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review 2016-06-18 06:28
becuase sometimes surrendering feels so good
Blur: Embracing Distraction in a Focused World - Paul Lightfoot

Very sage advice from an author who seems to get me. Somehow, I feel vindicated by my chaotic Evernote notebook stack and my chronically low RescueTime scores. I will never again be embarrassed by my drunken tweets because they are the stuff of life. I will embrace the fact that my baristas know I eat a chocolate brownie for breakfast everyday, because dammit, I'm a champion!

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review 2016-06-18 06:23
recommended for those in abusive relationship who need practical advice an understanding advocate
Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That? - Lundy Bancroft

An excellent practical guide for those in abusive relationships.  It's less clinical and jarring than his first book [book:Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men|224552] and likely easier for those in abusive relationships to read.   While he doesn't sugar coat things or give false hope, Mr. Bancroft is an empathetic voice and understands the difficulty and plight of those in abusive relationships.

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review 2015-08-24 06:25
this book has mommy issues
Finding Audrey - Sophie Kinsella

Oh damn you author for coming so close but missing the mark.  This could have been really excellent YA story with a thoughtful mental heath theme.  This author is clearly insightful and able to write nuanced characters.  So why she created a mother who was such a one-note horse-blinder wearing worshiper of Daily Mail, I have no idea.

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review 2015-07-13 07:12
completely smitten by this book
Take the Long Way Home - J.A. Rock
I want to make an analogy that may not work, but here goes.  Take the Long Way Home is the not quite so fucked up literary little brother of A Little Life.   And I mean it in the best possible way.    The obvious, both books feature cutters who have endured abuse and abandonment and who find solace in destructive behavior.   
Dresden is damaged and he doesn't have the whole bag of emotional tools to cope. He is aware of this, but that is not enough.   There are no easy fixes, and doing the right thing doesn't come naturally.   As a result, we witness many situations that are at best awkward and many that are downright cringe-worthy.   
In spite of all this, there are rays of sunshine that beam through.  We get to see Dresden and Caleb fall in love.  And when you are young and in love, things can be momentarily brilliant, even if you have squat going for you.    I don't think I have read a romance (mm or otherwise) that has captured that magic quite like JA Rock has in this book. 
meat kisses~
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review 2015-07-01 23:23
An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness - Kay Redfield Jamison
A very poignant first hand account of the struggle with bipolar disorder from a clinical psychologist who studies and treats the disorder.
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