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review 2015-09-17 05:29
Absolutely LOVED all the Pagan Holidays in this boxset
8 Panty-Melting Werewolves and BBW Witches: A Short Story Holiday Paranormal Romance Collection - Liv Brywood
I loved re-reading some of the books within this bundle from Liv Brywood, I had a couple to read for the first time too. I enjoyed reading them, with no stopping in between. All the stories from Liv's "Sexy BBW Pagan Holidays" series, I'll leave individual reviews for the stories inside.... My only problem with them all, was the size of each story, I feel they could have been longer (but I'm greedy). These stories held me captive from start to finish, leaving me wanting more.

Claimed by the Wolf Kings (book 1)....
Once I started reading 'Claimed by the Wolf Kings', I was quickly drawn into the story. Standing out in a crowd of lithe, petite virgins, offering up their bodies for the ancient ceremony, to ensure the fertility of the land & animals... Kendra stands out to the Wolf Kings once they arrive. There is just something about the buxom witch that draws the kings to her, they'd never seen someone with the body of a goddess before...

Midsummer Night's Alpha (book 2)....
Once I started reading 'Midsummer Night's Alpha' I was quickly transported into the story. Sneaking off from the Midsummer rites, Ruby meets Shaw in the woods to celebrate in there own way, with promises of a night of nothing but pure pleasure....

Bewitching the Alpha (book 3)....
Again I was drawn into this short story surprisingly fast. Wanting to thank the werewolf who saved her from the Grizzly, Calra traipses through the forest to Slade's remote cabbin... very Red Ridding Hood of her. But it's not only the meal in her basket she wants to thank Slade with & she's bringing magic along with her, a very dangerous & forbidden thing to do.

Fall of the Alpha (book 4)....
WOW... I wish these were longer books, I feel as if I'm sucked into the story so fast, then spat out again... I'm left wanting more of each characters story. Delia is chosen as the embodiment of Persephone & offerd to the Wolf-God as his 6 month long sacrifice. Meeting fire with fire, Delia decends into the Underworld to meet the Wolf- God himself....

Enthralled by the Alpha (book 5)....
I'm sucked in, within the first few sentences... quickly finding myself lost within the tale, then BAM it's finished. I want these stories to be longer, I want to know what happens a year in the future with all the characters. Racing through the forest on Samhain Night, Sasha & her Alpha friend accidentally find themselves in the land of the Fae. Having to decide on keeping her Alpha friend alive, she make a bargain with the Fae King....

Midwinter Night's Alpha (book 6)....
I was again quickly sucked into the story, within the first few sentences.... losing myself in the tale, then BAM it was over. I will say that this story was slightly different to the others that I've read in this series, revolving around the couple more than the actual Pagan Holiday... Katelyn is returning to her coven in time for the Yule celebrations, then she's going back to New York as soon as they are complete... Hoping to not run into anyone she once called friend, that includes her once best friend/lover Devin... but things don't always go as planned.

Tempting the Alpha (book 7)....
I was again quickly drawn into the story within the first few sentences, then BAM it was finished.... Brittany has been chosen for the ritual involved in this pagan holiday, after receiving the goddesses power she starts her trek through the woods, to the house of a certain Alpha & Beta. Aiden & Theo out & about in wolf form, when they hear a scream, going to the rescue...

Rise of the Alpha (book 8)....
I loved reading this, again I was quickly drawn into the story, again wishing these books where longer... it felt like 1 minute you had started, then BAM your finished. I'm so glad Liv added to Delia's story & what a story it is. This is the last book in the "Sexy BBW Pagan Holidays" series, I suggest you read this series from the start.
After spending six months in the underworld, Delia has emerged to find it's not quite Spring & there's nobody waiting for her. So starting the long trek, in the snow back to town, she feels as though someone is watching her. Sebastian is waiting for Delia, after seeing her at the previous years Spring equonix, he feel into lust & has decided now is the time to make his move...
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review 2015-07-08 11:38
About Last Night - Belle Aurora,Hot Tree Editing,LM Creations

Some funny moments and plenty of sexy times, but overall, the story just did not work for me.

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review 2015-03-05 11:21
Always Been Mine - Victoria Paige

Unfortunately, I didn't love this book as much as I did the first one :/

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review 2015-02-03 21:43
Three, Two, One (321) - J.A. Huss
  2.5, I don't know what I think, Stars!

Don't you hate it when you are so excited to read a book and while reading it, you realize you don't love it as much as everyone else does? :( Yep, that's what happened with this book. I didn't dislike the book, I just found it to be okay. My issue - I wasn't invested in the characters; I honestly did not care about them or what was going to happen to them. However, during the last 15% of the book, I was curious to see how it was all going to wrap up. While the ending wasn't enough to make me love the book, I was happy to see it end the way it did.


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review 2014-08-24 22:45
Rush Too Far - Abbi Glines

I heart Rush Finlay! <3

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