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text 2018-09-11 09:36
Most Experienced and Highly Expert Services in Training of Dogs

It is a world renowned fact that many people all around the world are very much interested in keeping pets and it has been proved and experienced that dogs are the best friends of their masters and they are not only faithful but also very obedient. The dogs are actually obedient naturally and faithful but without proper guidance and training most of the dogs may behave in a very weird manner and may prove to be very much unruly. Maintaining a pet is not usually an easy task but it requires lots of patience and understanding and getting the dogs trained from a very young age is actually very much beneficial and they learn many things about discipline and good behavior. Besides that being obedient is very important for the dogs since they might create a lot of mess if not trained properly.


In such a scenario it is advisable to engage a professional agency to train the dogs to be obedient and disciplined and our agency has been one of the most experienced and highly competent in providing the best training for the dogs. We have many years of practical training and having much knowledge and understanding about the different breeds we are able to handle the training program with great precision. Besides that we have experienced that different breeds require different time limit for learning and it may also take few days to get the dogs trained properly. All our dog obedience training is based on the most proven and beneficial techniques and methods and we are very much professional in it.



Our charges are very much reasonable and we have various packages which are not very expensive and our service details have been provided at our website with our contact information.  All our services are highly certified and we ensure that each and every training from our agency is highly result oriented and we have been handling much professional training for various defense forces also and are high appreciated for our excellent capabilities.



It has been our greatest pleasure to be able to get very high recognition in the market and we have also been maintaining the most efficient dog obedience classes in the market. We have our own training center and you may also avail our training services at your home or office depending on your requirements.

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text 2018-08-20 11:31
Train Them to Integrate with Your House

It is a fact that you want dogs to integrate with your house and become one among you. Only then will you be able to have the complete experience of having a dog around you. It is not enough that the dog remains at your house but doesn’t mingle with any of you closely. Sometimes the dogs refuse to come near you when you call him. Sometimes they refuse to obey your orders.


All these behaviors make you irritated. You have given the dog the best you can give and yet he refuses to be your friend or one in your family. You can see that despite your best efforts the dog is showing signs of restlessness and irritation. He is constantly barking and whining and chewing at everything in the house. The problem is not with the dog. The problem is that you have not given him the necessary training. You have not taken the dog to a good dog training institute and trained him.


Dogs need to be trained by professionals so that they can learn to behave well in a house and among human beings. They are not animals that are naturally used to living among humans. They are wild animals and must be tamed to behave in the way you want. The taming process is called training. At Dog Listener Consultancy, we train the dogs to obey your commands and to be friendly with you. We will train him to obey your orders and to consider you as his leader. Once we have trained him you will see that your dog is the friendliest dog that has made himself a member of your family.


Our group dog training classes use the best methods in the world. We use the dog’s own nature to train him. We don’t use any harsh methods or punishments to make them obey the commands. We also don’t have any gadgets that will punish them if they disobey an order.


We use the internationally famous and accepted Amichien Bonding method to make the dogs friendly and tamed. We will also teach you how to show your leadership and make the dog obey your commands. Apart from the regular training we also provide puppy house training for the puppies that have just started living among humans.

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text 2018-08-14 08:42
Training your Dog was never this much Fun

We all are aware of the quote that says “Dogs are the best friends of humans” and we know that a well-trained dog is a blessing in disguise. Well, training one's dog is the duty of every dog owner that one must do it with one's full heart. Dog training can be difficult for someone who is new in this job so to help you with this Dog Listener Consultancy is here. We try our best to make people aware of the dog training methods and make their dogs the sensible ones. Dogs are not just animals as they are like a family and everyone wants a sensible and responsive family so why not train dogs for this.


At Dog training consultancy we believe that rather than controlling and conditioning we must enrich our dog’s life through communication and cooperation skills. We train dogs in every aspect whether it is dog toilet training chewing barking aggression or any other kind of issue. Right from the beginning, we try to make a good communication with your loved one. With our tactics and methods in which there is no involvement of any gadget or gimmick, we strive to be the best dog training institute in Singapore. We have rescued many dogs in the following years and given them a wonderful life.



We train your dog right from the beginning when he/she is a puppy watching those small steps getting trained is an adorable experience for everyone. We help your puppy to understand your language with the help of our trained personals.  We begin with the basics like puppy training biting and progress diligently to the most difficult steps in one’s training. We never go harsh on the dogs as we know that they are way too sensible for any type of punishment. We always sail smoothly with them which make them more sensible and intelligent.


With our workshops on the regular basis, we try to connect with the dog owners on a great scale. We are the specialist in dog training in Singapore and this being the reason we stand among the best dog training institutes in Singapore. Most of the clients are happy with our service due to the advancement shown by their dogs after the training. We also teach the owners how to read the dog’s body language which creates a good connection between the dog and the owner.

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text 2018-08-03 10:08
Find Renowned Dog Training Schools in Singapore for Best Supervision of Dogs under Skilled Trainers

If you want to make your pet dog obedient and sincere in his daily routine activities and behave humbly with all members in family and others too, you should get him joined with top-notch dog training centers or schools in Singapore. Usually, there are many dog training centers have been operating across the world, but dog training schools in Singapore are popular for their ultimate services for training of dogs, puppies, and other animals under expert trainers of the industry. So, you should approach to the authorized dog training centers in Singapore and get enrolled your dog in the best dog training classes to learn ethics to be obedient and get rid of bad habits easily.


At well-known dog training in Singapore, you will meet with experienced dog instructors, who specialize in training of dogs of all age groups and puppies too. They might have best practices to supervise dogs and let them feel comfortable under their guidance while training session. The trainers in Singapore do not follow any harsh method for training of dogs, but will use smart tricks to train dogs or puppies about different habits like eating, barking, chewing, aggression, toilet, etc.



So, the trainers of dog can manage all such activities of animals in a well-organized way and can control over them through spending dog training classes and playing activities as well. Thus, it would be a wise deal for dog owner to hire any best dog instructor in Singapore for his training and make him obedient to behave normally in all his daily activities as well.


No worries, if you have a little puppy to train at home. You should approach to any genuine dog training center in Singapore. The dog trainers in Singapore may also have experience in training little puppies and can train them for all habits in daily routine works like potty, chewing, barking, biting, etc., and have a control over them.


Also, the trainers will provide proper classes for puppy house training in Singapore and will charge reasonably for the same. You may call to the dog trainers to supervise puppy at home and give best training to be obedient for family members and you too. The trainer will deliver the same service and will guide puppy at home to be sincere in his activities and become mature in his behavior gradually.  With regular classes and practices, trainer will surely groom to your puppy and will train him to behave normally as per need.

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text 2018-05-04 10:07
Find the Most Helpful Puppy House Training

It can be the happiest moment when you have a puppy in your home. It is important to reinforce good habits and provide the proper care for it. You would be able to get the best puppy house training from The Dog Listener Consultant. We make sure to provide the right training to your puppy so that you can find him quite obedient. Our holistic approach helps to make your dog listen to your commands and body languages. We have also made it possible to provide lifetime support for free. So, you can get rid of any sort of issues of your dog by availing the best services from us.


We provide the right potty training which is very important for the proper hygiene of your dog’s health. We also never resort to any sort of punishment to your dogs. We provide home consultations where you can connect with us to get a positive result. You would be able to find the good change in behaviour where your puppy would be more obedient to you. So, if you really wish to enhance the personality of your puppy with the best obedience training for dogs, then you need to approach us.



At The Dog Listener Consultant, we also conduct different workshop and events apart from our dog training classes. We hold various seminar topics like a healthy and happy dog, reading your dog’s body language, etc. We help to impart real-life knowledge where sharing of experiences is also done by us. Our classes consist of different types of programs in order to make training more meaningful for your puppy for their self-development. You can try to view class schedule or also testimonials to get the best view of our quality of work that you can expect from us.

Source: www.doglistenerconsult.com
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