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text 2018-09-15 10:48
Get Critical Systems For The Office From The Experts

An office requires many equipment and systems to run it smoothly. You will purchase your various equipment and gadgets from many suppliers. It is always best to get these items from those who are experts in installing and servicing them. If you do that there will be no problems in the future.


One of the top requirements of any office nowadays is to keep the office and many parts of it secure. It has become highly essential considering that there are more and more incidences of criminals entering offices and stealing money and other valuables. It is also essential to keep some parts of the office where there are valuables and confidential documents from being accessed by everyone. All these require an efficient way to prevent entry of unauthorized people. A locking system that is easy and at the same time secure is what you need.



A door access system operating on the principles of electromagnetic force is best suited for you. These provide ample security and can allow selective entry of people. There are no physical locks so that there is no threat of keys being copied or lost. These door access systems work on either electronic keypads or biometric system. This means that nobody, other than the authorized people will be able to get inside the secure area. If you purchase one that works on the biometric system you can be sure that nobody else can enter the area.


These locks work on the principle of electromagnetism. When the locks are opened using the biometric system or keypad, the power to the electromagnet is cut off, thus releasing the lock. This can be operated on a safe mode so that even if there is an accident inside the office, the power can be switched off and the door opened to allow emergency exit. Techcom Engineering can supply you with any model of these door access systems and install the same. We also have the necessary technicians for service and maintenance.

Communication is an import part of any organization. Communication equipment is a must for the company. One of the best equipment for smooth, continuous communication between the office employees and outside partners is the PBX phone system. This system will allow communication between many people inside the office at the same time. It also facilitates various members of the staff to use the same outside line to talk to related persons outside the office. The system delivers clear and loud voice. Techcom Engineering has the trained people to install and service these systems.


Source: tech-com.com.sg
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text 2018-01-23 05:30
Give Your Office The Top Security

Are you concerned about the security of your office? Is a thought of a mishap always pestering you at the back of your mind? Are you always worried about the safety systems in your office? If yes, then you need Techcom Engineering services for your office, which secure the organization from any sort of approaching danger. Don’t leave it at risk; it is your dream. The primary method of securing an office is installation of CCTV camera which monitors who enters and exits the premises; and what were the activities he performed. This is very necessary as no one can be trusted these days with the responsibility of taking care of your company.


Another way to monitor entry in the office, since CCTV can only read faces, but not disguises is the biometric door access. Biometric systems have made it much easier to control entry of unknown people. Only an authorized person can get entry in the office. These use either fingerprints or other scans that are unique to every individual, so that no one who is not recognized by the system can enter there. These are the perfect methods to make your organizations secure and safe from any outsider.


Along the same lines of Biometric systems, Biometric attendance can be done to make sure who was present in the office premises and who was not. This way the employees have no chance to fool you about their being present or not. It can monitor time of entry also; that further helps you to know and manage the system of the office in absence of you. You can access the data and monitor the entry and exit of your employees. This is the most beneficial system. Techcom engineering provides all these facilities and much more to their clients that safeguard their organization from any insecurity.

Engineers at Techcom Engineering keep in mind the needs of their clients and provide them technological solutions according to their requirements. Offering a wide variety of services like CCTV installation, PABX phone system, and other such technologies that an organization needs to walk hand in hand with the rest of the world; all are provided by Techcom Engineering. It’s very wise to entrust one company with all security solutions, rather than juggling with many at a time. It makes harder to manage the enterprise. Techcom Engineering is your one stop shop for solutions to any problem!

Source: tech-com.com.sg
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