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review 2015-04-17 13:07
Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) - Penny Reid


"Listen to me for one fucking second, ok?"
"Only if you stop using the f-word like you get paid royalties every time you say it."
"I'll fucking use whatever fucking word I want to fucking use whenever I fucking want to."




My first reaction when I got to the end of this:




I mean this left me hanging! ALL I wanted is MORE.

Yep, seriously. I was left a tethering mess. I mean, REALLY.

Let me warn you first up. This ends on a cliffy. And it end way to early.

Way way way to early.

The pleasures of reading serials....

I just got the ARC for the next one. So right now I feel way better about the wait.

As always if you not a fan of cliffhangers or serials, it might be best to wait until the entire novel will be released.

I personally would not ever choose this option- it's Reid after all.



The writing is as always great. I love Reid's humor and her geeky take on life. And Attracion has pleeeeeeenty of that to offer. But unlike her Knitting in the City Series, this is way more fluffy. Cute and fluffy through and through so far at least.

While I adore the Knitting in the City Series for it's wit but also for it's surprising depth, I didn't mind the fluff. I was a bit surprised at first. But once I got over the fact that this is a different series and that I can't expect the same thing.... I was hooked. I read this in a single sitting. And well, nearly threw my kindle when I realised that I am at the end. And that I won't get more of Kaitlin for a long while.


It was so beyond appropriate it was...It was inapproriate.


I adore Kaitlin.In fact I think Reid's got a great knack for writing unusual and clever female characters. Kaitlin is your geeky scientist, who chooses not to curse and reads lots. I totally can connect- being both a scientist and a reader... I do however have a potty mouth at times. Reid managed to create a quirky clever girl, with hangups and all - we all can relate to her, but she is utterly unique. I totally would be friends with her. I totally root for her. All camp Kaitlin over here! *raised her hand*

While I am usually totally enamoured with her male ones, I am not that sure about Martin. He is growing on me. And well we only a quarter in after all. Martin is too much of hotness and too much of a jock for me. No one is that perfect and that ...well.. hot. BUUUUUT I know I can expect more. There are hints and well as I said Martin is growing on me.

I can't wait to see where Reid is taking these two. So far their battle of wills and attractions was fun to watch.



She was pretty nasty to Martin, called him some unpleasant names I won't repeat, but I will say they are synonyms for whoreson


The story line is fun. And true to form cute and fluffy. I enjoyed the different scenes, even if they a tad more cliche that Reid's previous. I frankly don't care, that so far it was a bit predictable. I mean it's entertaining, well written and Reid fabulosity.


I have two sisters, and I tell them this all the time. Be the marriage girl. Don't be the hook-up girl. Don't be her. She's stupid and shallow. Yes, she get lots of male attention, dressing in her sexy lumberjack or sexy nun costumes...for a time. But then she's used up, hardened, disillusioned and desperate, because no one stays with the hook-up girl


Sooo if you like Reid's writing. A MUST read. IF you a fan of the GENRE... what you waiting for?

Never mind the cliffy. Don't wait. Get entertained... and we after all closer to the release of the next one...well at least I am.. *goes to read Heat*






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text 2015-04-02 18:32
March 2015 Round Up!
Katie (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) - Michael McDowell
Bossypants - Tina Fey
The Dreaming Jewels - Theodore Sturgeon,Paul Michael Garcia
The Dunfield Terror - William Meikle
The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith
The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel - Anthony Horowitz
The Croning - Laird Barron
The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters
Whitstable - Stephen Volk
The Devil's Detective: A Novel - Simon Kurt Unsworth

Above are my reads from March this year. Katie by Michael McDowell wins the best book of the month!


 How can you beat an 80's horror novel featuring an evil child with a hammer? And then she grows up and uses that hammer even more! Katie was a total blast and anyone that enjoys horror, especially 80's horror, would LOVE this novel. Click here to read my review:





Whitstable by Stephen Volk was a beautifully written story and I plan on reading more from this author in the future.



The Devil's Detective which I obtained through Net Galley was an excellent debut effort from Simon Kurt Unsworth. I'm so glad I requested it! 




I have a few audiobooks on my list this month, which is unusual for me. However, I think as time goes on there will be more and more of them making it into my monthly round ups. They're so much fun and easy to work into my schedule. 


Bossypants was fun as was House of Silk. The Last American Vampire was also a hoot.


Both The Croning and The Dunfield Terror were fun Lovecraftian type romps. The Croning being more of a literary Lovecraftian horror while The Dunfield Terror was more of a creature feature. Both of them worked well for me. 


Lastly, The Dreaming Jewels by Theodore Sturgeon.

This is another older story, a dark fantasy, that surprised me with its depth and quality. 


Overall, this was a good month for reading here at CHC. The longest book I read this month, The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters was my only disappointment, and that was still a 3.5 book, so I'll take it!


I'm happily looking forward to what April will bring!

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text 2015-04-02 01:08
March Wrap-Up


What a great reading month, I read 17 books this month!  I read a good variety of books and knocked six books off of my tbr pile.  Here's the rundown:


Fluency by Jennifer Wells: A sci-fi space adventure, review.  


Fire Above by C.H. Maclean: A fantasy with a different kind of monster, review.


The Dead Room by Stephanie Erickson: Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, New Adult, review.


Dog Crazy by Meg Donahue: Heartwarming story for any dog-lover, review. 


Sisters of Shiloh by Kathy and Becky Hepinstall: Civil War historical fiction about women in combat, review.


Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno: Young adult, paranormal with witches, review.


The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose: Historical, Paranormal Fiction set in Bel Epoque Paris, review.


The Tusk That Did the Damage by Tania James: Literary fiction of the Indian Elephant ivory trade seen from many different POV's, including the elephant, review and giveaway!


The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The School of Night by Colin Falconer: Historical Mystery with William Shakespeare's wayward cousin, William Shakespeare, review. 


Looking for Jane by Judith Redline Coopey: US Historical Fiction in the 1800's, a young woman seeks out Calamity Jane, review


Letters to Kezia by Peni Jo Renner: Historical fiction following the descendants of a woman accused of witchcraft in Salem, review. 


Upon A Time by February Grace: A different kind of Cinderella re-telling, review.


Masque by W.R. Gingell: A magic infused Beauty and the Beast re-telling, review.


The Guardians of Terath: Seeking Sorrow by Zen DiPietro: Fantasy, adventure with kick-butt heroines, review.


The Countess' Captive by Andrea Cephalo: The second book in the Fairytale Keeper series, historical fiction woven in with fairy tales, review and giveaway.


The Tapestry by Nancy Bilyeau: The last of the Joanna Stafford novels, historical mystery in the court of King Henry VIII, review and giveaway.


The Vagabond Vicar by Charlotte Brentwood: A sweet historical romance, review.  


Another great reading month!

Favorites this month: 

Dog Crazy

Sisters of Shiloh

The Witch of Painted Sorrows

The Tusk That Did the Damage


Guardians of Terath: Seeking Sorrow


The Tapestry


Not So Favorites: 

Fire Above



On Deck for April:

Fiercombe Manor

Finding Sheba

Fair Fight

Ivory Ghosts

Inspector of the Dead

Medium Dead

Helen of Sparta

and more!


How was your reading month?

Did you read any of these or are you planning on reading any of these?







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photo 2015-04-01 04:58
March 2015 reviews

It turns out that knowing I'll be plopping cover images into a collage generator at the end of the month is weirdly motivating for me. I was able to review slightly more this month than last month.


The best movies of the month:

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces


The best book of the month:

Radiance by Grace Draven

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text 2015-03-31 22:33
March 2015 Reads Wrap Up

5 stars

What Happened at Midnight by Courtney Milan (historical romance)


4.0 - 4.5 stars

The Face in the Mirror (Molly Murphy Mysteries novella) by Rhys Bowen (cozy mystery)


Through The Window (Molly Murphy Mysteries novella) by Rhy Bowen (cozy mystery)


The Blood Stained Pavement (A Miss Marples short story) by Agatha Christie (mystery)


Red at Night (Harlequin's More Than Words Series) by Katie McGarry (YA contemporary)


Possessed by the Devil by Dr. Andrew Sneddon (historical non-fiction)


3.0 - 3.5 stars

Just A Kiss by Ally Broadfield (historical romance)


You Are Here (Harlequin's More Than Words series) by Liz Fichera (YA contemporary)


A Slight Miscalculation (A Half-Moon House novella) by Deb Marlowe (historical romance)


A Place in her Heart (Harlequin's More Than Words series) by Trish Milburn (contemporary romance)


A Fat Cat (A Catitude Short Story) by Edie Ramer (paranormal/chick lit/cozy mystery)


The Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan (historical romance)


2.0 - 2.5 stars

Never Too Late (Harlequin's More Than Words series) by Christi Barth (contemporary romance)


Tempest in the White City (Prelude to It Happened at the Fair) by Deanne Gist (inspirational historical romance)


1.0 - 1.5 stars

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (classic)


The Amersham Rubies (Molly Murphy Mysteries short story) by Rhys Bowen (cozy mystery)


Ember (Darkest London #0.5) by Kristin Callihan (steampunk)


Laundry Day by Stacey Juba (cozy mystery)


.5 - 0 stars

Carpe diEmily (Part I) by Riley Ford (chick lit)


A Wing and a Prayer (Harlequin's More Than Words series) by Andrea Laurence (contemporary romance)


All's Fair in Love and Seduction (The Elusive Lords #2.5) by Beverly Kendall


DNFs/Hate Reads

Carpe diEmily by Riley Ford


Continuing Reads

None. Decided not to bother trying to push myself to read books that are not holding my interest in the present but still have the potential to be a great read after my degree is done and I can devote serious reading time to those books. Trying to clear the slate so no hold overs!



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