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text 2019-08-16 08:56
Reading Ebooks Advantages Over Standard Books

Nowadays, the trend of reading eBooks is growing and there are many reasons for their popularity. The very first is the constraint of time. Students prefer to use the internet to increase their understanding rather than reading books. Although the trend of ordinary books is eternal, but the course material is restricted in each book, it is also difficult for each student to buy more and more books for that additional course material.It is also a very tedious task for learners to go to the library and publish books, and this is the primary reason why learners prefer to use the internet to search their course material and study. It's also useful for learners as they become more and more computer utilization savvy on the internet and computer, and this will assist them in the future.

The price factor is another advantage of using an eBook. The cost of a normal book needed for higher studies is at least $10 starting, while an eBook's cost starts at $5 and always costs less than a normal book. It may also occur sometimes that you can download an eBook without even charging a penny so the eBooks are always cost-effective.


Another very significant factor that makes learners switch from ordinary to eBooks is that they save room. They do not occupy room, just your eBook readers ' system memory or memory. There are countless eBook readers on the market that only occupy one-fourth of a standard book's room and countless eBooks are accessible for download online. There is no question of clutter in a room for students because if a student has switched to eBooks, the number of eBooks will be limited.There will also be no pressure to dispose of them as the eBooks online are just a soft copy and can be stored on any disk or drive or simply deleted.


In a U.S. council survey, it was found that those students who haven't finished their college in the correct era are now prepared to finish it and graduate. For such learners, buying their course material as an ordinary book is very hard, they also have no time to go and purchase it as they want it all at one click.This is why they prefer more eBook downloads because they are more comfortable and hassle-free than ordinary books to buy them.


Download ebooks are not only intended for the eyes, but are also available in various forms, such as Audio eBooks, if you feel that listening is more comfortable than reading, then you can easily read Audio books. EBooks are always better because they require little handling and can be readily obtained.


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text 2016-06-03 19:04
London the Biography: Sharing the Online Book Wealth
London: The Biography - Peter Ackroyd

I mentioned this in the last post, but now I've actually sat down and started looking up old books that are referenced in this book. And I've found a lot. And I'm just starting.


Usually when this sort of thing happens I add it to my (huge) bookmark folder for online ebooks and tell myself that I'll eventually share the links. But I'm horrible at getting around to that, so bah, I'll just pop in and share what I've found in the past hour.  


First a quote from Ackryod's book:


p 114: "Antiquarianism might itself be considered outmoded, therefore, except for one curious ceremony which is conducted every year at the church of St. Andrew Undershaft. Here rests John Stow's tomb, with a memorial figure of the Tudor antiquarian resting upon it. He holds a quill pen in his hand and every year, at the beginning of April, the Lord Mayor of London and a distinguished historian proceed to the memorial where a new quill is placed in Stow's hand. So the city honours one of its greatest citizens, with the changing of the quill a solemn token of the fact that the writing of London's history will never come to and end."


And now, some random old books. Am linking Open Library's website because, while all of these have links to read the original book online (you'll see images of the actual scanned book page), they have great links where you can download directly in the format of your choice. I'm hooked on them because I can wirelessly send to my kindle via a link. Down side: often the downloadable versions have scanning errors (wrong letters, garble here and there) - and you'll miss out on the great illustrations or photos that some of the books might have. (I usually read via ereader and check the original for images. So far majority of books with images don't hae them in downloaded version.)


Unknown London by George Walter Bell (1919)

Which I am going to read first because there's a chapter on the head of the Duke of Suffolk. And a photo of the mummified-looking head in the frontpiece. Definitely has my attention. [tumblr me: omg guys I bumped into a book with a decapitated head! Score!]


Because I understand those of you who just want to cut (grim accidental pun) to the chase, I'll link you to the wikipedia section called: The Head. Note that wikipedia quotes from this particular text. Though it cites the book in reference, you'd never know it was waiting to be read at archive.org, but that's wikipedia for you. (Yes I could link it myself but then I'd have to go look up my password and that'd take up reading time.)


Er none of the following have quite the weirdness of Unknown London. Or the promise of weirdness - I've not yet read any of these, remember.


London Vanished and Vanishing by Philip Norman (1905)

Illustrations are really nice paintings.


Old and New London by Walter Thornbury (1887)


Highways and Byways in London by Mrs T E Cook (1920)

Nice to find a woman author amongst all the guys.


Curiosities of London Life by W and F G Cash (1857)


History of London by Walter Besant (1894)


And, again randomly, I bumped into the following on a non London related search, which it is yet again the case that a woman author is mostly ignored because we don't have translations - or at least not of her own writing. So here's a two volume bio - by a gentleman who wrote it in French, but his work was translated. Go figure.


The Salon of Madame Necker vol 1, and vol 2.  (1882)

wikipedia link: Susan Curchod, or Madame Necker

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