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review 2019-02-06 08:28
Strike mentoring Robin on investigation
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

The second reading of this book is even better. 


Some readers don't like it to be that long. Totally understandable. On the other hand, I like the details and slowly revealing the clues.


The main character is the Minister of Culture in UK during the Olympic games period. He was blackmailed and hired Strike to investigate who and try to stop it. 


Strike also got a mentally disturbed person coming to his office seeking help saying there is a child being strangled. 


Robin and Strike has hugged at her wedding. Then she went off to the honeymoon and stayed in her marriage. Strike is not too happy about that as he has feelings for her that he barely admitted to himself. 


Matthew, Robin husband is a self absolved jerk who don't really care that much about Robin beyond her beauty. He belittled her and try to get her quitting her job which he deems too dangerous. Robin is suffering from anxiety attack since her last encounter with the serial killer who knifed her. 


Strike being the way he is, hooked up with a woman and even loved him. 


Read like a romance at some point and it is both juicy and distracting. 


Robin was sent going undercover to the House of Commons to put in listening devices that is certain to be illegal. 


Of course, that would help to gather clues to find out some dirt in another Minster who is more likely to be the one who behind the blackmailing.


The current wife of the Minster is a bitter woman who like horses. The elder son was killed in service to his country and the younger son is a playboy who killed a woman in a DUI. 


Finding things out is a process.


Robin made some good progress and did some mistakes also as she is still green in the field. 


She found a clue, about how the girlfriend of the Jimmy, who are out to hurt Minister, in the most unlikely places.  She also found a clue regarding her husband. 


The confrontation between Robin and Matthew is pretty tense. As it setup like a domestic violence scene. 


The plot twist is pretty good as well. 


5 stars read again  

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text 2019-02-04 09:33
Reading progress update: I've read 256 out of 656 pages.
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

Second reading of this book.


It is the lunar new year. Recovering from a cold and not wanting to go out to spread this cold to other, kind of staying in and read.


I like it the second time around. As I know already where the book is heading, the frustration of not enough is happening didn't bother me the second time around. 




Robin is making a mistake of staying with her marriage. 


Strike is making a mistake for not really telling her how he feels and pick up a new girlfriend. 


The case they were hired to do is to do with the Minister of Culture during the London Olympic games. 


He is being blackmail and wants to know who is trying to do that and what they know about him.


Strike is tailing the protesters. 


Robin is working undercover at the House of Commons to find out who is behind the blackmailing. 


Fun read. 

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review 2019-01-30 17:20
Complex characters and murder most foul
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith
LETHAL WHITE by Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling)
Although very long (647 pages) this outing for investigators Cormoran and Robin is compelling. Strangled children, murder, crooked politicians, assumed identities, money and reputations, horses, and conflicted personal relationships keep the story moving along.
There are lots of red herrings and white horses to keep you wondering. Robin and Cormoran continue to present themselves as complex characters.
Galbraith is a master of plotting and characters. Set aside a goodly amount of time to savor this read, but it is worth it in the final moments of this tale!
5 of 5 stars


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review 2019-01-13 21:43
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith 
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

Gratifying long and convoluted. I like that it stretches out over such a long time span. There's an expansive quality to the large cast and to the very many secrets being kept by everyone. It was fun: I never even thought about trying to solve it, I just let it flow over me, longingly observing every cigarette smoked. There's a ban on smoking areas at the front door of businesses, so the cloud of smoke is a nostalgic element from the 20th century for me. 


Library copy 

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text 2018-12-04 18:43
Finished it!
Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

Well this one was a bit of a door-stopper. It could probably have been more tightly edited to lose some of the 650+ pages, but Rowling Galbraith knows how to tell a good story, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.


I'm really enjoying this series. I think Robin and Strike are great characters and I love their working relationship. But I just don't see them as a couple.


And I don't think we've seen the last of Matthew either. 



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