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review 2018-01-03 10:01
Zurück nach Nimmernie - spannend und toll, macht Lust auf mehr
Das Erbe der Feen (Plötzlich Prinz, #1) - Julie Kagawa,Charlotte Lungstrass

Ethan ist der Bruder von Meghan, die wir aus der Plötzlich Fee Reihe kennen. Und er kann sie sehen. Er verabscheut sie und will absolut nichts mit dem schönen Volk zu tun haben. Dann wäre da noch die sture Kenzie, die unbedingt ein Interview mit Ethan führen will, weswegen sie ihn nicht in Ruhe lässt. Auf einer Veranstaltung bricht dann aber das pure Chaos aus und Ethan hat keine andere Wahl, als sich mit seinen größten Ängsten auseinander zu setzen.

Ich habe die Plötzlich Fee Reihe geliebt und mich hier schon auf den ersten Seiten verliebt. Die Charaktere sind einfach toll und ich habe mich richtig gefreut, als alte Bekannte auftauchten, wie zB Grimalkin (Ich finde den Kater so toll), Puck, Ash und auch Meghan. Natürlich lernen wir auch neue Figuren kennen und vor allem Ethan ist mir mit seiner Art schnell ans Herz gewachsen.

Es war, als würde man einfach weiter lesen, obwohl es scheinbar einige Jahre Pause gab. Denn, Ethan ist mittlerweile nicht mehr der kleine Junge und hat seine Schwester Meghan ewig nicht gesehen, da sie den Kontakt zum Schutz ihrer Familie quasi abgebrochen hat. Nur im Notfall soll er sich bei ihr melden, was er dann auch tut. Es scheint wieder ein neues Feen Volk zu geben und ob diese gefährlich sind, wird sich noch rausstellen. 

Wie gesagt, ich liebe die Bücher von Julie Kagawa und ihr Schreibstil ist wie erwartet einfach toll. Es ist alles so wunderbar beschrieben, dass ich stets mit einem Kopfkino vor dem Kindle saß. Teilweise hatte ich Schwierigkeiten, diesen auch mal zur Seite zu legen, da es herrlich spannend war und man stets wissen wollte, wie es weitergeht und vor allem, ob das Ende wie erwartet kam. Aber nein, es war für mich vorhersehbar, was ich natürlich super finde, denn ich mag Überraschungen.

Das Cover ist eine Augenweide. Ich finde es immer noch so unheimlich schade, dass diese Reihe (und auch die Talon Reihe) nicht als Taschenbuch erhältlich sind und ich diese nicht neben die Plötzlich Fee Reihe stellen kann. Es reiht sich perfekt ein.

Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall auf die Fortsetzung und bin gespannt, ob man noch mehr von den bereits bekannten Figuren liest und vor allem, wie es mit Ethan und auch mit Kenzie weitergeht, denn auch bei ihr blieb eine gewisse Frage offen. Wird sie überleben? Ich habe da eine Ahnung, ich werde sehen ...

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text 2017-08-24 03:57
Legion - Julie Kagawa

I'm quitting this series with this book. At the end of the last book, there was a cliffhanger that reminded me of the author's previous series. I decided if she pulled the same move, I would be done. It didn't take long into the book to confirm the exact same thing was happening, so I'm going to quit because I think I'll just be frustrated otherwise.


In case you want the specific reason:

this book had a love interest death fake-out. The last book ended with Ember's human boyfriend dying. This book began with him getting saved by getting a blood transfusion from a dragon, so he's perfectly fine and alive. It just made the end of the last book feel cheap. Plus Ember's relationship with him was the weakest element of the series for me, and I just don't feel like reading two more books of it.

(spoiler show)
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review 2017-07-17 01:00
Legion (Talon #4) by Julie Kagawa
Legion (Talon Saga, Book 4) - Caitlin Davies,Julie Kagawa

The Talon has prepared for a long time to finally bring down the Order of St George and remove all of their competition to become dominant in the world. They have a Legion


Cloned dragons, without souls or personalities, just automata of dragons designed to fight and die. Finally Talon has numbers: and Dante is the conflicted master of them to unleash them


But behind that the Elder Wyrm continues to have another sinister plan – which directly involves Ember.


Ember is faced with being directly in opposition with her brother, having to protect an organisation bent on her destruction and dodge the machinations of a dragon who has lived for a millennium.




Broken record moment? I really really do feel that this series has really missed a lot of opportunity to properly develop the character of the dragons. We still have Ember and Riley referring to their dragons as if they were separate entity. Again, these characters aren’t weredragons – they are dragons who shift to human form to hide, but their natural form, their real form, is that of a dragon. So Ember struggling with her inner dragon or being conflicted about what her dragon wants, or struggling between her human side and dragon side feels wrong – like a narrative has been cribbed from an entirely different story. What human side? Why does she even have a human side? Why is she even attracted to a human? Why does she even want to do things like kiss? Why is a dragon distracted and pole-axed by the presence of a naked human? Why is a male dragon not looking at a naked woman and not thinking “mammary glands, which my egg laying species has no real concept of. Also, no cloaca”.


Yes, I am making you imagine sexy cloacas. My mind went there, so you have to suffer as well.


It’s like the concept hasn’t been fully realised and we get a simplistic depiction that mirrors a lot with other were-animal narratives out there but doesn’t really fit with the world as it’s presented/


I feel this reflected again with the world building – this sense of not quite seeing things through. Like Talon has been designated as The Evil and so it is The Evil. This is the antagonist, so be it.


But, again, there’s so little examination of the reason behind Talon. It didn’t happen because Dragons decided they wanted to be The Most Evil – it happened because the Order of St George was literally driving dragonkind to extinction: and is still trying to achieve this. They’re just the bad guys who need to be stopped


And Talon comes up with a plot to wipe out the Order of St George and there’s so little actual examination of the fact this is an organisation that wants to make dragons extinct. An organisation that wants to kill every character here. But killing the Order is presented as a terrible difficult conflict without any acknowledgement that Talon has a point. I feel like because Talon has been designate as The Evil then no-one’s allowed to acknowledge the grey and the complexity that is built into the very world building of this world.



They go on to even decide to work with Talon to try and save some of them – and again we have a grossly simplified meeting. This is an organisation that exists to murder dragons. The members are recruited from childhood (Gerret has is an experienced solder with them at the age of 17 – and that’s not YA’s love of improbably young people in dubious situations); they have an almost religious loathing of dragons. This is quite literally their reason for being. But actually forming an alliance between the Order and dragons happened ridiculously quickly and easily.


Or the fact that, because of Improbably YA youth, pretty much all the dragons Riley works with are hatchlings and there’s no real discussion of these being children they’re pressing into this war. We want young protagonists so there’s little real questioning of the ethics of this.


This is the problem with the series- the concept is so incredibly creative and original, but the actual execution is so simplistic. Conflicts are resolved without a lot of questioning, the complexity is approached from a very very simplistic fashion but it somehow works out. It all feels very convoluted and that there are large amount of issues and potential plot lines that are being very glossed over while the characters themselves just feel so very flat. They’re basically such cookie-cutter clichés of what they are: from our three main characters (there’s also a side Dick Van Spike who, again, is simple in terms of characterisation) who are more consumed by their love triangle than the greater complexities of their world.




Read More



Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/06/legion-talon-4-by-julie-kagawa.html
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review 2017-06-09 12:00
Talon by Julie Kagawa
Talon - Julie Kagawa

I've been a long time fan of Julie Kagawa and honestly I'm pretty disappointed by this. I was expecting something amazing, especially because I loved her Blood of Eden series. If you want to see Kagawa at her finest I'd skip Talon and read The Immortal Rules

Now, this book wasn't terrible by any means. It was just so freaking predictable that the fun and intrigue was sucked out of it. If I already know how the book will end from the first couple of chapters, there's a problem. The entire story had been done many times before, even with the exact same concept of a dragon and a dragon hunter falling in love. I thought I was going to get a fresh new take on that story, but all I got was the feeling that I'd already read this before. 

I expected a lot more about dragons, considering this book is about a girl than can transform into a dragon, but the majority of the book was spent with all the dragons in human form. I found this very disappointing and if not for the occasional mention of flying and Talon, then you could probably forget that the main character was a dragon because she was hardly ever actually a dragon. A weird thing that I'm a little confused about was that Ember kept referring to the dragon part of her as her dragon and not herself. It was odd because she literally is the dragon, but she made it sound like the dragon part of her was a separate personality.

The romance was ok, if you can get past the insta love. I'm pretty sure, but not entirely positive that Garret and Ember's relationship develops over like one or two weeks, which made their whole situation a little unbelievable. I'm also not entirely sure if there's a love triangle.

Not only was Garret and Ember's relationship predictable, but also the behavior of Ember's twin, Dante, was predictable. He is literally the stereotypical perfect, rule following older sibling, while Ember is the unpredictable, rule breaking sibling. 

As you can see my main problem with this book was that everything was predictable and nothing seemed to really stand out to me. It wasn't a bad book and there were definitely some parts I enjoyed, but this definitely isn't my favorite. I may continue the series because I love the author's other books so much, but I definitely won't have high hopes, like I did for this book.

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url 2017-04-25 17:26
63 Books in Series release today
Snared (Elemental Assassin) - Jennifer Estep
Blade Bound - Chloe Neill
Legion (The Talon Saga) - Julie Kagawa
Within the Sanctuary of Wings - Marie Brennan
Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS) - Charlie Cochet

Per fictfact's new release calendar at https://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar .


Look there to see the full list.

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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