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text 2021-12-22 06:28
Commercial Video Production: Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

Gone are the days when businesses just used to make commercial, promotional videos consisting of their business story. Today, the horizons of commercial video production Melbourne around has expanded to the extent that none of us ever imagined. These trends are a hint that when it comes to video production, it is only limited by our imagination.

Here is what the commercial video production agency is going gaga over.

  • Looped Videos

In video production, today, looped videos are also becoming more popular. Depending on the site where you publish and exchange video footage, looping is now a regular feature most of the time. However, it is a crucial consideration in terms of your production. Is your video visually appealing or motivating at nearly every turn? Would someone scrolling come across it halfway through, only to have to wait for it to restart?

It's also critical that looping videos be kept as brief as possible. The goal of looping video is to create something that can be viewed multiple times in a fair length of time.

Commercial Video Production Melbourne

  • Animated Explainer Videos

One of the most effective marketing strategies has always been animation since the time when it was first debuted on our television screens. It became the inspiration of how animation can help create a strong brand image and stay in the minds of customers. Animated videos are still used by many firms across the world to artistically promote their products and services.

An increase in the popularity of animated videos is anticipated to become one of the major trends even in 2022.

  • Live Video Streaming

It's no secret that in today's world of digital marketing, social media reigns supreme. Social media provides a simple approach to reach a big audience with promotional material. However, the competition is fierce, and your bids may go overlooked. To begin selling your products or services on social media, you must first capture your audience's attention.

Live videos are prioritized on social media, with users receiving notifications and being invited to participate in a real-time event. As a result, it's a fantastic method to stand out.

  • Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are another significant video marketing idea that will hit us in 2022 for sure. They enable customers to purchase things on the spot. A button in these videos directs viewers to a store where they may quickly make a purchase. These videos are mostly utilized on social media and have grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces.

After watching your video no need to manually hunt for the goods; click on the product in the video, and you would directly end up on the landing page!

Commercial Video Production Melbourne

  • 360° Video

A totally immersive experience via 360° video has been made possible thanks to advanced technologies. With the use of AR and VR, marketers can produce genuinely incredible videos or display a venue, showroom, or event in a way that is incredibly memorable.

At the moment, 360-degree interactive video is all the rage and will be so in promotional video production Melbourne for upcoming time too.

Source: 5 Current Trends To Follow In Commercial Video Production

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text 2021-12-14 12:21
Commercial Video Production Melbourne

Yeroc Media allows you to stop your search for the best video production agency in Melbourne. Here, we craft TVCs, brand videos, event videos, corporate video production Melbourne, video editing, and much more. We create a creative message and deliver it in an original and moving way.


When you hire us, we work till our clients get satisfactory results. As a trusted content creator we have created stories for small and big brands.


To enquire about Commercial Video Production Melbourne services fill the form at YerocMedia.com



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text 2019-12-16 05:26
Vertical Video: The Dominating Fanny Magnet of Netizens

Howdy netizens! I bet you have started your day scrolling in Instagram and Whatsapp stories or have gone through a spree of Snapchat and Tiktok video suggestions. Each day countless video content grabs your attention, and it is evident enough to prove the dominance of virtual videoes.

Social media marketing is where leading brands lock horns these days with their catchy advertisements. The ultimate goal is to cover up the millennials and i-generation tweeps and to taunt them to be their long term potential customers.

The days when a video production company used torrid horizontal shooting techniques are no more. Availability of budget smartphones and video recording gadgets like go-pro have simplified and revolutionized the people's perspective of making a quality video and advertising a product. Display boards, hoardings, and even standout advertisements have changed the orientation, from 180° to 90°.


Might you think that's a downgrade? Definitely no!

Why Opt For a Vertical Video For my Advertising?

Before we sneak in more on the pros and cons of vertical videography, it’s a must to know the basics. A video shot on portrait mode with an aspect ratio of 9:16 than the usual 16:9 is called a vertical video. These types of content are taller than being wide. Vertical videos are shunned mainly by professionals before the arrival of Generation-Z.

It's convenient and easy to operate mobile in a single hand when held in portrait mode, and this is why vertical videos generate more traffic.

With most of the motion pictures in existence sincerely following the culture of horizontal video-shoot and telecast, like cinemas and tv shows, it's going to be a tough task to adapt to this latest trend. The sudden spike of popularity for vertical content forced social media behemoths like facebook, youtube and Instagram to alter their source codes. And as a result, the viewers are guaranteed an immersive video experience.

Thus, the conceptualization of vertical content for marketing also becomes a grand success from being left out and sulked.

Ups and Downs of Vertical Video

Thumbs Up For

  • Easier one hand accessibility.
  • Higher audience reception due to smartphones.
  • Vertical display boards and posters are more spacious and deliver the advertisement crispy.
  • Leading the standards of picturization with the broad aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • It provides a unique style and naturally appealing outlook.
  • Less investment and higher ROI.
  • Enhancing creativity and quality of vlogging.
  • No sophisticated imaging device is required. You can even shoot with an excellent mobile phone.
  • Vertical video easily fits in any social media platforms.

Thumbs Down For

  • Limiting the field of vision. Needs quick visual adaptability for a new user.
  • Vertical shooting limits the application of angles and sceneries.
  • Highly challenging and required a lot of effort.
  • Some video players don't work with this format, and hence they can't fit in in some scenarios.
  • Lack of space for a broad message to be displayed.
  • It looks poor and terrible if proper technique is not employed.
  • Not suitable for wide-angle coverage.

The Takeaway of Vertical Video Syndrome

Though there are many claims that vertical videos are not friendly, they are still the most engaging format in social media. As intense as the social platform, video production companies choose vertical videos as an efficient method to express their market presence of their clients. And this is where Myoho stands out as a phenomenal Melbourne Video Production Agency.

Myoho is a team of creative nerds creating impactful marketing vlogs and no wonder they have managed an enormous customer base over a short span. If you need to know more about vertical video advertising and how they can benefit your business, you can schedule a strategic phone call from their experts. You can also visit their website for more details.

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text 2019-11-12 11:04
How Melbourne Video Production Agency Delivers Impressive Corporate Videos

You may well ask why one should engage a professional Melbourne video production agency for corporate videos when you can shoot extremely good videos with a smartphone. There are reasons to use professional services for your business videos. Read on to know more.


Melbourne Video Production Agency

Lots of Pre-Production Planning

It is easy to grab footage with a smartphone and upload it. You will not know the difference in quality and how much of an impact it has on viewers until you look at a truly professionally made video by Melbourne video production agency. Videos for business are meant to serve a purpose: promote business and generate revenue. If you want to achieve these goals and have videos that convince viewers then a lot of pre-production planning goes into it. Factors such as the taste of the target audience receive due consideration. Then there is the presentation itself and treatment that must be considered with care. Video production planning may start from the video promotion end. The video production and promotion agency usually takes into account all related issues that go into pre-production. This done a script comes up, is modified and a shoot is planned either on location, in-studio or in the field. As a client, you get to see all that goes on behind the scenes and understand what it takes to produce videos that get results.

The Shooting

Capturing footage is a meticulous process, usually carried out with the help of 4K or Full HD handycams. You will see one or two or even more camera operators capturing footage from various angles. The scene is lighted professionally. The video shooting follows a meticulously crafted script to deliver top-notch professional-quality video. Post-production is where it is all stitched together with perfect audio.

Perfect audio
Audio is important, very important for videos otherwise videos lose impact, especially interviews and conversations. This is where professional Melbourne video production agency stands out by capturing live audio and syncing it with video track to give crystal clear audio quality. It makes a world of difference to the impact the video has on viewers.


Simply producing a video is but one side of the coin from the business promotion perspective. When you have a Melbourne video production agency you get twin services: video production backed by video marketing. You do not have to worry about where to post your video and how to get people to view them. They do it all for you and you start receiving inquiries and business flourishes. Videos, incidentally, have also helped create reputations for business owners whose interesting interviews and talks can be impressive if produced by the right people.

The prime goal of the video is to get more business and have more customers. Forget about smartphone videos if you want to impress buyers. Think of MyOho Video Production professional Melbourne video production agency to help you craft world-class videos that will get you the hoped-for outcomes.

MyOho Video Production offers broadcast-quality corporate video production services to businesses throughout Melbourne and Australia.

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