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review 2017-11-18 16:09
Too much Jargon plus a rape plot.
Mars Girls - Mary A. Turzillo

I got this book from Apex via their Apex Minions program in trade for an honest review

Diversity: Kapera is black as is her parents. There are a few side character that are Asian? Maybe. It's hard to tell their true culture as the author seems to have mashed this culture with that culture.

The first thing that put me off to this book is the piles of jargon they dump on you. We have hab-rat, mears, cuys, kweez and a ton others. While there is some explanation for some of them, you forget it by the time the next one has come up.

Another thing that majorly put me off was the rape part later on in the book. It's basically "we have to rape you to repopulate stuff". This is due to the Facer religion who have "face bindis" on their heads. Not sure if it's cultural appropriation however it made me face palm. A face bindi is a tiny face on the head that usually shows the true emotions of the wearer.
So these Facers basically want to go back to Earth and start some colony or something, I was confused about where they were going but it was going to take 100 years to get there.

So of course Nanoannie, one of our heroes, has to be forcibly married to someone so he can rape her and she can get pregnant. Fortunately she's married to a guy that doesn't have an interest in her as she has no interest in him. However it implies both with the men leering at the unwilling women in the church and later with just mentioning the other women, that they are raped.
I should mention that Nanoannie is around 14 years old. Yeah.

Next is Kapera. She has leukemia so a good portion of the book she is unconscious. The only black character with a major speaking part is devoiced for a good portion of the book. I rally can't recall why she's important to the book other than having a micro disc and her relationship to her parents who are the research scientists.
She's also not "African" but the jargon term "Kiafrican" which is not explained how that came about.

Overall I'm not really sure what the major plot is as the duo is kidnapped and escapes capture many times.  It really isn't until the middle of the book the plot seems to appear. Given the many names and corporation name drops it's really hard to follow who is with who.

What really killed any final interest in this is when Nanoannie has Kapera wrist-com and types out in bad phoneticish words. It was hard to read, and with the "hic" when she has hiccups in the cuy ball every line,I just stopped caring.

It doesn't really strongly establish it's characters from the start so trying to remember what's going on is hard. It also like to borrow and mash up different cultures and has a good portion that is a rape plot.

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text 2017-10-20 16:03
Reading progress update: I've read 84%.
Mars Girls - Mary A. Turzillo

I really wanted to like this book more, but it's starting to pull out the calling everyone 'bitch' and suddenly having Nanoannie tap into her sexual side to react to pheromones just so she can be caught.....yet again. This book kind of feel like a Nano project and the author just ran out of ideas for plot, so the character keep getting caught and tied up and have to get out.

No only that we indeed have the black character with 'hoodoo' that she is using to 'just know things'.


Not only that i kind of lost what was going on in the plot and it seems very disconnected at this point other than a Facer died and now they want to freeze everyone and go back to Earth.


Also I think there might be some pedophilia going on and I think Nanoannie says she's only 14yo and the guys she's getting with are much older.

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photo 2016-03-28 20:52
Your life starts now. What are you going to do with it?
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photo 2016-03-11 01:30
Somedays you just need a reminder like this.
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text 2015-06-26 19:02
I hope this doesn't infuriate Jessica...
Minions: The Junior Novel - Hachette Book Group

The last two one of these I read?   They ended in the middle of the story.   Guardians of the Galaxy was all like, 'but that's a different story.'


Um, no, same story.   It is literally part of the same, original story.   


Maybe wait until the movie is ended so it doesn't cliffhang you?  That's what I'd suggest. 

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