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review 2021-01-21 00:54
END GAME by Samantha Wayland
End Game - Samantha Wayland

Rhian is now in Boston playing for the Bruins where Savannah is the trainer. Garrick is stuck in Moncton trying to rebuild the Ice Cats. Not a good situation for any of them. Rhian breaks off with Garrick with no word and Savannah wants to know why. She will not allow Rhian to go without a real good reason. Rhian is still haunted by his past and soon his past will catch up with him. Are the three of them strong enough to deal with all that comes their way?


I loved this book. I loved the emotion shown between Savannah and Rhian. I loved that Savannah would not let go of Rhian. Watching them come to terms with their relationship and letting other people into their private world made for good reading. I enjoyed the nod the "With Grace," one of the first books I read on polyamory.


I'm glad there is still a Christmas book with these three. I'm going to miss them.

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review 2020-04-19 23:13
Book Review for Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild
 Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild - Clarissa Wild


Terrifying and Dark and Intense Read


Wow ! What a conclusion this was to this terrifying and ugly tale and another read that kept your heart pounding and had you on the seat of your pants the entire time never knowing what would happen next.

I honestly loved Natalie as she was fierce and protective and determined and one not taking her captivity lying down.She was strong and beautiful and smart and always watching and listening and calculating.From the moment we met her we new she was destined to be a force to be reckoned with.

Noah although a Patriarch you new he was different from the rest of them in the sense that he loved his community and its people but, not the way the system worked and the unfairness of it all and the brutality of it and that is why he always desired change and new he needed a queen to make that happen.



This story is emotional and it has a lot of moving parts and as the story unfolds those secrets started coming to life.I have to say we never saw things playing out they way the did and we just loved that.The chemistry between Natalie and Noah just burned hotter.We loved them as a couple.These two burned brightly!

Overall a terrifying tale that makes you heart sick and sad but, one so intriguing it kept you glued to the pages the entire time.Book one left us with one heck of a cliffhanger and I am so glad that I was able to start book two right after putting part one down as I dove right in with eagerness and new that this was yet another tale that I would not be putting down until its very conclusion.

Overall this was another amazing read and the story well written and sometimes reading something out of your comfort zone is just what you need to shake things up a bit and this story did just that.One thing about this story is that it all felt so real and that you were with its characters in that very place and time along with the good guys and the villains as well.Noah and Natalie took us for one heck of a ride that is for sure but, we loved getting to know them both so different but, yet the same in so many ways.Noah and Natalie will be a couple not easily forgotten.

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review 2019-09-20 22:30
The Completeness of Celia Flynn - Sedonia Guillone
Celia is in love with her three best friends.  She knows what her mother will say so she runs away.  WWI starts and all the men go off to war.  Her fiancé is killed and her three best friends come back wounded.  She now has the chance to start over again with them.  Will she have the courage?
I enjoyed this book.  Celia is like most of us.  She lets others define how she is to live her life.  Her boys need her and she needs to overlook the disapproval of her mother.  I liked the naturalness of the relationship between her, Robert, Patrick, and Freddie.  I could understand her decision. 
I appreciate that the short story, The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn, was included.  I liked knowing what happened down the road with them. 
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review 2019-08-13 00:05
Book Review for Alessio by Bethany Kris
Alessio (The Guzzi Legacy Book 2) Kindle Edition - Bethany-Kris


Wow ! Another winner in my book just loved the conclusion to Corrado and Alessio's story.The more stories I read by this author the more I fall in love with her works.

This story was gripping and intense and emotional. Alessio has become one of my favorite characters as I found him intense,deadly,sexy as sin and you could not help be drawn to the bad boy and the aura that constantly surrounds him screams "Danger Beware".I feel head over heels for him right from the very beginning.I loved seeing a different side to him this time around where we saw a side of himself that he keeps locked away.

I will say that my heart broke for him time and time again because it seem that he was always the one making sacrifices in his and Corrado's relationship until he is confronted with decision whether Corrado is worth one more sacrifice.

Corrado has betrayed Alessio and is risking the life he has made with

this man he loves but, the have unfinished business and things left have be unsaid and unresolved and to top of all that Corrado has gone and fallen in love with a women he was sworn to protect.

Overall we loved the complicated loved story .Alessio and Corrado are perfect for each other and are seriously hot as hell together and they work or so in seems until Ginevra is thrown into their mix and then she brings something else to the table that makes each man feel complete. Ginevra needs to decide whether she is in or out as these man come as a package deal each man is completely different yet have so much in common and for that fact alone this women can have the best of both worlds when it comes to sexual gratification and love, laughter and companionship.

Loved it from beginning to end and Alessio and Corrado are not characters that you would likely forget


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review 2019-08-08 10:55
New Release Review! Windswept (Kismet Cove #2) Susan Hayes!




Hello Readers! I am returning to Kismet Cove again to find out if Rory's cousin and his blood brother find themselves a true mate! Enjoy and don't forget to add Windswept to your shelves!





When Vivian Waverly arrives in the small coastal town of Tofino for her best friend’s wedding, romance is the last thing on her mind – until she meets two men who might just be able to tame her restless heart.


Tucker Pine and Byron Triggs are selkies, shapeshifters living in secret. Bound by blood and magic, they’re destined to share a mate – and they want it to be Vivian. 


Finding each other took an act of fate, but to stay together this trio will have to break the rules, defy tradition, and forge a new path for themselves and the colony of Kismet Cove. 



**Publisher’s Note – This book was previously released with the same title. It has been lightly revised and updated.




Her best friend is getting married and the last thing on Vivian Waverly’s mind is romance – until she meets two men who just might be able to tame her restless heart. Selkie shapeshifters, Tucker Pine and Bryon Triggs are bound by blood and magic and destined to share a mate – and they want it to be Vivian. Fate may have helped them find each other, but the trio will have to break the rules, defy tradition and forge a new path for themselves and the Kismet Cove colony is they want to stay together.


Another wonderfully engaging and super steamy book in the ‘Kismet Cove’ series with strong, bold characters that take reader’s by storm. Tucker, and Bryon have some seriously electrical chemistry with Vivian but she’s isn’t looking for romance and has no plans to stay in Kismet Cove, so they will work hard and use their scorching hot wooing passions to convince her that they are meant to be together. But their relations also has a colony full of secrets and a deranged selkie standing in the way of their happiness.


Readers are captured hook, line and sinker by this fast paced story full of steam and thrilling suspense as they wonder how this threesome will work things out especially once the secrets out of the bag and a deranged selkie decides that a human isn’t good enough. Once again, readers are enthralled with wonderfully magical world and its stimulating traditions.




Author's Book Page



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Windswept is the 2nd book in the Kismet Cove series.


In the wilds of the Canadian west coast dwell a colony of mythical shapeshifters known as selkies. Legendary lovers. Fearsome warriors. They live among us,  guarding their secret and their way of life from a world that doesn't believe in magic anymore.



Goodreads   *   Author   *   Amazon



1 Riptide

2 Windswept




Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides #7 - Karos - 

September 9, 2019



Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides #8 - Jet -

October 10, 2019



Star-Crossed Alien Mail Order Brides #9 - Vykor -




Nova Force #3 - Operations Fury - January, 2020



AVAILABLE in print or ebook


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Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends. She’s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and accidentally swum with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. If the world ends, she plans to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the heroes of the new world, because she’s too damned short and out of shape to make it on her own for long.


Writing is her joy, her escape from reality and the only way she knows of to quiet the nagging harridan of a muse the universe assigned to her.


To contact her about her books or to arrange end of the world team-ups, you can email her at susanhayesromance@gmail.com



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