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review 2018-07-18 13:54
Yarn To Go
Yarn to Go - Betty Hechtman Yarn to Go - Betty Hechtman

Casey works as a baker in a restaurant and selling muffins around town. It is something she is good at and enjoys. She had just lost her aunt recently to a hit and run accident and had just learned from her boss, Tag, that her aunt had collected monies and started getting things together for her Yarn Retreat business. It is too late to return the monies and cancel, so she goes forward with the plans. It is to be the end of the business since her aunt is gone. They all gather at the hotel across from her home and she meets the people who are going to make up the group, women mostly, but one man. She learns that the lady who teaches the classes has a business called Yarn in a Box that allows people to fill out information and then get a project meant just for them. She learns about the people and finds out, after the death on the first night, about the connections of the deaths. She begins to look at the deaths and puts together information, calling on a former boss as she works. 


This is the first in the series and I had read some of the others out of order and was pleasantly surprised with the story as it gave some information that was not in the other books and helps move the story along. The books can be read out of order, I know that I will continue to read the other stories. 

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text 2018-07-18 13:52
Kindle Paperwhite 3 taniej o 20 EUR

Ledwie się skończyła promocyjna oferta związana z Prime Day, a już pojawiła się kolejna obniżka cen czytnika Kindle Paperwhite 3. Można go teraz kupić o 20 EUR taniej. Można też odnieść wrażenie, że mamy do czynienia raczej z wyprzedażą niż kolejną obniżką. Było ich w tym roku całkiem sporo przecież.


Za Kindle Paperwhite 3 zapłacimy teraz 124,02 EUR (źródło:amazon.de)


Amazon na przykład w Japonii trwale obniżył ceny Kindle Paperwhite 3, szkoda, że nie zrobiono tego także w Europie. Ale widocznie u nas lepiej się sprawdzają sprzedaże akcyjne. Czytnik kosztuje teraz 124,02 EUR, czyli ok. 535 PLN. Cena uwzględnia już polską stawkę VATu, a dostawa do Polski jest bezpłatna. Ostateczna kwota w złotókach zależy od kursu euro i prowizji w naszym banku. Można też wybrać płatność przy pomocy przelewy24, wtedy ostateczną kwotę w PLN płacimy od razu.


Dziś zamówiony czytnik, możemy mieć w domu między 21 a 25 lipca (źródło: amazon.de)


Czytnik dostępny jest w wersji z białą lub czarną obudową. Do Polski wysyłane są wersje bez reklam.


Kindle Oasis 2 (używane) znowu dostępne


Kindle Oasis 2 (używane) można znowu zamówić do Polski (źródło: amazon.de)


Znowu pojawiły się (wczoraj ich zabrakło) używane czytniki Kindle Oasis 2. Można je zamówić bezpośrednio do Polski, w cenie 175,71 EUR, czyli ok. 765 PLN (cena z polską stawką VATu i bezpłatną dostawą do PL).


Korzystając z moich odsyłaczy przy zakupach Kindle, motywujecie mnie do dalszej pracy :)



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review 2018-07-18 11:49
Review: “Boystown 7: Bloodlines” (Boystown Mysteries, #7) by Marshall Thornton
Boystown 7: Bloodlines - Marshall Thornton


~ 4 stars ~


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text 2018-07-17 19:08
Reading progress update: I've read 50%. - sadder and more complex than I expected
Plum Rains: A Novel - Andromeda Romano-Lax

I picked up "Plum Rains" because the premise interested me: a near-future Japan where longevity is rising, fertility is falling and the Japanese, dependent on immigrants for many personal services, start to introduce AI-driven robots that grow and learn as they interact with their owners.


I'd imagined a clever SF exploration of the ethics of AI and the relationship between server and served.


I got all of that but I'm also getting a very human tale about the youth of a woman reaching one hundred who is now a respected Tokyo matron but started as a mixed-race aboriginal on Taiwan and about a Filipino nurse, alone in Japan, trying to work off her debt.


I supposed I shouldn't be surprised. Some of the best writing about AI taps into deep emotions: "Speak" by Louisa Hall and "The Unseen World" by Liz Moore are great examples.


The added dimension in "Plum Rains" is that the point of view is Asian rather than European.


This is not a fast read but it is a rewarding one.

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review 2018-07-16 23:31
Bonded (Bonded to the Alpha #1) by Robin Moray Review
Bonded to the Alpha - Robin Moray

Bonded mates are rare, and every wolf knows that the killing of a bond-mate is punishable by death. But nineteen-year-old Callum is fully human, woefully ignorant of Pack Law, and when an accidental encounter with a frenzied beta leaves the wolf dead and Callum battered but alive, he finds himself facing the wrath of the pack -- until the dead wolf’s mate invokes the right to claim Callum as his own.

With his life on the line, Callum’s only choice is to bond with the troubled alpha, and carve a place for himself in the pack by any means necessary. 

Taking the bond was the worst mistake Nero ever made. But now, with his bond-mate dead, the clock is ticking. He needs to bond again by the full moon, or his next transformation will kill him. That’s all he needs the human for, just a means to an end. At least that’s what he tells himself, but as the bond takes hold he finds himself falling deeper into something he swore he would never do again.




This wolf shifter romance moving along pretty nicely and then it did that thing where it just ended. Like the author was going to write a serial. Bleh.

The next book in the series feature the same couple, the third one 1/4 features them and in the 4th they just some up. I have read the 4th book and its much better.

There is good writing here but so many threads that lead to no where that I am not inclined to read the rest of the books.

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