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text 2019-08-09 12:25
Why ‘Smart Spaces’ is in Trend in 2019?


Traditional workspace with table and chairs having big size desktops are becoming a scene of some 90’s movies as today employees want everything Hi-tech. With the involvement of emerging technologies and Smart Spaces, the boring workplace has become a trend and fascination and people love to spend their working hours in a connected environment.


Previously it was a dream of every employee that their workspace can automatically anticipate and respond to their needs throughout the day. Now with Artificial Intelligence Solutions, their dream has become true, it has enabled a more productive work experience by automating people to interact with spaces. 


Not only the IT industry but all most every industry are availing Artificial Intelligence services in their offices to make their walls smart. And people rely on robots for their chore tasks. The increasing demand for smart revolution has changed all the aspects of offices and turning them a decorative cube. 


Technologies Used in Smart Spaces:


These are the following technologies that are bind in Smart Spaces:


  • Smart evaluation 
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Smart space management
  • Ambient controls
  • Smart ventilation
  • Seasonal awareness technology
  • Smart Parking and traffic reduction technology
  • Smart sensors in commercial spaces


According to Gartner’s study “Smart Spaces is one of the key technology areas to consider over the next few years” but what exactly Smart Spaces is? Let’s discuss in a brief.


What is Smart Spaces?


Smart Space is physical environments that are built by collections of sensors, analytics which use IoT-powered technology to optimize energy efficiency, improve productivity levels for businesses & public services and actuators to manage the communication between the physical environment and its space users. 


Smart Spaces spectrum varies in size from a workplace to a stadium, or even a city and they all have common requirements, only the scale of deployment changing. Soon Smart Spaces will become an unavoidable part of the offices and public spaces and its future looks bright. 


Benefits of Smart Spaces in Various Industries 


With the help of Smart Spaces, humans and technologies can smoothly interact with each other in a physical environment. Where meetings can start quickly, with all the arrangements related to teleconferencing and video conferencing.


Here are the industries that are availing boons of Smart Spaces: 


Hospitality Industry:


The hospitality industry is known for services related to leisure and customer satisfaction. Now with Smart Spaces, this industry has become more powerful and luxurious. Hospitality service providers are considering IoT development solutions to offer services like a personalized wake-up setting, play music and TV from smartphone, hoteliers can save electricity by automatically turning off lights and AC if rooms are unoccupied to facilitate their guests from each ends.


Construction Industry:


The construction industry is evolving rapidly, every year new trends appear within the industry, from technological advancements to a stronger emphasis on sustainability. Smart Spaces are empowering this industry with smart home systems; amenities, appliances connected via apps, Wi-Fi, sensors, and a system management dashboard. 


Grocery Stores:


Smart Spaces has modified the way people shop. With interactive shelf labels, people can place orders more quickly and can track orders through mobile apps. They can also get digital coupons, nutrition information, and other details regarding products by scanning the barcode.


Aviation Industry:


Now Airports with facial recognition provides security and quicker check-ins through Artificial Intelligence Services. It provides facilities for better traveler’s movement in crowded areas. Self-service kiosks for check-ins, bag drops, and messaging service allows passengers to check on their flights throughout the airport. 



Summing Up 


In the past few years, the way we live, work and interact with our surroundings has been substantially changed as focused on our life has shifted from nature to technologies. The speedy development of science and the constant development of new technologies has largely influenced our environment. And blurring the line between the virtual and physical world.

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url 2019-05-28 10:55
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photo 2019-01-25 17:36
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url 2019-01-24 13:41
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review 2018-08-13 05:07
we are never meeting in real life
We are Never Meeting in Real Life. - Samantha Irby

Samantha Irby has a lot to say about so many things. She writes, and sometimes rants, about a wide range of subjects in this collection — race, sexuality, poverty and cats — with an overwhelming sense of calm and rationality. With her razor-sharp wit, the moving, rip-your-heart out moments comfortably balanced the laugh-out-loud ones (I don't watch the Bachelorette, but I would if she sent her application in). Having no previous knowledge of Irby, I found myself checking out her blog and you tube videos for more. Despite being named Chicago's funniest writer when her first book, Meaty, came out, Irby continued to working as a receptionist at the local animal hospital; though to be fair, this experience provides perfect fodder for her writing. I admit, there were some extremely graphic scenes I could have done without, but the excessive swearing was expected (her blog, after all, is "bitches gotta eat"). If any of that offends you, consider yourself warned. In the meantime, I'll be checking out her other books.

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