purpose of the line benefits by our coordinators.

Source: www.owebest.com/ios-app-development
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text 2018-08-31 07:15
How Onboarding Techniques Can Help In Boosting App Engagement?

Everybody wants to get huge amount of downloads for their app but what about the retention rate? Along with download, it is the retention rate which plays a very crucial role. Only a signup cannot mean that the app users are getting engaged. It is only 14% of users which return to an app after downloading it. Generally it is the way you present your app to users and its working efficiency which determine the users engagement within the app.


ios app developers define customer onboarding a process by which users get accustomed to become a customer and beyond. Research indicate that a well managed customer onboarding process has the potential to increase the user engagement by 4x. However, creating an effective onboarding process is not that easy task. All onboarding process are different therefore, it is vital to make your technique different to stay at top.


Here’s some of the ways by which onboarding technique can be applied and bring greater user engagement within the app:


Focus the onboarding on the benefits of the app


You should give focus on the benefit of the app in onboarding process. Obviously all benefits cannot be shows therefore, focus on few of the major ones only to make your app stand out. You can show the benefits before users signed up for your app or when they created an account. The best way is to highlight some of the most prominent benefit of the app before registration.


Persona based onboarding


Generally an app target multiple buyers personas. Using same onboarding process for different personas may not provide the personalized touch to users. For targeting multiple personas together, you can have two options:


  • Create a generalized onboarding process
  • Create a highly customized onboarding process based on buyer personas


Persona based onboarding process can help in increasing the engagement because you are in a better position to communicate how app can provide value.


Make first success easy to achieve


Users download an app for satisfying its needs. There is different reason for different people to download an app such getting information, solving problem, having fun etc. Generally, when users achieve success with the app, the level of customer engagement would increase.  Developers from tablet app development agency suggest that if users achieve first success with in the app quickly, the chances for making the user staying for longer increases.


Users guidance and tutorial


One of the common reason users don’t come back, because they don’t understand the usability of the app. It is the tutorial based onboarding process which is a perfect fit for any app to guide users about what they want to achieve first success and how get started with the app.


These tutorials should not be a length ones, it should simply help users to get started. However, while giving guidance keep a room open for exploration which can bring high engagement such as:


  • Interactive tutorials
  • Coach screens
  • Progress bars
  • Tooltips, etc.


Simplifying the sign up process


A signup form is a part of onboarding process. These are meant to capture leads, hence, they have to be simple, short and should be used at the right time. Sign up process also leads to better conversion rate to bring better user engagement.


Use these simple ways to create your onboarding process which can bring exceptional users engagement.

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