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review 2021-10-31 18:47
NEEDLED TO DEATH by Maggie Sefton
Needled to Death - Maggie Sefton

Kelly and Jennifer take a knitting group out to Vickie's farm to see her alpacas. When they get there Kelly finds Vickie dead. The police seem to look at Vickie's estranged husband for the murder. Kelly is not happy with that and starts digging deeper. When Vickie's daughter ends up dead, Vickie knows the police are not looking in the right direction. She figures it out as she is doing the books for the attorneys for Vickie's estate. But how does she prove who murdered Vickie? And who murdered Vickie's daughter? Why?


I enjoyed this story. I have read other stories in this series (out of order.) I like the main cast of characters. Each has their flaws and quirks. They are like old friends to me. This time I did figure it out (alright, so it was the last quarter of the book.) I also figured out the motive although it was circumstantial until the end. I liked the mystery and solution. Kelly is not afraid to ask questions but man, she came close this time. Good thing she had back-up.


I look forward to more of the series.

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review 2020-10-03 04:30
Nancy Warren: The Vampire Knitting Club
The Vampire Knitting Club - Nancy Warren

In the first in a series Nancy Warren takes readers to Oxford where a knitting shop seems to be the hub for paranormal activity in town:


Lucy Swift travels to Oxford to escape from another bad relationship and just feeling like she has no direction and purpose in life but she know that her Gran will make her feel better and set her on the right path. Lucy is shocked to discover that her Gran is deceased and has been for three week, but Lucy is sure that she just saw her down the street. Lucy discovers that she is her Gran's sole heir to her shop Cardinal Woolsey's a knitting shop and that should keep her busy as she tries to process everything that happens. But it turns out her Gran just cannot stay away. Gran is very much alive, well Undead, a Vampire and the Vampires of Oxford have been using Cardinal Woolsey's as their knitting circle meet up. From Gran Lucy finds that she she did not die peacefully but cannot remember what happened only that her dying was not an accident. Lucy is determined to find out what occurred and she's about to discovery more about herself in the process.

I know this is not my usual read, but for the sake of Halloween Bingo I read one of these cozy mystery books a year and they quite fun and a nice change from what I usually read. I can sum this book up as a pretty cute read with a side of murder that occur. I also think that you can tell from the cover that the vampires within this book are not the scary blood sucking type. Actually you find out pretty early on they have a side hustle to get their blood supply and really a vampire knitting club, I guess who doesn’t have more time than the vampire to learn how to perfect the art of knitting. What I liked that Warren did though was not all the members of the club were old (when they were turned) and female, there were a few men in there as well. Additionally, I think that Warren did a good job in trying to throw as many suspects or red herrings as she could as to who the killer actually was, I did find myself changing my mind a few times, but was able to figure it out. Nevertheless, Warren does a good job with the mystery aspect.

I liked that there wasn’t any romance in this book. I mean it is hinted at that there may be a triangle in the future but this was much more about Lucy trying to adjust to her Gran’s “death” and trying to find out who did it. So minimal relationship and romance which is strange for a cozy mystery but appreciate it.

Warren does try to do a lot in this book, so a few things are missed along the way in regards to background as to some of the characters and not really fleshing out the main ones there. If I were to read farther in this series (there is always next year's BINGO) I would want a bit more substance to the characters.

So this is an easy read, that is cutesy as you have vampires who spend their undead years perfecting their knitting skills. So if you’re looking for a cozy Halloween read this one is for you.


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text 2020-07-23 05:26
Training the use of computerized flat knitting machines


What are the looping processes of computerized flat knitting machines?

Tuck is one of the basic loop structures of knitted fabrics. Traditional knitted fabrics are mostly manually knitted.

After you have a certain understanding of the computerized flat knitting machine, you can go home and go through some videos to understand the matters needing attention during the operation of the computerized flat knitting machine and the correct operation method.

If you still don’t understand, you should ask someone who already knows how to operate it.How to quickly learn to operate a computerized flat knitting machine

The rapid development of society has led to technological innovation, so that many things that used to require a lot of manpower and material resources are now replaced by machines. We recommend the following methods to learn. It is best to go to the computerized flat knitting machine work site to see in person, and if you have the opportunity to explore more by yourself, the so-called practice will give you real knowledge. It is a kind of organization formed by the old loops are not unlooped or unlooped, but the knitting needles continue to form loops, and the new and old loops are gathered together.

First of all, we must have an understanding of the overall structure of the computerized flat knitting machine.

On the flat knitting machine by Flyknit Machines Manufacturers , two methods are used to make the tuck ring organization, one is the non-returning method, the other is the non-returning method, and the computerized flat knitting machine is the non-returning method. After seeing this business opportunity, many people make their fortunes through computerized flat knitting machines.. When the machine head runs reversely to knit the next course of fabric, the knitting needle can rise to the apex under the action of the triangle , Or drop to the lowest point, the new yarn forms a suspended arc and retreats and merges with the old loop hung on the needle bar to form a tuck loop. Nowadays, we mostly use computerized flat knitting machines to knit, which greatly meets people's large demand for knitted fabrics. If you have the conditions, you can go for training. They often deal with computerized flat knitting machines and can solve some basic problems. However, there are also some organizations that specialize in training the use of computerized flat knitting machines.

The loop-free tuck method is to push one of the flat knitting machine or the two front and back diagonal pressing needle triangles to a certain height. Generally, there are abundant resources on the Internet, and videos are generally the personal experience of some professionals, which is relatively reliable. If you don’t do it, it’s just your own fantasy. But the first problem before them is to learn to operate a computerized flat knitting machine. , The loop is hung on the needle bar after closing the needle tongue. This method is more effective and faster. When the head is required to drive the triangle to run, the knitting needle rises to the highest point, and then drops to the closed stage and no longer drops. At this time, the needle hook hooks the newly placed yarn. From this perspective, the development trend of computerized flat knitting machines is quite good. There is not much effect


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text 2020-06-18 04:24
Computerized flat knitting machine brush and needle problem


When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, there will be problems with the brush and needle lock. For these two faults, let's look at the specific solutions:

Computer flat knitting machine-needle lock

Computerized flat knitting machines select needles through pins. The alignment of the pins is very important, which directly affects the operation of the machine. If the pins are not aligned, it will cause needle leakage. Generally, high-pin needles do not need to be raised. Needle must be raised for low stitches. For example, when weaving one plus one sesame puller collar, the needle is selected through the high and low stitches. If the stitches are not aligned, there will be missing stitches, so pay attention to the arrangement of the stitches .

Computer flat knitting machine——brush


The brush problem is also very important in the leakage of the needle. The brush problem is mainly caused by the following aspects: the brush device is bad, the front and back are not correct, the brush is installed and the needle does not close the angle, the device is too high to resist the rebound of the needle tongue The brush does not open the tongue, it takes too long, and the hair is seriously shed or bitten, and the quality of the brush is a problem. Computerized knitting machine manufacturers supply quality brush every knitting machine.

(1) Defective brush device. The front and back are not correct, and the brush must be aligned before and after, because when the head pulls the triangle movement back and forth, the knitting needle also moves, and the needles on both sides are carried out at the same time. The brush has a downward pressing tongue to make It can smoothly remove the ferrule, so there can be no front and back irregularities. If it is not correct, some needle tongues will not be pressed down to form a missed needle. To solve this problem, you should adjust the brush.

(2) The brush is installed reversely and does not close the angle with the needle. For this problem, it is the same as mentioned above, so the brush should be adjusted.


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text 2020-05-17 14:36
Plum Dandi Knits
Plum Dandi Knits: Simple Designs for Luxury Yarns - Alicia Plummer,Melissa Schaschwary

by Alicia Plummer, Melissa Schaschwary


As the cover and description would indicate, this is a book of knitting patterns. What's unique about it is an emphasis on stitch patterns that create romantic designs that are very fluid, like nature.


My one complaint about it is that a lot of the patterns are for 'accessories'. I counted 2 patterns for leg warmers, one flared, 1 pair of warm looking socks, 4 shawls, one with a massive cable design, 2 patterns for fingerless gloves with interesting textures plus a pattern for enclosed mittens, an interesting headband that I'll certainly make, 2 scarves, a sort of cabled hat with a big fluffy ball at the top plus 2 more hats, one that the texture pattern made me think of dragon scales, and a cabled blanket.


This wouldn't be bad if there were more patterns for pullovers and cardigans. Apart from the above there was a patter with delicate stitch patterns in a cardigan and shrug, a striped pullover vest, a turtleneck pullover, an interesting patterned cape that I would make longer, and one other pullover with a lovely pattern going down the sleeves which I am very likely to make. No jackets or dresses, which might have benefited from the sort of design that has gone into the projects offered.


There's an extensive stitch glossary, including some unusual ones like the long-tail cast on that I haven't seen elsewhere. I'd say this book is for the more experienced knitter. There are plenty of pictures in color and the stitches are illustrated with clear drawings.


Overall a good knitting book, but I'd like to see more patterns for everyday clothes. You can only make so many hats and scarves before you have too many, no matter how cool the designs.

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