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review 2017-05-19 23:58
Not as bad as I'd expected
Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

I read this fully expecting to hate this.  I figured this would be just a hilarious hate read.   A Colonel Sanders romance?   How could it be anything but a hot mess?   The truth is that the writing was technically good; they picked an author who clearly cared about both grammar and creating a plausible story.   I did have issues, such as while this used a bunch of romance tropes, they felt exaggerated enough to be hilarious.   However, I feel like much of this was done tongue-in-cheek.   I also think at one of the big reveals at the end, the author realized there was no way to do this without being absolutely ridiculous and was just like 'okay, that's how you're gonna be gig?   Fine.'   It wasn't mocking, or overly ridiculous, but I wouldn't expect the author to poke fun at the franchise paying them, either.   They just wrote it with aplomb, as seriously as possible, but I ended up giggling throughout this part.   (I got the impression that the author knew it was going to be laughed at, but again, just rolled with it as best they could.  Or maybe I just hope that's the case?)


Again, either the author was gently poking fun at romance tropes, or didn't write romance, but some of this felt eye-roll worthy.  I also never really cared for either the heroine or the hero, despite being given detailed histories about both of them.  I didn't feel this was a fiery passionate love story, either.  I just felt kinda 'meh' about it all, and I think this might be part of writing for a franchise that you don't really care about.   (If you read media tie-ins, or comics, it's likely that the authors are passionate about the whole medium.   Not always, but most of the time, and that shows.   I felt like the reason these characters weren't as richly developed, though, was that the author was writing for money.   And hey, maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe they love nothing more than Kentucky Fried Chicken and dream of marrying the good Colonel.   I just got the feeling that not so much, and it was more of a good natured 'let's do this.'   What is more odd to me is the obvious care given to the character histories, the plot, and the world given that the characters were so lackluster.)


I couldn't stop reading this.   And it was only half morbid curiosity this time.  I actually found myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would.   I think part of this was unintentional comedy, but I figured it would be all that.   I read on because I was intrigued by where the plot would go, too, and that sure was a pleasant surprise.   Would I read another KFC/restaurant romance?   Yeah, sure, after this I would.  I'd be hesitant to pay for it given the issues I had; I downloaded this for free, and while my enjoyment, and the technical merits, gained it a three star, I doubt I'd pay for another one of these. 


I wouldn't mind some KFC, though, and may go for some tomorrow.   And I suspect that KFC would be happy for me to read another free story if it got me to eat their food, so I also suspect it's mission accomplished for them.

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review 2017-04-11 13:50
Aw, yeah, Flinstones comics
The Flintstones (2016-) Vol. 1 - Mark Russell,Steve Pugh

I was... never going to read this.   Never, ever.  I really, really hate Flinstones, and always have.   Mostly, it seemed insipid to me, at least when compared with other toons or TV shows I could watch.   I don't laugh at jokes when I don't find them funny, and I didn't find Flinstones funny.   And while I understand that DC is owned by Warner Brothers, and so is Hanna Barbara, and while I understand that Flinstones is popular enough to have its own series, meh.  I figured it would just regurgitate the TV show. 


And then I read the reviews, saying this was a surprise hit.   I read about how no one would expect something so real and true and smart from a Flinstones comics.   And while my sister and I were talking about old cartoons that had hidden depths, and that she wasn't surprised this comic would be done so well.  I said I was still surprised because Flinstones was not part of this tradition. 


Still, I hesitated.   What if the people who said this liked the original show and there was some kind of bias?   Still, I clicked borrow on Hoopla and ended up flying through this volume.   Love, love, love!   It wasn't bias at all.   This was clever and hip, and spoke to the human condition, including hypocrisy, fear, and all things that aren't that lovely about us.   On the other hand, it does talk about redemption in some ways, and it talks about love and how deeply we can love our fellow man, or our families.   


I was especially impressed with Bamm-Bamm.   I didn't really expect much to come of him, and even though the comic was setting up his origin, I didn't see it until the reveal.   I love what it says about Barney and Betty, and again, particularly Barney.   It doesn't come out and say it, but I think there's a huge redemptive arc with him - and I'm a sucker for those.   


This is seriously worth checking out and I can't wait for volume two to come out on Hoopla. 

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review 2017-04-08 19:10
Steven Universe ongoing
Steven Universe (2017-) #2 - Melanie Gillman,Katy Farina

I missed the first issue and it wasn't at Newburys during the buy one, get two free sale.   I had one spot open for a four dollar comic, so I got this.   I love this comic so much: Stevonnie, Steven and Connie when they are all mashed up, literally get run into by a girl who wants to date them. 


They have to come up with a decision of if they'll continue dating her when they split apart at the prom; stuck, Connie suggests that instead of talking about what Kiki wants to do, they talk about what they want to do. 


It's as adorable as one of the episodes and I absolutely love this series!

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review 2017-03-02 00:12
Jaylah's past revelaed
Star Trek: Boldly Go #5 - Mike Johnson,Tony Shasteen

A new storyline, and this feels like a one-shot.   It's Jaylah's turn to shine as we see who she was in reverse: it keeps going back in time until we see her birth.   


She could have been better in the movie, and I feel like this is starting to flesh her out even more here.   I really enjoyed seeing the culture she came from and how she grew up, and so I really ended up enjoying this issue as much as the first storyline.

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review 2017-03-02 00:07
The Borg take Spock
Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 - Mike Johnson,Tony Shasteen,George Caltsoudas

And, oh, think about the damage they could do with him!   I was half expecting him to be Locutus, but this ending was far more perfect: it made sense, it leaves it open to another storyline in the future.   Actually, it pretty much promises one.   Creepy, and it resolves the Romulan storyline as well. 


Looking forward to more of this. I  got the first five issues for a buck each via a Comixology sale. 

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