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text 2017-11-10 17:43
16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Task 15 - Newtonmas



I got the mix from World Market along with the marshmallow snowflakes. The rum from my libation tables :-)


You only need two teaspoons of the cocoa mix with hot but not boiling water. I always add in a splash (okay two) of the rum and than add in the cocoa. Place snowflake in as soon as you finish stirring. Depending on what kind of mood I am in I will switch out rum with vodka whip cream and maybe add in just a sprinkle of sugar if I don't have marshmallows.



Tasks for Newtonmas: Take a moment to appreciate gravity and the laws of motion. If there’s snow outside, have a snowball fight with a friend or a member of your family.  –OR– Take some time out to enjoy the alchemical goodness of a hot toddy or chocolate or any drink that relies on basic chemistry/alchemy (coffee with cream or sugar / tea with milk or sugar or lemon, etc.).  Post a picture of your libations and the recipe if it’s unique and you’re ok with sharing it.


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text 2017-11-04 11:32
Reading progress update: I've read 137 out of 320 pages.
Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime - Val McDermid

Sigh.  I'd been interested in this book because I'd been wondering whether McDermid, with her background in journalism and crime fiction -- but not science -- had really, actually written a science book.  (Even if only a "popular science" book.)  The answer is, she hasn't.  This is journalism, somewhere between National Geographic and the Notable British Trials book series, with other true crime writing thrown in occasionally -- and a clear agenda, in the pursuit of which objective writing is jettisoned entirely and replaced by manipulation in more than one instance.


Mind you, for what it is, it's a compelling read. But to use one of the images McDermid seems to like so much (well, she would; she's a fiction writer after all), anybody taking McDermid at her word alone on significant parts of the contents of this book is doing the same as trusting McDonalds when they're suggesting that a Happy Meal contains all the nutrition you'll ever need.


I doubt I'll post any more status updates -- I expect to be done with this soonish and will save the rest of my more detailed comments for my review.


I'm reading this as the November group read of the Flat Book Society and for the Newtonmas square (square 15) of the 16 Tasks of the Festive Season.



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