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review 2017-09-17 00:38
More of a Snoozebringer than anything else.
Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons Series) - Leigh Bardugo

I haven't seen the 'Wonder Woman' film yet and thought this would would be a good way to get me in the mood. My knowledge of WW is very limited to the 'Justice League' cartoons. Haven't read the comics, never watched the Linda Carter TV show and only knew the very basics of her character's life prior to reading. 


Apparently this book kicks off a set of YA books where a different author takes up a DC hero (so there will be a book for Batman, Superman, etc.) and tells the story. Here in WW, she gets caught up in saving a mortal....who is a harbinger of doom. Alia, descendant of Helen of Troy, only wanted to escape her brother. Instead, she ended up in a mess that could bring about destruction and death and darkness, etc. As these stories go.


I wasn't particularly excited by the premise but the idea that Alia was descended from Helen of Troy (hence another mythological tie) seemed interesting. Unfortunately...it's not. I am not familiar with author Bardugo's other work, so this isn't a comparison. But I can say that this book just sort of dragged and dragged. It was highly disappointing to see WW in nothing more in what's really just a YA book that doesn't stand out (or will only stand out because of the main character and the author). 


It was all just kind of boring. I know it can be hard to translate characters like these (from a visual medium like graphic novels plus a well-received movie) to the printed page. But it just seemed so...blah. None of the characters seemed interesting (perhaps my perceptions will change with the movie but I was never drawn to WW in the JL cartoons either). The writing was pedestrian.The story was not compelling.


Maybe it's me. But I had such high hopes after seeing how well-rated the book is. Yet another case where I don't understand the love but maybe others will. Got this at my local library and I'd say it's best as a borrow unless you know someone who REALLY loves WW, otherwise it'd make a good gift (I like the cover design).

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-09-12 00:10
Great for the first half, slow last half, with the last 50 pages with explosive action
Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

***Spoilers ahead, you have been warned***


You’d have to read Shadow and Bone to read and understand Siege and Storm. Otherwise you’d be pretty lost as events follow up right after the first book.


The first half of the book was at a great pace and filled with lots of action, bombs, explosions, fighting, magic, all sorts of goodness you would expect for the second book to follow up for an excellent start in the first. It slows down in the second half of the book where preparations for encountering The Darkling are made and you have this whole drama with Alina and Mal going on;


Okay I was wrong about The Darkling. I was torn apart when he ended up being jackalope of the year and I was holding a banner of love for Alina and Mal.


Then Nikolai steps in.


Handsome, charismatic, swashbuckling, people sway to his beat Nikolai. I loved reading about him whenever he came into the picture. It’s like when your school crush comes into the classroom and you realize you’re going to share a table with him. That kind of giddiness is what Nikolai brings to the book.


I saw the chemistry with Alina and Mal in the first one, and it just falls apart here in Siege and Storm - understandably so as the dynamics have changed a lot and Alina has climbed up in the ladder of importance and Mal has suddenly fallen off the grid and is just considered a lowly guard of Alina the Sun Summoner. Which is pretty good right? You’re near the person you love and care about, you’re standing guard and you’re close by.


No. Can’t be that easy right? First Nikolai steps into the picture and is suddenly looking like a much better prospect and the drama with Alina looking for the Firebird to amplify her powers even more - the point where she becomes obsessed with it changes her personality and makes her more darker, assertive, and she’s not the girl we all once knew in the first book. I really love this personality change in her. There’s a slight whiny voice to it but she really steps up and grows exponentially as a character.


So I can see the romance aspect of the book falling apart, but at the same time you ask yourself is it really necessary? I can see the attempt at a love triangle with Mal and Nikolai with Alina in the middle but from what I see, she gets along fine with both of them, but does she really need one or the other as a love interest? I don’t see the chemistry there with either of them.


Sure, Alina still cares a lot for Mal but everything’s changed and it just seems like she doesn’t need romance..not yet anyway. Instead, the attempt at the romance is seen as two whiny people who can’t get their own way and they take it out on each other by indulging themselves on the road to self destruction. Again, that’s a very human trait and good on portraying that. The whininess though, I could do without. It caused unnecessary drama in the book, and endless of pages in the second half where the plot doesn’t seem to be moving forward or anywhere. It feels like an unnecessary filler.


The last third of the novel though did pick up the pace (did not make up for the whiny drama though) and provided a lot of the explosions and action you had in the first half. Not really featuring a cliffhanger ending, but it’s making me look forward to what I have to see in the third and final book of this series.


PS: My heart bled for Genya.

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text 2017-09-11 22:18
Reading progress update: I've read 237 out of 432 pages.
Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

This book is getting crazy 

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2017-09-07 05:58
Reading progress update: I've read 143 out of 432 pages.
Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo


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review 2017-09-01 03:07
Siege & Storm - Grisha #2
Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo

Average series continues to be average. I will say that Nikolai is a welcome addition, even if he is very much a Type. The drama with Mal, however, was predictable and frustrating. Is it a love triangle or a love square at this point? I don't even know. I don't even particularly care. Blah. I would very much prefer more magic and nifty Russian folklore and less romantic drama. At this point I'm invested in seeing how it all comes to a close though, so I'll read the third book.

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