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text 2019-06-14 03:29
These are just a few of the companies t

Bookbinding is a great way to give your important documents the high-class look that they need. If you're looking for a binding machine, you may be at a loss as to which brand names you should look for. Well, don't fret, because here is a list of five manufacturers you should know. Take a look at them so you'll know which brand names are worth your consideration and money.       GBC. The name GBC is just about synonymous with comb binding and H04E7-600 Fine Stitch Jacquard has been ever since the company took over Ibico in the 1990's. GBC makes some of the most popular comb binders on the market, such as the mid-range CombBind C12, which is a new addition to their lineup. (The product was released in the summer of 2010.) The company also makes modular punches, coil binders, and a whole range of supplies including covers. The supplies include GBC ProClick and ZipBind spines both of which can be re-opened so you can edit your documents at a later date.    


  Fellowes. Fellowes is an Illinois-based company that's mostly known for their high-quality paper shredders which isn't to say they don't make terrific binding machines - they do. The company offers a great assortment of plastic comb, wire, and even thermal devices. In 2009, Fellowes unveiled their Helios thermal binders, devices that look great while also giving the user a way to produce professional-looking documents.       Akiles. If you're looking for a heavy-duty device, you really can't go wrong with one from Akiles. The company makes machines for a number of different binding methods including plastic comb, wire, and color coil. In fact, Akiles just put out new wire and color coil machines including the iCoil 41, which comes with a free pair of crimping pliers. If your workplace needs a two-in-one machine, Akiles manufactures several of them such as the WireMac Comb, which is compatible with both twin-loop wire spines and plastic combs.    


This company, which is better known as DFG, makes some highly functional comb binding devices that also look very contemporary. Although the company has been in business for an extended length of time, they make incredibly reliable products such as the Titan Coil Ultra, a heavy-duty color coil binding machine. They're definitely worth a look, so be sure to check out their products.  James Burn. Twin-loop wire binding is very popular and James Burn specializes in manufacturing the equipment needed for this document finishing method. The company makes the popular Lhermite series which consists of a number of heavy-duty wire closers, such as the PB3300 which also includes a hole punch. James Burn also makes the SmartBinding, a comb binder that's good for occasional use.  These are just a few of the companies that manufacture bookbinding supplies and devices. If you buy a product from one of these manufacturers, you're going to end up with the high-quality equipment you need to produce great-looking documents. Don't delay - start shopping for your bookbinding equipment today.

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review 2019-06-11 17:04
Review ~ Entertaining!
Crochet and Cauldrons (Vampire Knitting Club #3) - Nancy Warren



Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library


Lucy Swift inherited her grandmother’s wool shop in Oxford and even though she can’t knit worth a damn she decides to give running it a try since it means a lot to her grandmother. Yes, I said “means” and not “meant.” You see, her grandmother is now a vampire and even though she’s still adjusting to her new way of life and can’t be seen by anyone she knew before, she still is attached to the shop and her granddaughter. Plus, she needs to teach Lucy how to be a witch. Because that’s also something Lucy didn’t know about before her grandmother died. Let’s not forget the vampire knitting circle and the fact that murders keep happening around Lucy and she feels a need to solve them.


In this installment, Lucy’s parents make an unexpected visit even though they’re right in the middle of an exciting find in their Egyptian archaeological dig. Things are weird though and Lucy is trying to figure out how an Egyptian artifact fits into her life and whether it’s tied to the murder of a graduate student.


I love this cozy mystery series. It has humor, paranormal aspects, great characters, and quirky situations for Lucy to deal with. The vampire knitting circle is just too awesome. I love them! There’s even a possibility of some romance coming up in the future. Exciting! I’m going to continue on with this series in the hopes that Lucy will get better at magic. Because heaven knows she sucks at knitting. LOL


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/06/crochet-and-cauldrons.html
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text 2019-04-24 02:54
Plastic body and handle Decently

Overview: The C500 is both a plastic comb binding machine and a 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding machine. This means that it can be used with Plastic Combs, Double loop wire, Proclick and Zipbind.Formerly known as the Ibico Ibimaster 500 binding machine.Great convenient design that folds up for storage and provides a number of different binding options. Features / Strengths: Dual punching slots for punching 3:1 pitch round hole wire pattern and 19 hole rectangular holes for plastic comb binding. Capable of binding documents up to 9/16" with wire, documents up to 2" thick with combs.Includes a plastic comb opener and a twin loop wire closer for finishing both types of documents.

The round hole 3:1 pitch punch is also compatible with 3:1 pitch spiral coil. This makes the C500 one of the only machines available on the market that can do twin loop wire, plastic combs and spiral coil binding.Compact design folds up for storage making it ideal for organizations that are short on space.Capable of punching standard sized and oversize covers. Ergonomically designed punching handle is ideal for both left and right handed individuals. Limitations / Weaknesses: Not ideal for organizations that need to bind odd sized documents since it doesn't include a depth of punch margin control or disengageable dies.Manual punching is ok for lighter volume applications but could become very tedious for organizations that bind a lot of documents.No coil inserter. This means that 3:1 pitch spiral coil will need to be inserted by hand. Construction: Primarily made of plastic.

Plastic body and handle.Decently constructed. Should hold up to medium volume use.Wire closer design may not hold up over time since it uses a plastic adjustment mechanism to set the closing gap. Care should be taken with this component. Recommendation: Great for small and mid sized organizations that are unsure of the type of binding that they need to do. This system gives you five major choices including: Combs, Wire, Coil, Zipbind and Proclick.Conveniently packs away when not in use.Not ideal for high volume binding needs. If you want to buy, here is the specific details hosiery machine Factory

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review 2019-04-22 02:02
Biblical Bits for Knitwits
Biblical Bits for Knit-Wits: Knitting the Story of God's Love for You - Summer Mungle,Vicki Bedford

This is a Bible Study with a craft attached. For every chapter, there is a pattern for a square to be used to make a cross afghan for someone. I started this many years ago and when I got sidetracked I pushed it all into a bag together and forgot about it. I finally finished the study, but not the squares. I will be going back to make the squares and put them all together as a gift for someone that might need it. 


The study was interesting and I look forward to finishing the blanket squares. 

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review 2019-03-25 13:31
Review ~ Entertaining
The Vampire Knitting Club - Nancy Warren

Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library


Lucy Swift has been let go from her job (downsizing) and caught her fiancé cheating on her. So she spends some time with her parents at an archaeological dig in Egypt then runs to Oxford to her loving grandmother to get some comfort and life advice. Except when she gets to her grandmother’s knitting shop she finds it closed and her grandmother has died. What?! But Lucy soon finds out that not all is at it seems and she must figure out what has happened or end up being the next victim.


This is a cute (except for the murder part) paranormal cozy that will not tax your brain and leave a smile on your face. I love the vampire knitting circle. What a great concept! Easy to read with wonderful characters, I have a feeling this series is going to be entertaining and maybe have some romance since there are two potential suitors for Lucy. But I hope not too soon. She needs some space first. I will definitely be continuing with this series.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-vampire-knitting-club.html
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