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text 2018-04-30 19:56
NaPoWriMo Final Update

I have officially completed the National/Global Poetry Writing Month challenge, having drafted my 30th and final poem of the month this morning.




I had to type that twice because the first time shocked me. I wrote 30 poems. In a month. That may not seem incredible, but it is for me. I'm notoriously unprolific. Doing this challenge has showed me that, yep, I've just been letting myself off the hook and that I can write more and more frequently. It's also helped me fight my perfectionist tendencies, as I told myself I was drafting poems, to be revised later. Now I can go back, reread, and revise. I fought the impulse to reread during the challenge but admit I skimmed back through once or twice.


I also only sort of cheated once, within the last week, when what I wrote was more like notes towards a draft rather than an actual draft. I don't feel (too) guilty about it.


Because 30 poems!


As for reading, I'm still slowly making my way through Szymborska's collected poems (I'm somewhere in the '70s). Next I will definitely delve into U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith's work; I just heard her speak on NPR, and I can see we share similar views on poetry, its role, and how to approach poems. I'm also thinking it would be a good time to get reading poetry craft/theory again.


Wish me luck on my revisions! Hopefully I'll get sending some of these babies out to journals. I'll be happy to share links or publication notices if any are accepted.

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text 2018-04-07 16:27
NaPoWriMo Update

We're a week into April (and it just got cold and snowy again where I live: April is the cruelest month), which means I'm a week into National/Global Poetry Writing Month, and it's time for an update.


I've successfully drafted a poem each day: hooray! I made a note to myself early on that I would suppress my perfectionism and edit after this whole month is done. Yesterday was the first day when I really felt the poem was crap, but I already have thoughts on how to at least make it okay. Other than that, it hasn't been much of a challenge to write every day. On the one hand, that's great; on the other, it shows me how lazy I tend to be otherwise!


I also vowed to post about poetry I'm reading. Since I was unfamiliar with U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith's work, I found some online, read a poem evoking David Bowie (I'm a big fan), and promptly ordered two books, Wade in the Water (just released) and Life on Mars, which won the Pulitzer.


Here is a link to the poem I read, from Life on Mars.

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text 2018-04-01 19:40

So November (I think?) is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I've just learned about and decided to participate in National (or Global) Poetry Writing Month (April is national poetry month in the U.S.) where the aim is to write a poem a day. Wish me luck! I am generally undisciplined and not very prolific as a poet. I figure even if I don't end up writing one for every day, I'll still write a bunch. It will be more new poems than I had on March 31st. I already wrote one today.


But how about also making it National Poem Reading Month? I try to always be reading poetry regularly, but most folks don't. I'm still reading Szymborska's collected and last poems. I'd be psyched to know others were reading a poem a day!


I'll do my best to post some lines from what I'm reading. If there's a national poetry month where you live, I'd welcome similar posts whenever that is.


Also, here is a link to an NPR interview with the current American Poet Laureate, Tracy K. Smith (whose poems I am excited to read for the first time this month), who discusses the value of poetry, especially in our rough global times.

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