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review 2017-02-03 00:11
Mercy & Mayhem: A Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery - Ava Mallory
  First of the Mercy Mares Cozy Mystery. This sets up the characters and Mercy's profession. It was fun and lighthearted. I enjoyed the mystery although I did not solve it. Being that Mercy is a traveling nurse I'm not sure how some of the characters will be able to remain in the series. I liked Mercy but I loved Nubbin' and Betty. I want to read more of this series to see who stays and who goes.
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text 2017-02-01 17:00
Alibi Aficionado (Edwin Burrows Mystery Series) by Harvey Church Release Blitz
release day blitz 
Book Title: Alibi Aficionado (An Edwin Burrows Mystery) 
Author: Harvey Church 
Genre: Mystery/Suspense 
Release Date: February 1, 2017 
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book blurb
Edwin Burrows, CPA, can’t do anything right. Not marriage, not office etiquette, not saving his boss’s daughter, not even public accounting. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the firm’s biggest client, everyone has low expectations. Including Edwin.
In Alibi Aficionado, Edwin Burrows is an accidental investigator, an accountant without tact or a filter, or any kind of interest for investigations. A cross between Myron Bolitar and Archy McNally, Edwin says, does and behaves in the strangest manner.
Cursed with an investigation that's doomed from the start, Edwin knows that everyone expects him to fail. But when the police arrest the all-important client, tensions rise at the firm and the stakes get as big as they'll ever be. Edwin must decide whether he will use his knowledge to be the hero that helps a guilty man avoid prosecution, or be a zero by telling the truth and burying the firm.
meet the author
From a young age, Harvey Church knew that writing was his destiny and, like all clichés, he wallpapered his bedroom walls with rejection slips. Discouraged by the "thank you, but..." mail, he looked to his back-up plan, which was to take a job as a banker in an industry known for lucrative bonuses and sick parties. Armed with a calculator and an appetite for expensive, LeLabo fragrances and Jack Black hair products, Harv immersed himself in his banking career and wrote inappropriate poetry to his supervisor (who ended up becoming his wife).
But, as Harv's luck goes, the housing crash and financial crisis of 2008/09 changed banking forever. The bonuses dried up, leaving Harv with no option but to use Axe products. As he hit rock-bottom in 2015, he moved into his childhood bedroom (aka he lived with his parents) and was reacquainted with the rejection-slip wall of his youth. With nothing left to lose, Harv decided to finish his wallpaper project and sent out Alibi Aficionado to a handful of literary agents but he quickly discovered rejection slips were now electronic, which didn't work for his project.
All of which is one really long story as to why he opted for self-publishing. After connecting with some real, traditionally published authors and book bloggers, Harv started to feel really good about Alibi Aficionado's commercial marketability. Certain that there was a market for his writing, he geared up for self-publication. He even contacted Kirkus Reviews and was impressed when the reviewer labelled his writing as "puerile," until he looked up the word and discovered that Merriam-Webster's normal-person translation is "silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness or good judgment."
Excited by a book review that so accurately assessed his personality (finally, someone understood him), Harv is now working toward his private investigator's license. He lives outside of Toronto, Canada with his often-puerile wife and two amazing children. He considers himself an amateur magician under the unsuspecting mentorship of David Blaine.

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review 2017-01-10 02:43
LENDING A PAW by Laurie Cass
Lending a Paw - Laurie Cass
  Minnie is the assistant director of the library and the bookmobile lady. Eddie is her cat who stows away on the bookmobile. While out on their first day in the bookmobile, Eddie leads Minnie to a dead body. It is the man who provided the money for the bookmobile. His relationships from the past with those in town come to light and everyone is a suspect.

I liked Minnie and Eddie. The cast of characters were interesting and relatable. The questions Minnie asks are good ones but I could not figure out how she figured out the murderer. Nor could I figure out the cops. They were clichéd. Even with the explanation at the end I had trouble following the train of thought that brought her there. I figured there were others who were guilty. Well, it's good I'm not a detective.

While I didn't discover the murderer and could not see Minnie's train of thought, I would like to read more of the series because the characters were so comfortable. I'd like to see where some of the characters go, especially Eddie.
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text 2016-12-27 23:11
Reading progress update: I've read 59 out of 224 pages.
Westobou Gold (Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series Book 2) - Hawk MacKinney
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review 2016-11-02 14:26
Review – What Happened on Beale Street by Mary Ellis #MaryEllis
What Happened on Beale Street (Secrets of the South Mysteries) - Mary Ellis

I have gotten heavily involved in this stand alone Secrets of the South Mystery series because of its location…I love to read books that take place in an area I am familiar with and the Secrets of the South Mystery series does that. Also, I love a good mystery and it has plenty of that too.


Check out this intriguing cover…reeking of menace…ya never know what might happen on the dark and deserted street…or who’s watching.


Cover:  Lucas Art and Design



Amazon  /  Goodreads




What Happened on Beale Street by Mary Ellis is my second foray into the stand alone Secrets of the South Mystery series and I am so happy to embark on another adventure through the southern states of America.


I love familiar locations and mysteries, so when I won the first beautiful book, I was ecstatic and I want to tell you how ‘marvelous’ the continuing journey has been.


A childhood pledge takes impulsive but lovable Nicki and her gang from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Memphis, Tennessee.


Nate, her uptight but competent and loyal cousin and private investigator partner are on the case. It helps to have the wealthy and hunky Hunter to finance their trip and they are on their way in style. I love it. Made me think of Hart to Hart, the crime solving TV duo, only they are married.


The characters are ‘real’, with all their good and bad exposed. They have big hearts and are there for each other.


What do murder, stalking and a scavenger hunt have in common? What Happened on Beale Street.


The mystery is not mind blowing, but the tension and pacing kept my curiosity peaked, turning page after page, until I was done. Not only did I want to know who the murderer was, but I was even more concerned and curious about Isabelle. BUT that’s a mystery you’ll have to find out for yourself.


I thought I knew exactly how it would end, but Mary Ellis seems to be able to surprise me to the very last page. The suspense makes this hard, if not impossible, to stop reading once you start. I see more stories coming with this wonderful cast of characters and I am curious where we will travel to next.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of What Happened of Beale Street from Mary Ellis.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


Read more HERE.


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