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text 2018-01-15 11:20
Benefits of NCERT Math Solution

There is so much competition in the field of math; there is always a need for good study material. For the growth of the students National Council of Education Research and Training has contributed a lot to their study material. Shiksha Abhiyan is one of the online companies that strive to provide online Class 10th math NCERT solutions. In the era of technology, learning is not restricted to only books. One can learn and educate themselves through online websites where you can get study materials and online lectures.

It is very difficult to understand the solution from the physical book; hence Shiksha Abhiyan provides video lectures for class 10th.  As we all know highest buildings have the strongest foundations similarly NCERT study material provides that strong foundation for better preparation. It makes you competitive on a global level. The Books published by NCERT are prescribed by CBSE. The NCERT study materials highly beneficial for students. Keeping in mind the requirements and difficulties faced by students, Shiksha Abhiyan is very successful in providing a complete solution.


The website www.shikshaabhiyan.com provides simple and easy to understand lectures which make the basic concepts easy to grasp for the students.  Their mentors and guides assist the students in order to provide quality education. At Shiksha Abhiyan, you will get online coaching, live classes, 9 and 10 class maths NCERT solutions and much more. All the study material is based on high education standards and you can identify your true potential through NCERT math solution. The best part is one can get the session in multiple languages. So, what are you waiting for? Avail quality video lectures here.

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review 2017-10-27 21:12
Cantorian Sets: "Beyond Infinity - An expedition to the outer limits of the mathematical universe" by Eugenia Cheng
Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics - Eugenia Cheng
“If this be not that you look for, I have no more to say, but bid Bianca farewell for ever and a day.”
In “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare (quoted by Cheng in the book)
Eugenia Cheng starts by saying right at the beginning of the book, "Infinity is not a number," and I think it really helps to get that misconception out of the way at the start. As soon as we one gets past that hurdle the rest is just a piece of cake.
As pointed out numerous times by Cheng, Cantor is the accepted authority on this, but are there alternatives?

Cantor Infinities

Key Idea: You can put the even numbers in one-to-one correspondence with the whole numbers and say that this demonstrates they have the same cardinality.
This shows that the set of whole numbers is the same size as the set of even numbers.
This seems counter-intuitive - and it's usually a real challenge to anyone encountering it for the first time, but if you do accept this then all sorts of deep and interesting mathematics follow. The way I think about this is, it's not a natural property, it's not a statement about the world*; it's Cantor's definition of infinity, let's go along with it and see what happens.
If you're into Computer Science and Math in particular, read on.
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text 2017-08-19 12:04
Teaching Maths Won’t Be Hectic This Christmas

Holidays are the times, when a person is relaxed and has no stress; his mind is free from all work pressures and has no worries. But holidays tend to get ruined when you have to teach kids even on such relaxing days. Children are loaded with certain assignments and homework which they are intended to complete in their holidays.

Maths is considered as a tough subject due to its lengthy calculations, arithmetic questions, and tricky problems or simply because of bad teaching. These reasons make maths a subject disliked by many students around the world. To learn math, good teaching is very important. Many math tutors are often not well versed in all concepts of teaching. The subject gets tougher only when the teaching is poor and the critical concepts have not been made clear to the student.However, math teaching becomes all fun and people understand concepts if they are taught in a non-traditional and creative way. That’s why it’s important to teach maths in a more logical and unorthodox style. Generating strong concepts from a young age helps in becoming good at maths in future.

Fun activities and games should be applied to teach math to children. During the holiday season, especially during Christmas, only fun activities and games have the ability to attract the focus of children and make them learn math.

Drawing boards, printable recording sheets, workbooks can be used to make activities and fun games. Symmetry drawing games to learn geometry; addition, subtraction; multiplication, division games based on strategy and point scoring, whole number, prime number charts, fun pictorial multiplication table, coloured numerical games, family based multiplication and division games. Such types of games would help increase the creative and imaginative quotient of the child and clear his math related concepts and problems in a whiz because we tend to learn easily with picture-based or pictorial games or activities.

For all your math based fun activities, TeacherSherpa.com is just a click away. They showcase the most extensive and creative ideas and materials that parents and teachers could use to teach their children. They have a large number of creative and innovative modules, games and posters to facilitate in the learning process of children. From reading, writing, phonetics, science, social science and math, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, number related games; they have a huge variety of subjects to cater for the children of Kindergarten and primary levels.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is the resourceful online portal to find ideas to facilitate teaching methods for your child and easing-up his learning process. They have a huge collection of Christmas math activities, along with games and posters to help your child love math.

For more information, please visit Teachersherpa.com

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review 2017-04-27 20:43
Hold Me (Cyclone) (Volume 2) - Courtney Milan 
Hold Me (Cyclone) (Volume 2) - Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan is a hell of an overachiever. She isn't content to write charming romances in which, as in Austen, the primary barriers to love are the uncontrolled aspects of multifaceted personalities. Milan also strives to remind the reader of how many different kinds of love there are, and that loving thy neighbor is hard, but worthwhile. She is Dickensian in her examination of class, but so much broader in scope. But also fun. They flirt with math. How adorably geeky and STEMy is that?

If they weren't so much fun, I might be tempted to call them uplifting. They are, often, deeply moving, because her characters have sometimes horrible, albeit too believable, backstories. Her happy endings are hard-earned.

personal copy.

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text 2017-04-08 00:08
Chicka Chicka 123
Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 - Bill Martin Jr.,Michael Sampson,Lois Ehlert


Pre K-2

Chicka Chicka 123 is about teaching children to count.  The numbers get higher and must climb to the top of an apple tree.  I would use this as a fun way to teach kids in lower grades how to count to 100.  I would love to have the kids make their own books about the number's trip to the top of the apple tree.

3 stars

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