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text 2019-10-08 15:54
What is an eCommerce Platform




E-commerce is evidently gigantic, with online investing hitting $5 billion in a single day on Dark Friday 2017, and 96% of Americans making online buys routinely. 80% of them have shopped online within the past month alone, and millennials presently do the lion's share of their online shopping.


As a general run the showwe are able characterize an e-commerce stage as any sort of site program that permits you to offer items to clients by means of the Web. Most e-commerce stages work so also to substance administration frameworks (CMSs) like WordPress, empowering site proprietors to include and alter items and categories and to track deals from the website’s dashboard.


Now that we have that definition of an e-commerce stage in mind, we are able split on with taking a see at fair a number of of the nuts and bolts that you’ll got to know some time recently you get begun with e-commerce. Let’s go ahead.


Types of E-commerce Platforms

Because e-commerce is such a lucrative industry, there’s no shortage of providers out there who can help you make money selling products online. The real challenge is identifying which platform is the best solution for you. Just a few of the most common e-commerce platforms include:





Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with a grip on 11% of the market. It’s famous for a good reason – thanks to the proliferation of themes, it’s easy for you to design a professional-looking store in minutes.

By the way, if you are interesting in Magento I highly recommended for you this custom magento development company .





This solution is Magneto’s big competitor, and while it is a little younger, it’s quickly established a solid reputation. It’s a particularly popular choice for people who want a fast solution that doesn’t put the server under too much strain.


Zen Cart



This solution is built with MySQL and PHP, languages that most developers are already familiar with. There’s also a massive library of third-party plugins that you can tap into for added functionality.





This one is one of the most accessible solutions for you to get started with. It’s most notable for its large community including its huge support forum and the full availability of third-party themes and plugins.

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text 2019-06-06 10:01
Do's & Don'ts of Starting an E-commerce Business

Too many people have great ideas. But not all great ideas turn into successful businesses. Or even get off the ground. One of the most common business ideas that people have these days is starting an e-commerce business. It can go both ways depending on how well you plan and execute the idea.


But there is no sure shot formula that works. There are, of course, things that you should and shouldn’t do if you want a successful business.



Let's explore both:




  • Have a Business Plan


This is the most basic thing to do. You have to have a plan of how you are going to run your business and how you are going to take it forward. It is important to know the efforts and investment your business requires. A proper business plan works as a map to guide you through each obstacle. It also works like a planner to help you carry out your tasks one after the other. Preparing a business model first will give you an overview of how your operations should look like.


  • Audience Research


For any business to function, you have to understand the market and to be specific, your targeted audience. This determines how you market your products as well. If you are selling something that targets young adults, you want to use the means and the language that they speak in. but if you are selling something to the old generation, you have to change your medium. Older people are more likely to come across ads on the TV or in the newspaper, as opposed to the internet.


So, understanding your audience should be your priority.


  • Fulfilling Commitments on Time


You must take care to not commit prematurely to a launch date if you are not sure about how much time it will take. Your audience should in no case, be disappointed. The thing that is most likely to delay you is the development. You have to make sure to choose the right platform for your e-commerce store. Out of the many platforms that are available, Magento is your best option because it is mobile friendly, customizable and has plenty of other great features. To make sure that your development process goes smoothly, hire a Magento 2 development company and let them handle it. A smooth, error-free development process can help you come through on your commitments.




  • Unrealistic Aspirations and Expectations


Like any other business, your e-commerce business also has to struggle to get anything close to a profit. You have to pace yourself when it comes to expecting success. In a competitive market, you have to work hard and have patience when it comes to thriving. You have to make sure you put in all the work and deliver a quality shopping experience to make it to the break even.


  • Copy Blindly from your Competitors


There is no fixed pattern that you can follow to take your business to the top level. There are of course certain practices which help in getting success but no sure fire way to get it all. However, this does not mean you copy from your competitors. Everyone conducts business differently. So what you might see at the surface of another business is not all the information that you can simply imitate. You have to work with the resources you have to get the best value for your money.  That gives you a long-term guarantee of achieving long-term benefits rather than quick, fluctuating bouts of successful periods.


  • Try to do Everything Yourself


Having the courage to start-up is half the battle. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other things to do. As a founder, a lot of responsibility falls on you. You have to learn to delegate your tasks to others who can help you. The first step for this is, hiring Magento 2 developers, to build a great website for you. The best Magento 2 development companies will have Magento 2 developers that are Magento certified. You can definitely trust them to give you top-level service.  Delegating tasks for other parts of setting up too. You have to hire someone to manage your finances, marketing, etc.


This is not a definitive guide but these are some definitive pointers that you can look at so that you don’t get overwhelmed in the magnanimity of starting your business. It isn’t easy for sure, but if you take careful, well-planned steps then it should help lessen your worries slightly.

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url 2019-05-31 07:33
Magento Certified Developer in London

Bighat, Magento certified developers and consultants in the UK with over 15 years of experience offering digital solutions in web design and e-commerce at reasonable prices. For further information, visit our website today!


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text 2019-05-29 08:58
Expert Magento Developers: Services Starting from $799 Onwards

At PHPProgrammers, we boast a team of expert Magento developers who are highly skilled to provide end-to-end software solutions to clients. With our custom-centric corporate strategies, we get wider scope to build the most appropriate eCommerce solution. Furthermore, stay updated as per the latest software editions and offer ongoing support to clients for ensuring seamless system flow.

  • Our premier eCommerce solutions host a number of attributes including;
  • Integration
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing, Hosting, Support & Maintenance and much more.

Irrespective of whether you are planning to upgrade your eCommerce store or trying to build a fresh new eCommerce store powered by Magento, we have got you covered. Call us now.

Contact details

Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: http://www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-05-25 06:40
Build Scalable Online Store With Magento Developer

Get the best in class eCommerce development services dealing with our dedicated Magento developer in Australia. We are committed to delivering high-performance Magento eCommerce stores at a  negotiable budget and time. Our team of Magento experts also have hands-on experience in integrating business projects with bespoke Magento extensions. So, contact us shortly at PHPProgrammers if a feature-packed online store is all you want.

We provide the following development services on Magento Platform:

  • Magento-based Enterprise Development
  • Magento SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Magento Support and Maintenance

Get in touch with us for more details regarding our past leads and achievements. You may also check out our clientele testimonials to say what they say about us. Else, drop us your queries and service requests through email or convey the same via Live Chat portal. We are always prepared to listen to our clients and sort out the issues in no time.

Contact details

Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: http://www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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