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review 2016-12-12 15:07
Bare Bone: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book
Bare Bones: I'm Not Lonely If You're Reading This Book - Bobby Bones

“every day that I am not moving forward is a day I’m not moving backward.”
I really enjoyed the positive energy that flowed from this novel. Bobby has a great attitude about life and his outlook is optimistic and hopeful and I could definitely feel that after reading his book. I feel that his childhood is his motivation in life. He grew up poor and he will tell you on air and in the novel about how poor he really was, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving his goals and that doesn’t stop him from being who he wants to be. One thing that I noticed is that Bobby doesn’t blame his past for his mistakes in life, I have to applaud him for that. There are many individuals who have done this and I was overwhelmed to read his whole novel and not see the blame finger being pointed at anyone. Bobby is moving forward, he is making a stand for himself and this book was refreshing to read.

Bobby is proud of who is and what he has gone through to become who he is today. He tries to entertain people on his radio show everyday who he feels are just like him. I was surprised after reading this novel how much work it takes to put on each show because as I listen to Bobby and his crew, it feels to me as if they are just talking, like nothing has been prepared and now, I know differently and I know how much time and love Bobby has taken to entertain me. I know bits and pieces of Bobby’s life just by listening to him on the radio but now, I know more after reading his book and I know the true meaning of some of the stories that he tells his viewers. I know the inside story. His name Bobby Bones, I never knew where that came from or how his life on the radio began but now I do and I know how devoted he was to putting his voice to the mike and how he wanted to become someone. He was once a small-town boy, who had a dream, we all have dreams but this boy had motivation and determination and was willing to go the extra mile. Bobby is who he is.

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text 2016-07-01 14:19
Posted For Humourous Reasons Only!
Johnson's Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World - Boris Johnson

No I am not reading this! However it popped up in an Amazon search for another book and this bit in the blurb just jumped out:


"Boris Johnson, the internationally beloved mayor of London, is the best possible guide to these colorful characters and the history in which they played such lively roles. Erudite and entertaining, he narrates the story of London as a kind of relay race. Beginning with the days when “a bunch of pushy Italian immigrants” created Londinium, he passes the torch on down through the famous and the infamous, the brilliant and the bizarre..."


And the author blurb - because a second paragraph of the book blurb that natters on about the author isn't enough author info:


"Boris Johnson is the popular and internationally known mayor of London and the author of several previous books... "


This book was out in 2012. Just posting this because hmm, things have changed a bit and now it's hard to read that without making, well some form of facial expression. (I'm in cringe mode myself.)


Again, I'm so not buying/reading this. Just wanted to make that clear. Noting this for now historic reasons. Though it'd be fun to read now what he says about immigration which has been a part of London's history - well, ever since it had a history.

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review 2015-12-29 16:18
When it comes to R. Cooper I am totally biased...
Vincent's Thanksgiving Date - R. Cooper

Just wanted to be honest about this. I love this author. One of my absolute favorite books is "A Wealth of Unsaid Words" I devoured that book, couldn't put it down and sure enough as soon as I started reading "Vincent's Thanksgiving Date" I knew this was a repeat performance and it was. I loved Vincent maybe because I share some of his anxieties when it comes to social situations especially if it's a larger group of people. I so understood his stress and anxiety over going, not going, letting down someone whose opinion matters, someone who you want to make happy more than anything else. Yeah, for me Vincent was a bit of a kindred spirit and then there was Cory. Cory was just magical. He got it, he understood Vincent without judging. To Cory it was just all a part of Vincent and he liked the man that he saw.


R. Cooper has the ability to create characters who are less than perfect and then make the reader love them for that because we get to see that even less than perfect deserves to get a happily ever after and that love is there waiting for anyone who's brave enough to reach for it and hang on.


So maybe this wasn't actually a Christmas story but for me the message was perfect for this time of year. 

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review 2015-09-10 16:59
REVIEW: Sinister Kisses by Adriana Noir
Sinister Kisses - Adriana Noir

I love books with hot alphas that are protective and willing go dish out some revenge on behalf of the heroine. But with that said, I don’t like it when they turn that temper on the heroine and scare the living daylights out of her in emotional and psychological abuse. And that was exactly what I kept feeling with this one.


This book isn’t my typical cup of tea. But, I was feeling a book funk coming on and needed something different. Plus, one of my friends has been begging me for almost a year to read this. So, since it was totally different, I thought I’d give it a try.


I didn’t hate the book…but I definitely didn’t love it. It was a so-so read that unfortunately I didn’t get sucked into and consequently, I was left wondering what I’m going to read next before I’d hit the 50% mark. My biggest issue really was the way Sebastian treated Taylor. I was promised by my friend that I would come to understand why he was the way he was but for me, there really was no excuse. With every action, I saw him as more of a bully who had anger issues and was abusive.


Over the course of the book, there were a couple times Sebastian had gotten physical with his sister, leaving red marks on her so I figured it was just a matter of time before he did something to Taylor. Sure enough, he puts her “under protection” and effectively tells her she’ll be a prisoner in the house, unable to leave unless he’s with her. As any level headed person would react, Taylor wasn’t happy about that. No matter how nice his house is (and it’s a freaking mansion with everything you could want in a house) it would still be a prison. This leads Sebastian to tell her if she wants a real jail, he can accommodate her and that leads to an argument, some hair pulling, dragging across the room and a gun to her head with an accompanying threat to her life being the only way she can leave him. SO I was left scratching my head as to why she loves this guy. And Taylor finally started to realize what she’d gotten herself into with him after that. Unfortunately, a little explaining by Sebastian, his partner Josh and Sebastian’s sister leads Taylor to believe that Sebastian’s actions are ok and excusable and justified and it’s all hunky-dory again…leaving me pissed off and beyond happy when the book came to an end.


Overall…this book was so not the book for me. I love romance novels. I don’t mind suspension of disbelief and how things are too perfect or happen in cheesy ways at times the way they wouldn’t happen in real life…it’s fun and it’s entertainment. But crap like this, abusive guys like this, happen every day. This book was not fun for me. I didn’t even cover some of the worst parts, just hitting on a big one, but this book left me pissed off and there was one event in particular that left me leaking a few tears because it was awful. I think it was mentioned in a review somewhere that this was a cliffhanger…and that’s not exactly the case. Yes, it’s left open for another book but for me, this had an ending that left me glad I didn’t have to go on to the next book. Taylor picked the abusive a—hole, they were together and “happy” and they got the bad guy. Game, set, match. I’m done.


Initially, when I started the book, before it went bad, I was talking about the characters and dream cast pics to help picture them as I read and I found a hot guy for Sebastian but after the way I was left feeling, I’m not going to embellish this with that photo. The book doesn’t deserve it.

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review 2015-03-13 15:35
Nascha - Amy Lane
Lights, Camera, Cupid! - Amy Lane,L.A. Witt,SE Jakes,Anne Tenino,Z.A. Maxfield

I've only read the one book so far in this anthology... of course, it had me crying on the train :(  It was a set up for the book about to be released in June of this year, The Deep of the Sound.


It honestly was such a sad story, but very well written as always by Amy Lane.


I will get to the other stories later, as I first have to catch up on the previous books in this series.

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