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text 2018-10-16 10:25
Copper was the earliest metal to be discovered by man

Copper was the earliest metal to be discovered by man. As early as 3500 BC, man was smelting copper and tin together to make bronze. This was the beginning of the Bronze Age. In India, the Bronze Age began in around 3300 BC in the Indus Valley Civilization. The history of bronze in India tells us that people were using the alloy to make bronze sculptures, vessels, weapons, tools and other items.What is Bronze?Bronze is basically an alloy of copper and tin and zinc.

Sometimes, other metals are also added. Bronze is hard and durable. It is brownish in color. It is used either in its sheet form or cast into a particular shape. Bronze is the preferred choice for sculpting because it is strong and holds its shape. It isalso comparatively lighter than marble and is hence easy to transport.Initially, bronze was used to make solid sculptures. It was only later that hollow casting was discovered, and bronze sculptures ever since have been created using this method. The first step is the creation of the model. This is made of wax and is an exact copy of what the final bronze sculpture will look like. It is complete with all the carvings and detail. In the next three stages, a mold is created. A thin layer of china clay mixed with water is applied over the wax model, using a paintbrush. It is allowed to dry for two days and is repeated twice.Then, a pasty mixture is applied over the model by hand. It is applied to a thickness of about 2 centimeters. A few holes are made at the bottom of the mold once the paste is dry. Through these, the bronze will later be poured. For the time being, thin wax rods are inserted into them. Thereafter, a mixture of clay, rice husk, and sand is applied. This is allowed to dry. The mold with the plugged openings facing downwards is placed in an oven. The raw bronze is also placed in the oven so as to melt it. Bronze melts at approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. During the process of firing, the wax melts and is lost through the holes in the mold.

The clay mold hardens, and the bronze melts.The bronze is then poured into the holes. It is allowed to cool for two days. Then, the mold is chipped away, leaving behind the bronze sculpture. In the final stage, the bronze is smoothened and polished, and detailed. It is also varnished. Bronze statues are very popular decorative pieces in India, and indeed, all over the world. Bronze is also used to make busts, monuments and idols. In India, bronze sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses are the most favored. Bronze is also used to craft mythological figures. In addition to these Hindu statues , Buddha sculptures are also popular. As are statues associated with other religions. Bronze craftsmen also cast bronze animal figures, and figures of birds. Bronze figures of humans are also admired.Bronze has a dull antique look that is very attractive. This along with its other qualities makes it a preferred choice for decoration.

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text 2018-09-23 11:21
Social Media for Small companies

The primary motives for the low turnout are uncertainty on an utility of social media, calculating return on funding and persuade employees/stakeholders daily clinch social media. hence it's miles essential day-to-day cope with the elephant inside the room and examine how useful is Social media for small businesses.


Social media for small corporations is a day-to-day manner for emerging groups every day generate lead and build a popularity. If regularly daily, social media can deliver more effects in comparison daily mediums. Social media for small companies offers brands an fringe of manage over the content material that they need daily post. also, due to the fact social media is a two-way speak manner, it helps agencies day-to-day immediately identify what is benefitting them odyssey. Social media for small companies additionally helps generate word of Mouth, which is one of the exceptional gear for rising companies.

Social Media for small agencies | 10 guidelines every day effectively use Social Media

define your target market

the first and foremost critical element that small corporations daily focus on is every day define their audience. This helps small corporations day-to-day daily their social media method as a consequence. The target market daily be defined basis age organization, intercourse, region, customers' online behaviors, their likes, pursuits, and possibilities. For niche products, business owners can even target customers primarily based on their birthdays, anniversaries and important milesevery dayne. target audience concentrated on plays a dayeveryday critical role within the final results of the effects. For e.g.: a neighborhood save promoting shoes have dayeveryday now not goal customers with hobby in entertainment. daily certainly won't get the preferred effects.


Set doable desires

overnight success is a fable. Small groups have dayeveryday understand this fundamental truth. generally, whilst a brand new commercial enterprise begins selling on social media, there's palpable pleasure is attaining extra than set focused sales. groups need daily set desires that are upwards and forward. To attain good sized dreams, small corporations begin updating social feed with a couple of updates in shorter length. This leads to consumer's disinterest in the product/service. The set dreams day-to-day be in sync with brand's core capabilities and understanding. For e.g.: if a commercial enterprise is inday-to-day promoting shoes, they shouldn't set a purpose everyday restore maximum shoes of their place.


select the proper medium

via now everybody knows, social media is totally free. Even paid campaigns may be carried out at a noticeably low value compared dayeveryday mediums. it's miles on this state of affairs, that we often see small agencies jumping the bandwagon and developing profiles on all of the day-to-day systems. creating social profile does not abate emblem image, but aggressively promoting a brand on wrong systems can cause logo dropping its capacity daily. for this reason it's miles recommended for SME's everyday first perceive the right platform through which they are able to maximize their enterprise. For e.g.: If a shoe promoting brand tries everyday aggressively promote on LinkedIn, they may not get a attainable response compared daily promotions on fb/Instagram.

Source: www.theodysseyonline.net
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text 2018-09-10 04:39
How Cardonio Works?


As an innovative way to manage your finances, Cardonio covers all your needs with world-class solutions proven in conventional currencies, as well as in cryptocurrency transactions. So, how does Cardonio Card work?


Let us say you want to travel from UK to the United States. You will need to replenish your Cardonio account with 1 ETH before you leave (or any other amount of your choice). Once you are at your destination, you will take lunch and pay USD 16.00 for it. Using the same system used for credit/debit card payments by existing businesses, you simply swipe your Cardonio Card in a standard EFTPOS terminal in that restaurant. Cardonio’s processing systems will then instantly process the transaction you made using current interbank exchange rate to convert the equivalent value of USD 16.00 into GBP 12.30 almost simultaneously. Using the present GBP and ETH rate of exchange, as derived from the highest daily volume exchange, GBP 12.30 will then be converted and charged to your Cardonio account as ETH 0.057.


All this transpires to provide clients the best alternative to making transactions as Cardonio will pass on to them the highest available exchange rate between GBP & ETH without charging any additional fees or mark-up. Moreover, customers will not be burdened with the cost of GBP & ETH exchange rates (the maker/taker fees often charged by cryptocurrency exchanges) since Cardonio takes care of that cost. Aside from that, your card will not need to incur exchange charges for converting GBP to USD. In short, Cardonio Card holders have absolutely easy and burden-free access to interbank exchange rates without the usual fees and mark-up.


As described in clear and simple terms, Cardonio allows consumers to practically enter into almost any transaction wherever they maybe in the globe just by carrying and using their card tied to their cryptocuurrrency account.


Would you still travel abroad without a Cardonio Card?


For Cardonio crypto card review, check it out here!

Avail free Cardonio CDO coins, check here.

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text 2018-09-06 07:04
How Cardonio Credit Card Can Change Your World?


Recent years introduced us to a new phenomenon in finance and currency unprecedented in the history of human civilization. All this, just as every new communication and information technology advancement, we owe to the advent of semiconductors which human ingenuity discovered and harnessed from natural processes uncovered by biology, chemistry and physics.


Who would have thought that such elementary science principles we learned in our youth carried with them so much potential that they would all become integrated into other aspects of human life, such as medicine, telecommunications, space exploration, engineering and other fields not so obviously related, in particular, economics.


Moreover, all of these advancements would not have been possible without the initial human discoveries and advancement in mathematical theories and applications. Economics, for instance, utilizes math to allow practitioners to analyze past, present and future behavior of market prices, stocks, capital values, taxes, business decline/growth, sales trends and so many other financial and economic parameters.


One new-kid-in-town, in particular, has provided ordinary people as well as companies a way to short-circuit the highly-regulated world of finance: cryptocurrency. It has literally transformed the world in only a few years. Cardonio recognizes the potential of this financial tool and has set itself up to provide assistance to everyone willing to ride its unprecedented rise to fame and prominence.


Truly, Cardonio believe that cryptocurrencies “can change the entire distribution of wealth, and give the two billion unbanked people access to the same type of financial services that everybody else has. We are developing financial products that solve real problems around the world for millions of people.” With its professional management team fifteen-year track record in the development of digital payment and banking solutions, Cardonio has what it takes to make every individual’s financial goals become a reality.


Equipped with the sufficient knowledge and experience in conventional, as well as innovative modern financial management expertise, Cardonio is a pioneer poised to take on the challenges of the bright and exciting financial world of the future.


For Cardonio crypto card review, check it out here!


Avail free Cardonio CDO coins, check here.


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