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review 2020-05-25 15:01
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham ★★★★★
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham - J.R.R. Tolkien

I admit I'm biased, but I loved these two short stories as much now as I did when I was a little kid just discovering Tolkien. I feel as though they represent both his love of the heroic and the mysteriously romantic nature seen in LotR, but also his affectionately scathing take on human nature seen in The Hobbit. With SoWM illustrating the first and FGoH the second. I think these would be a good intro to Tolkien for anyone hesitant to make the larger commitment to his novels. 


Paperback version, found at my public library's Friends of the Library sale. 

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text 2020-05-24 03:50
Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham - pg 0/156
Smith of Wootton Major / Farmer Giles of Ham - J.R.R. Tolkien



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review 2020-05-07 22:54
The Attic Tragedy
The Attic Tragedy - J. Ashley-Smith

Sylvie is new to the school. Her old-school clothes and head in the clouds demeanor make her an easy target for boys like Tommy Payne and his gang. George knows what Tommy will do to a girl like Sylvie. When George intervenes on Tommy's attack of Sylvie the pair become fast friends. Sylvie accepts George with all her quirks and faults. George accepts Sylvie's strange gift of knowing the background of the antiques at her father's shop with a simple touch. As life moves on, Sylvie goes to University far away. George stays and works in the antique shop waiting to desperately rekindle the feelings that they shared in school.

The Attic Tragedy is a short story about friendship and how it changes us over time. The unique elements of Sylvie's gift brought me into the story, but isn't the main focus. I would love to have a gift like that, to know the history of objects with a touch. The stories Sylvie shared were amazing whether they were sweet, heartbreaking or silly. Since this is a short story, the timeline moves quickly and the characters are carved out along the way. I do wish there was more information about Sylive's gift and George's background. The real focus, however, is on the value of friendship and how it affects us, even if the friendship changes. Overall, a unique story with elements of the paranormal and acceptance.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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review 2020-04-26 16:54
The Spinner's Book of Fleece
The Spinner's Book of Fleece: A Breed-By-Breed Guide to Choosing and Spinning the Perfect Fiber for Every Purpose - Beth Smith

by Beth Smith


This is a very practical book about spinning which gives a little background, but focuses mostly on types of fleece and their respective purposes.


The author explains the value of raw fleece and the differences in different types such as longwools, downs and multicoated breeds. Relative strengths and advantages to different breeds are covered as well as the options to buy raw or processed wool, how to find sources, how to get consistent yarn and what wools take dye best.


There is a chapter on buying fleece dos and don'ts that contains a lot of valuable information. Cleaning, storing and tools are all discussed in detail and spinning basics are included for noobs like myself. The information about different fibers and how much to buy for specific projects was something I found very valuable. How to keep bugs out of your wool was also of great value.


There are chapters that go into detail about each type of wool, how to wash and comb it and just about anything you might want to know about how to prepare your wool for spinning.


This is the most thorough book about spinning and choosing/preparing yarn that I have come across. It finishes with a glossary of terms plus charts and resources that make the idea of taking up this craft feel much less daunting.

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review 2020-04-18 01:31
Killer By Nature - DNF
Killer by Nature - Jan Smith,Thomas Turgoose,Will Mellor,Robert James-Collier,Angela Griffin,Katherine Kelly

I don't like dramatizations. Why did I get this book even though it's a dramatization? Because it was free. But I still should have known better. 


DNF, but not rated. It's not the book's fault that I don't like dramatizations. 

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