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text 2020-02-20 13:12
Steps for Using Garmin Vehicles Icons with Driving

Garmin Updates- Garmin GPS Updates

While used in-automobile GPS, then you definitely also have a choice which is extra thrilling such as automobile icons. The thrilling and fascinating vehicle icons are to be had than the few are available in the unit stock menu. Indeed you don’t need to drive the automobile at all. And what if you want it for a tank, police automobile or motorcycle? You can custom the automobile icon from the Garage. It is where the post file that you may use to improve the car icon for your device is in use. You can down load the icons without problems as they're freely to be had and without even needing your account. From the Garage, each car has an SRT record that stored in the zip archive. In order to understand and feature an extra clear expertise of the Garmin Vehicles, you could observe the blog. You will find out about where to download the files, how to open the downloaded document and the way to put the SRT document on Garmin to trade the car icon. As once in a while when Garmin automobiles and voices no longer to be had comply with the steps said here to solve it out.



Downloading and setup steps:

At the identical place, you can get right of entry to the Garmin Garage and that too with two unique ways to install the car icon in your Garmin tool.

With the usage of Garmin Communicator Plug-in follow the stairs to download and install the icons. You want to first add-on on your web browser so that you can effortlessly switch the car icon without delay for your Garmin without downloading and extracting the documents manually.


Step 1: Install the Garmin communicator  Plug-in

Step 2: Visit the Garmin Garage to peer which vehicles are available

Step 3: Click on install automobile button to transfer the icon to your respective tool


The second method is to replicate the SRT File to Device. You do not need to install a browser plug-in either isn’t fluid but isn't confusing both.

Step 1: Connect Garmin device to your PC

Step 2: Find the automobile icon which you want to download from the Garmin Garage

Step 3: Download the zip file for your pc system

Step 4: Next you want to extract the ZIP file to zip record

Step 5: Copy the SRT document to the Garmin/Vehicle/folder of the tool


Learn the alternate stairs:

As you've got custom vehicle icons, now it’s time to trade the ride:

Step 1: From the device, you need to the touch the tools

Step 2: Choose the settings

Step 3: Select the Map

Step 4: Then tap on

Step 5: Choose the vehicle to choose the custom icon and run the device

With this, you may have the Custom Garmin Vehicle icons with you together with Garmin GPS.

Also, visit: Garmin MAP Updates- Garmin Express Updates

Ref. URL:



Source: www.customerserviceshelpnumber.com/garmin-express-updates
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text 2020-02-18 22:30
Around the World in 80 Books Mostly by Female Authors: Master Update Post

[World map created with Mapchart.net]


The aim: To diversify my reading and read as many books as possible (not necessarily 80) set in, and by authors from, countries all over the world.  Female authors preferred.  If a book is set in a location other than that of the author's nationality, it can apply to either (but not both).


On the map I'm only tracking new reads, not also rereads.


This is a project continued from 2019.  2020 reads for a country already covered in 2019 will override the 2019 reads.  (2019 books listed below the page break.)


The Books:



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We Should All Be Feminists (new)


South Africa

Agatha Christie: The Grand Tour: Letters and Photographs from the British Empire Expedition 1922 (new)



Yaa Gyasi: Homegoing (new)








Martha Wells: All Systems Red (new)

Sarah-Jane Stratford: Radio Girls (new)

Various Authors, Lee Child (ed.): Mystery Writers of America Presents: Vengeance (new)

Tamora Pierce: Alanna: The First Adventure, In the Hands of the Goddess, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, and Lioness Rampant (all new)

Scott Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora (new)



Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place (new)








Mia Alvar: In the Country (new)






Australia / Oceania







United Kingdom

Gladys Mitchell: Death Comes at Christmas (aka Dead Men's Morris) (new)

Agatha Christie: 12 Radio Mysteries (revisited on audio)

E.M. Delafield: The Diary of a Provincial Lady (new)

Dorothy Dunnett: The Game of Kings (new)

David Ashton: McLevy, Series 1 & 2 (new)

Elizabeth George: I, Richard (revisited on audio)

Ngaio Marsh: Scales of Justice, Overture to Death, Light Thickens, and Dead Water (all revisited on audio)

Tony Riches: Jasper and Henry (both new)

John Bercow: Unspeakable (new)

Patricia Wentworth: The Case of William Smith (new)

Colin Dexter: Last Bus to Woodstock (revisited on audio)

Raymond Postgate: Somebody at the Door (new)

Ellis Peters: The Sanctuary Sparrow (revisited on audio)

J. Jefferson Farjeon: Thirteen Guests (new)


Yrsa Sigurðardóttir: The Legacy (new)



Patricia Moyes: Dead Men Don't Ski (new)



J. Jefferson Farjeon: Seven Dead (new)

Freeman Wills Crofts: The Cask (new)




The "Gender Wars" Stats:

Read in 2020, to date:

Books by female authors: 24

- new: 17

- rereads: 7


Books by male authors: 10

- new: 9

- rereads:1


Books by F & M mixed teams / anthologies: 1

- new: 1

- rereads:




The Reading Lists:
















WOMEN WRITERS (global list):




Read more
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photo 2020-02-11 09:43
Free Garmin map updates

Maptoupdate offers the Garmin & TomTom updates free download services free of cost. You can one time update your GPS device and go anywhere location without any confusion. Today, our surrounding changing road, map, direction, and new developing area so GPS device update is important in our daily life. We provide the GPS updating services within 24/7 days you can chat with our expert team at any time & update your GPS device. Chat with our technical expert & update TomTom GPS map, Garmin map updates, Garmin Nuvi, and Magellan GPS update.


Source: www.maptoupdate.com
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url 2020-02-10 06:49
Apple Car key: Might Let You Unlock Car with Your iPhone


Apple Car key: These days Apple is bringing in lots of transformations in its technology. A few days back it has launched low-cost mobiles, development in its iOS, etc. Now it has released the first beta of iOS 13.4 on Thursday (06.02.2020), and it has been upgraded with an amazing feature which might let one to unlock, lock, and start the car with the iPhone or Apple Watch, as spotted by 9to5 Mac.

Read more: latest tech and gadget updates

Source: www.flypped.com/apple-car-key-might-let-you-unlock-car-with-your-iphone/tech-gadgets
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text 2020-02-08 01:50
Reading progress update: I've read 72%.
Unspeakable: The Autobiography - John Bercow

I had more time to listen to this than I expected today and find myself glued to my phone -- this is riveting (even the bits about his early parliamentary career; and definitely his take on the role of Speaker: to be an advocate for Parliament and enable it to hold Government to account -- as well as the chapter the reforms he introduced, particularly those behind the scenes). And, of course, a large part of the pleasure is due to having Mr. Bercow read the book to me himself; he really does a stellar job.  Listening to him, even more so than as a result of his performance in the Speaker's chair (spontaneous quips and all), it is easy to imagine how he was capable of holding an audience captive from early on in his career -- if he hadn't chosen a path in politics, he'd easily also have done well in any other job requiring an ease at public performance (e.g., broadcast journalism or the stage).


There's less of an explicit analysis of his shift in view from the Thatcherism of his younger days to his decidedly more left-leaning present stance -- it comes across as a gradual progression in views, influenced in part (but apparently not exclusively) by his wife, a long-time member of the Labour Party.  However, while he stands by his earlier views and the manner in which he chose to express them at the time (his attitude seems to be "it was what it was and it's part of my history -- simple as that"), he doesn't shy away from characterizing his early political performance as "shrill" and in similarly unflattering terms.


Mostly, though, I'm loving his incisive (and insightful) analysis of the various governments, PMs, ministers, party whips, and other politicians he has witnessed in office over the course of the past 2+ decades, all the way to David Cameron

("I am reminded of the verdict of the man he worked for and considered a friend, Norman Lamont: 'Cameron was clever, but not profound.'  That is true.  In the pantheon of great leaders, the name of David Cameron will never feature.  In a list of opportunist lightweights, it will be at the top")

and Theresa May

(who "is not a bad person -- she wants the best for her country, without a clear sense of what that is: rudderless, without imagination and with few real friends at the highest level she stumbled on day to day, lacking clarity, vision, and the capacity to forge a better Britain.  In a contest as to who has been the worst Prime Minister since 1945, it is hard to choose between Anthony Eden and Theresa May"). 

Bojo and his cronies have already collected a few authorial broadsides as well, beginning with the takedown of Geoffrey Cox, Bojo himself and the prorogation diaster in the book's "Prorogue" (talk about an appropriately-titled opener) -- I have no doubt there is much more of the same to follow when we get to the actual Brexit chapter.  That said, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Bercow is singing the praises of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown -- as well as of the likes of Dominic Grieve, Oliver Letwin, Ken Clark, Anna Soubry, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Lucas and, interestingly, also JRM and Bill Cash (though he has little sympathy for their politics and none for their ERG / right-wing Tory cronies, particularly not Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom).  Similarly unsurprisingly, the entire clique of moneyed, entitled, public school / establishment figures within the Tory party are getting their much-deserved and well-argued kicks in the shins both individually and collectively ... he really has come a long way from his early days in the party.  Yet, he insists that he has always felt he was in a better place remaining a Tory and holding the party to account from inside, than by changing his political affiliation -- which, given how much those now calling the shots in the party have come to hate him, can't be an easy stance to take.  (No wonder they tried several times, though always unsuccessfully, to get rid of him as Speaker.)


I'm stopping now for the night but will probably finish this tomorrow.  Thanks to BT for yesterday's nudge!

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