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text 2018-03-18 03:50
Kill Your Darlings - Red Team Suspect
Moving Target - Christina Diaz Gonzalez




Playing this card for the known suspect Arthur Conan Doyle (author's first name begins with C).

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review 2018-03-18 03:42
Moving Target
Moving Target - Christina Diaz Gonzalez

There should have been some sort of warning.

- First Sentence


"Everything is part of the same painting," as my dad liked to say. "But we are each the artist of our own life. We choose what colors to use."

- Chapter 1



Cassie is an eighth grader living with her father in Rome, having an ordinary, boring life (except for the fact that she is an American girl living in Rome). One day, Cassie's father comes to school and yanks her into the car, speeding through the city, blabbering about how much he loves her, how he is going to fix things, and how he should have told her when she was younger. He finally tells Cassie that the Hastati are after her. Cassie has no idea what that means and she thinks he might be crazy, but then a motorcycle pulls up and the rider starts shooting at them. When her dad gets shot, Cassie takes him to the hospital, but he insists she must run to find Brother Gregorio for help. Cassie is terrified and runs to the only place she thinks might be safe, her friend Simone's house. But when the danger follows her even there, Cassie and Simone must find Brother Gregorio and find out what all of this means.


 In her dad's notebook, Cassie finds this message:

The Guardian will be bound for life once the spearhead is used.

It turns out the Hastati are a two thousand year old organization entrusted with one important duty - protect the spear (The Spear of Destiny). The spear can shape destiny, but only certain people can use the power - and Cassie is the last of that bloodline.

I was just an average girl. Things like this were not supposed to happen to people like me. The palette of my life's painting was gray or maybe a boring variety of beige, not psychedelic neon.


Well, this book starts off running and doesn't slow down. Cassie is constantly trying to figure out who to trust and how to keep Simone and herself safe. They are racing to find the spear, but they aren't the only ones. They must figure out baffling clues at every turn and stay ahead of the two factions fighting each other for control of the spear.


This is an edge of your seat adventure that will keep readers guessing until the end. I highly recommend it to kids in grades 4-8 who enjoy mysterious adventure stories with strong female heroines.


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text 2018-03-18 02:25
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 480 pages.
The Summerhouse - Jude Deveraux

Ha just found this on my shelf! Was putting some books away and went oh that works! I plan on reading the third book in the series soon, so it be nice to refresh myself first. 


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text 2018-03-18 01:54
Current Red Game Play for Kill Your Darlings: Obsidian Blue

Round 1:


Obsidian Blue: the Orient Express (crime scene) - Yes. 20 points awarded.


Round 2:


Obsidian Blue: arsenical toothpaste (COD) - Yes. 20 points awarded.

Round 3:

Obsidian Blue: mauled by a demon hound - No. 5 points awarded.


I also just finished "Evil Under the Sun" to claim points for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle card which means according to the game I get 10 points.


Round 4:


Obsidian Blue: Maycomb County Courthouse - no. 5 points awarded.


Collected Severus Snape for finishing that dreadful "The Darkest Minds" which means I get another 10 points.


Round 5:


Obsidian Blue: Samwise Gamgee - No. 5 points awarded.


I am playing Jane Austen as wild to collect for Easy Rawlins so can collect 10 points. 


I am playing JRR Tolkien as wild to collect for shot with a hunting rifle so can collect 10 points.

Round 6


I am guessing for cause of death: shot with a revolver -Yes. 20 points awarded.


Collected  Dark Tower card for reading "First Grave on the Right". 10 points. 


Round 7:


I guessed for near a tor, Dartmoor - no 5 points


Used Walter Mosley as a wild card to collect for Katniss Everdene - 10 points


Total number of points: 140 points


Current status of the card




Card(s) I have in my back pocket:



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text 2018-03-18 01:50
Reading progress update: I've read 400 out of 400 pages.
Two Kinds of Truth - Michael Connelly

The book falters in the end and Connelly does some BS thing to have Harry and Mickey at odds which annoyed me. Harry gets obsessed with a drug addict that resembles his dead ex wife that I really could have done without. The book ends with another case that Harry is hell bent on solving, just don't see how he can get involved since he's not with the LAPD anymore.


I read this for as a wild card for Katniss Evergreen.


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