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review 2016-05-30 07:08
Sleeping Giants
Sleeping Giants - Sylvain Neuvel

**An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Oh, and I also won an ARC copy of this through Goodreads Firstreads!! So pretty.

2.5 stars.

I less liked this book than I was intrigued. And even at the end (whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?), I'm only really going to be reading Book 2 because I kinda NEED to know what's going on.

The Writing

So the book is told through a series of interviews and takes place over a number of years. Books from this POV can be really rough, but it worked in this case. Probably even more so because most of the characters know as little as the reader does. So at least you aren't alone.

The Characters

I didn't connect with any of them, so weirdly plot is the only reason I'm keeping with this series. I can't tell you if I didn't connect due only to the characters themselves or if the interview style of writing contributed in any way.

I liked Rose the best of the bunch, but she died too quickly to really make it devastating for me. Ryan was pretty annoying, but he was actually chill in the last half. I felt sorry for Vincent and I liked him well enough, but Kara also annoyed me. BUT the Interviewer, whoever he is, at once made me hate him and like him and I'm just so conflicted?? He's so clever and mysterious and SUCH AN A-HOLE. I just really want to know who he is, where he came from, what he knows, who he works for, etc. Oh, and Mr. Burns was legit, though I have so many questions about him as well.

I thought the romance aspect of this, though it was definitely put on the back-burner, was hecka frustrating and really just didn't need to be in here. I guess maybe it was supposed to put a little more of a personal side to the story, but really it didn't help anything and I just want to know about the alien robots, okay?


Haha, I don't actually understand it at all, because every time I thought we'd figured something out, then we'd find something else contradictory to what I thought we knew. So I am just gonna admit I know nothing. I also will admit I want to know everything. Basically, there's giant alien robots and we found one with pieces of it buried all over the earth and maybe it's from a more technologically advanced alien race that wanted to communicate with us but when they visited we were too lame to know what the heck they wanted to say so they left it for us to find once we were cool and now we have it but we definitely don't want to use it as a weapon because then the alien race will wipe us out because they only want us to use it for defense? If the alien race wanted to communicate with us and they would know enough to know we used it as a weapon, why aren't they communicating with us now?? Also, is this giant alien robot one from the giant race mentioned in Genesis in the Bible??? Or it is a Titan???? Or could it be both? (Because you know, the myth of the Titans doesn't actually have to be gods, they just would have been seen as them, because....they were giant alien robots.)

The Ending


Huh. I didn't see that coming.

(spoiler show)

So yeah, I'm SO there for Book 2, but I do wish I liked the characters more, because that was pretty much my only only complaint. (Also, if this isn't optioned for film nigh immediately, I'll be surprised.)

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review 2016-02-24 05:16
Pull - Anne Riley

**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

This book wasn't quite what I expected - from the lack of time-travel as seen in popular fiction to the villains. I struggled through the first 100 pages or so (my copy didn't have page numbers, so I'm ballparking here), and I was pretty much ready to give up. There was little time-travel elements at that point, it was mainly focusing on Rosie's brother's myriad of problems, and the family dealing with the loss of their grandfather. Which, frankly, while not particularly bad, was getting depressing and wasn't something for which I had signed up. But I checked to see if this was a series and seeing that it is a standalone prompted me to keep going. That, and it might not have the best writing, but it read pretty fast and kept you interested, after the action picked up a bit. And in the end, it was a pretty decent read.

So basically there's this group of super-special folks who can "Pull" time back to correct a recent event called Servatores, and they formed from a group of these meta-humanesque types back in Nero's day. Enter some Biblical referencing, in which the fallen angels most likely paired up with some humans to create half demon spawn, and eventually one of their descendants gave birth to...Nero. Yup.That Nero. Now Nero, being roughly 1/500(or whatever) demon, decides that messing with black magic is the way to go. And these humans that he infects with this black sorcery are these creepy zombie/human/beasties things called Mortiferi. The Servatores formed from the meta-humanesque group in order to combat these Mortiferi, and they've been going at it ever since. Why exactly the Servatores can rewind time is never really explained. And yeah, the above is a trip down crazy lane, but when you're reading it in the book, it doesn't come across as quite so crazy?

There are groups of Servatores in all the big cities, but there's very few Servatores worldwide. The Servatores that are around try their bestest to rewind and fix deaths/abductions and Mortiferi related actions, but there's only a few, so they what? Literally run around the whole of their city and pick something they deem important to rewind?? Because "Pulling" back time is so exhausting, they can only do it once every couple hours, and they can't rewind time more than a few minutes at a time. The furthest back any Servatore group was ever able to rewind - all working together - was three hours. It just seems like it would be awfully hard to actually make a difference, but these guys sure try.

Okay, so Rosie's Granddad was a Servatore, and a really famous one, and he passes his talent on to Rosie, who is pretty hecka confused about the whole situation and is dealing with her dumb-ass brother's decisions and also trying to deal emotionally with losing her grandpa (and her slimy boyfriend waaah) all in the same day. Thankfully she eventually gets the local London Servatores to believe her story and convince them she's the real deal and get them to let her into their closely knit group.

The reasoning behind the Mortiferi's deal with the very upset man from Rosie's Grandpa's past was a little ridiculous. I mean, I know grief can make people do some crazy things, but this one is up there on that list. But anyways, of course eventually the Mortiferi show up in a big way and really start to muck things up, causing Rosie to have to "Pull" her weight in the Servatores to save everyone else's butt. (PUN INTENDED)

As far as the romance went, it wasn't bad, or mushy, or a main focus, so that was nice. I would have liked to have seen the team aspect played up even more, but what we did get of the London Servatore group working together was good.

(spoiler show)

Nothing amazing or anything, but I did enjoy reading it.

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review 2016-02-06 04:08
Tell The Wind and Fire
Tell the Wind and Fire - Sarah Rees Brennan

**An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

I wasn't terribly impressed with the first half of the book. I didn't dislike it, but it was a bit muddled and quite frankly, the world building of the Light and Dark magic was ill explained. More on that later. But about halfway through, I started to enjoy it a bit more, especially as the revolution amped up and the Tale of Two Cities parallels got into full swing. This was very different from Brennan's other books, and yet there were a lot of elements that were the same as in Lynburn and Lexicon. She knows what she likes to write:)

I will definitely be reading this again when it comes out in April, least ways to see if anything has changed from the ARC.

Full review to come nearer to publication. (Promise.)

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review 2016-02-03 20:12
Lock and Mori
Lock & Mori - Heather W. Petty

There were some good bits to this. The atmosphere was just right for the first 50 pages, the writing style was pretty decent, and the general idea behind the story, as Sherlock and Moriarty, is clever. Unfortunately, I have more bad things to say than good.


What this mostly suffered from was, well, it was a few things. First off, Lock and Mori made out way too much. I mean, come on. There are actually people being murdered and they're, apparently, trying to solve the case?? Mori's brothers are being abused physically and verbally, but she doesn't expend nearly as much energy trying to help them escape that situation as she does snogging with Lock. This is even more frustrating when Mori keeps going on and on about how she wants to get her brothers to a safe home and they are the main reason for why she's doing what she's doing, but oh gosh, I guess she just can't be bothered to try to speed up that process by not MAKING OUT WITH LOCK EVERY 20 PAGES. The absolutely worst case of this was when Mori finally gets ahold of a case file and needs to review it with Lock (and lemme tell you, it was a pretty dang important case file) and instead of reading the darn thing, they just *slams fist on table* kiss and completely ignore the case file. *cue rage quit*


And then the mystery itself was so straightforward - no wonderfully crafted mystery with clever twists and woven clues that I've come to expect from mysteries, let alone Sherlock mysteries. I don't know if it helped that the murderer was so obviously the murderer that he/she couldn't be the murderer because that would be too easy, wouldn't it? I guess it did make me consider suspecting someone else because it was so blatant 

and horrifying

(spoiler show)

that I couldn't believe it to be true.



Also, where the heck is Mori's character going? I realize she's based off of Moriarty, so that would seem to indicate certain things, but it's not like liberties aren't being taken with Mori's character as relates to Moriarty. I just can't decide if Petty is going to write her as a nemesis/opponent of Lock in future books, or if it's gonna be this love/hate relationship, as somewhat indicated by the last page

and Mori's grudge. I mean, I understand her wanting to get rid of her dad. Absolutely, one way or another, he needs to go. But to be unforgiving of Lock for A. preventing her from committing murder and B. SAVING HER BLOODY LIFE BECAUSE HER MURDER ATTEMPT BACKFIRED is just plain pathetic and terrible of her.

(spoiler show)


Also, she is horrifyingly femi-nazi and it hurt my soul. She is not a feminist, because they fight for and are satisfied with equity. She isn't, because men aren't. ???????Who the heck thinks like that?????

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review 2015-12-31 16:07
The Blood Guard
The Blood Guard - Carter Roy

While this was a pretty fun MG, it also was very hard for me to suspend my disbelief in the plot.


So apparently there are 36 "Pure" souls who keep God from raining down fiery annihilation on the world. These Pure are not saints, or "goody-goodies", but just inherently good people whose very presence make them stand out as being someone special. Also these Pure souls reincarnate at appointed times after normal deaths, and also after being murdered.


The Blood Guard is tasked with protecting these Pure from...


...bad guys aka The Bend Sinister, who think that humanity needs a new start, so they're gonna use a super special machine to capture the Pure souls so they can't reincarnate, effectively bringing about the end of the world. However, they think that they will be humanity's new start; that they will still be alive at the end of this. How they expect to survive God destroying the world, I can't quite figure out.


Oh, and Ronan's dad is the head of the Bend Sinister and his mom is a Blood Guard. Cause that's not cliche at all.


(spoiler show)


I don't know. It was just a bit far-fetched. But beyond the plot, it was an action-packed story with some fun characters, Dawkins being my favorite. I'll be checking out the second one.

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