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text 2018-12-19 13:17
How to Repair Cracked Screen of Kindle?

Cracked Screen of a device has been a big problem for years and there are fewer chances to get it totally resolved from our lives. As technology advancement all over the world is increasing day by day, we are moving towards an era of digital life. Every analog machine is converting to the digital one and so the life of human being. Before digitalization, people read books via physical means. They carry all the documents or books with them whenever they travel. This lets the user carry a certain weight with them everywhere. But in this world, this is totally eliminated from the lives of human.


Nowadays, we have various devices to read the documents in digital form which eliminates all the ill effects of carrying physical books. In such devices, Amazon Kindle is the most popular one. You can read digital files and documents with ease using this device. The shape of the device is like a tablet mobile but its screen basically made to read files. It provides a good level of comfort to the readers so that they can enjoy reading as long as they want. What if the device slipped from your hands and got broken. Most probably, the screen will be cracked and it is the vital part of the device. Without this, you cannot continue reading. If you are looking for a solution which can help you to repair the device at home, you are reading the right article. In this, Kindle Customer Care is going to provide the procedure to repair the cracked screen. The procedure to do so is discussed below:-


  • The first task you need to do is Turn Off your Kindle and turn the back panel upward. Use a flat surface and turn it down.
  • Slide the back panel and remove the battery from the device. Keep it aside.
  • A total of eight screws are used in this device to tighten up the whole machine. You need to unscrew them using a screwdriver. You can use any screwdriver whichever suits the fitting of the screw.
  • Remove all the screws precisely. Don’t put extra pressure on screws to remove them.
  • After opening, unplug all the connected ribbon cables to the ports placed on the top of the Motherboard.
  • Lift the motherboard from the specific housing and put it aside.
  • You will see a metal frame above the screen which covers the back of the screen. Remove the frame and keep it aside.
  • Remove the cracked screen from the housing and fit a new one in place of it. Make sure to purchase an original screen in replacement with the cracked part.
  • Re-assemble all the removed parts one by one and start the device.



Struggling to Repair Cracked Screen? Call the Experts Now

The procedure to repair a screen is a bit technical. The user must have knowledge about the device and handling the mechanical parts. If you are having an issue to repair your screen, feel free to contact the experts at Kindle Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-601-0005 and all your problems and queries will be resolved in seconds. You don’t need to worry anymore, just pick up the phone and contact us.


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text 2018-11-14 11:53
How to Transfer a File to Kindle Using USB Connection?


Kindle is a device developed mainly to read the digital document on the screen with ease. This eBook reader is designed and marketed by Amazon Corporation. This device uses an internet connection of good strength to work properly. You can access various kinds of stuff like books, magazine, newspaper, blogs, digital media, and so on. The working and shape of this device look alike a tablet phone but you will not get similar features on Kindle device. It is the most popular product among book lovers as they don’t need to carry the physical books with them everywhere. Users can access all the desired paid and free content by downloading from the official website of Amazon.


Transferring the data from computer to the device can be a hectic task to do but can be easy with the help of the support team. There are two ways to transfer a file i.e. wirelessly and via cord connection. In this article, Kindle Customer Care is going to provide the procedure to transfer the data from computer to device using USB connection. The procedure to resolve this issue is easy to follow which is provided below.

  • Turn on your computer system and open the desired web browser. You can use any browser of your choice which suits you more.
  • Open the Amazon website and log in to your account on the computer.
  • Now, you need to connect the device and computer using a USB cable which is provided with Kindle device. You PC will start to install the drivers of this device. It will not take more than 2 minutes to install.
  • Open the folder in which you have stored the document which you want to transfer. Files with PDF and TXT format are easy to transfer without a need to convert these documents to kindle supported files.
  • Select the desired files which you want to transfer and copy these files using “CTRL+C” buttons. You can also cut these files from computer and paste it to the desired folder to totally remove them from PC.
  • Open the Kindle device storage and paste these selected files in it using “CTRL+V”. It may take some moments to paste and update the folder.
  • Click on the Notification tray and click on the respected button to safely remove the hardware. Un-plug the USB cable from the computer and check the file in the device.


Unable to Transfer File, Call the Experts Now

The speed and method of transferring a file from one device to another solely depend on its mode of connection i.e. USB or wirelessly. The methods to transfer the files are totally different in each case. It might be an easy or complex task to a user but not for the experts. Here, we are always keen to provide the required solution in every kind of ill situation while using Kindle and its services. In case of need, users have to connect with us at Amazon Kindle Technical Support Phone Number USA +1-855-601-0005. All technical hurdles and flaws will be resolved within seconds with a stepwise solution.

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review 2018-09-10 05:07
Daughter of Sand and Stone (DNF @ 25%)
Daughter of Sand and Stone - Libbie Hawker

This is not what I was expecting. Instead of focusing on historical facts about Zenobia, a little known Palmyrene empress who stood up against Rome and took back Egypt before her defeat, this is a fictionalized account of what her life might have been like. Granted, there is more myth than facts about Zenobia, and what facts exist are scant at best, so putting together any story of length would require a lot of guesswork. 


I never heard of Zenobia, and I was interested at first. Hawker clearly is familiar with the time and place in which this history takes place and describes it all with vivid detail. But things quickly started to drag it down.


I'm not usually one to quibble about POV and verb tense because certain stories and characters just work better in 1st person vs 3rd person, or present tense vs past tense. However, writing an historical fiction in present tense felt awkward, especially when paired with the 3rd person omniscient. Present tense works best with 1st person POV, which gives the story an immediacy and intimacy. The 3rd person took away the intimacy, even though we're told what the characters are thinking and feeling, and the slow pacing took away the immediacy, so it felt like the tense was constantly fighting with the story being told. Add in the random head-hopping and there was too much disparity for the story to flow.  


I soon found myself wishing that the story would cut through all the theorizing and get to the point. So I jumped to the author's notes at the end where she details the research she did and why she made certain narrative choices, and that was all I really needed. :D

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review 2018-01-29 04:38
Stillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake #1)
Stillhouse Lake - Rachel Caine

CW: Gruesome details of murder victims


This story opened with a bang and didn't really let up from there. 


Gina has a great life: perfect husband, 2.0 kids, house with white picket fence. Until she comes home one day to a nightmare and realizes that everything she though she knew was a lie: her husband is a serial killer.


Several years later, after spending life on the run from internet trolls and real crime sycophants and the families of her ex-husband's victims who want revenge any way they can get it, Gina's reinvented herself as Gwen, and her children also have new names. They're starting over in a quiet, idyllic lake town and while Gwen is paranoid about everything and everyone around her, she thinks they might just be able to put down roots here. Things are far from perfect, but for the first time she things just might have the possibility of getting better.


And then a body is found floating in the lake outside her home.


This was an interesting thriller that details just how hard it is to "disappear" in the age of internet, smart phones, GPS and social media. Gwen can't trust anyone with the secret of her previous identity, the one everyone hates without getting to know, but she does have to trust some people in order to keep fleeing when trouble gets too close. She's a woman who lives in a constant state of alert, and though she tries to shield her children from the worst of it, it still rubs off on them and affects them too. She sees hints of her ex-husband's detachment in her son and her own paranoia in her daughter. Though all her instincts are telling her to run, it makes sense why she decides that this time she's going to stand her ground.


The reactions of those around her also ring true and while some things do start become if not obvious then at least obviously suspicious, there's enough reason given to understand why Gwen isn't making these connections, even despite her paranoia. There are also enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing. I saw reviews that mentioned this ended in a cliffhanger - let me assure you that the main conflict that appears about halfway through the book is resolved in this book, but there's a last-minute development to hook you for the next book. 

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review 2017-10-17 04:03
Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel - Mark T. Sullivan

5 stars for story

4 stars for narration

4.5 stars overall


I loved this. It's easily the best thing that has come out of Amazon Kindle First ever, and I'm so glad I picked it up. 


This is a "novel" only because the author wasn't able to verify all the facts of the story that Pino Lella told him about his time in Italy during the last two years of the war. As it explains in the foreword, a lot of documents were "lost" after the war, and many people who lived through it chose not to talk about it and simply let it fade into history. Being unable to 100% verify every detail, the author decided to call it a novel, but it is a biography. 


As such, I can't really critique this the same way I normally would any other story. These are real people and real events. There's no ultimate struggle of good vs evil (well, there is but as we all know, humans are complicated and things aren't always so black and white) and there are no tropes to rely on or subvert. This is just what happened, and it's both inspiring and infuriating. 


Without giving too much away - and assuming you're not a WWII history buff and might know some of these details already - Pino Lella was seventeen when the war came to Italy, and in order to avoid being conscripted and forced to fight on the German front in Poland, where many Italians pressed into service were losing their lives, he instead "volunteered" to work for Operation Todt. All he knew about it was that it was less likely to get him killed and would keep him off the warfront. Things don't go as planned and he ends up in a prime position to work for the resistance, getting them valuable information that helped the Allied invasion. 


For the first third of the book, things move pretty slowly. Pino is at first hidden in the mountains near the Switzerland border and helps refugees escape over the border. When his parents bring him back to Milan, things start to pick up and slowly get more complicated. And yet, things seem to almost go too well. Then the end of the war is in sight, and that's when things really hit the fan. The writing in the last third is especially strong and emotive, and I really had to work not to cry in the car as I listened to this on my daily commute. 


As for the narrator, Will Damron, he takes the Kevin Costner approach to accents. I would honestly have no accent at all than to listen to a really horrible Italian accent, so I wasn't bothered by this. He does do a decent German accent though. He's very clear and easy to follow along with, and he reads at a good pace. At first, his narration was almost matter-of-fact, but he can really bring the emotions when it's called for. I would say for the most part, he's a 3 star narrator, but the ending was strong enough to bump it up to 4 stars. (And he's certainly popular with audiobooks, so he has his fans.) One thing he did do that annoyed me throughout was numbering the section breaks within the chapter, instead of just pausing for a few seconds like any other narrator would do. I never quite got used to it.

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