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review 2017-09-27 01:01
Review: Paper Girls Vol 3
Paper Girls Volume 3 - Brian K Vaughan

Not as good as previous volumes, but it would be hard to keep up the same amazing, dynamite good times forever. And this issue is bad times all around, from the plight of the character in the local timeline, to the ill fated time traveler they meet along the way, bad things happen to every woman in this volume. 


And can we just stop publishing anything men have to say about women getting their periods? Like, forever? In general, it hasn't bothered me that all of the creative team on this book is men, but for that specific subplot, I do not have enough eye rolling to convey my disappointment.


Over at goodreads, karen wrote an extremely accurate response to reading this, and included some panels. Including a screen shot of one of the last pages, which left me super interested in the next volume even if I didn't love this.

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review 2017-08-26 19:27
Why did I wait so long?
Paper Girls #1 - Brian Vaughan,Cliff Chiang,Matt Wilson

I kept hearing good things about this, and even have at least one volume available via Humble Bundle, but I resisted.   Paper girls in the eighties band together to protect themselves from bullies and general jerkfaces.   


No, thanks, pass.


What they aren't prepared for was creepy ass possibly alien monsters. 


But, I said, it's paper girls.  In the eighties. I don't want to read about teenagers in my comics.   I mean, without superpowers?   No, these aren't cosmic cube, mutants, or Inhumans; these girls just had the potential power of eighties glam, and I lived through that as a child.   Ugh, Brian Vaughan, do I have to live through that again?


Apparently yes, yes I do.   And look: my heart is still with Saga and Prince Robot IV and, y'know, all the robots, but Vaughan makes the eighties not only bearable but downright enjoyable to read about.


I'll always like Saga better because it has literal robot sex in it.   (Although Vaughan had to bring dicks into play there, because why not, I guess?)   Still, robot sex.   Yass.   It looks like Paper Girls is going the not-robot-sex route which is okay.   Vaughan doesn't have to include robot sex in all his series, although he could.   He totally could and I promise, I would buy all of them in paper and e-book versions.   But he doesn't have to.   I'll apparently settle for eighties paper girls when Vaughan is writing them.  


And hope that if it has aliens, hey, maybe robot sex isn't out of the question?


Yeah, now every single Vaughan review is probably going to have some kind of robot sex/robot dick reference in it.   He got me way, way too excited about that prospect in everything now.

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review 2017-05-01 15:29
Review: Paper Girls Vol 2
Paper Girls Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan

I loved Vol 1, and was not let down by volume 2. This series is fantastic! 


While this volume doesn't have quite the kitchen sink level of sfnal elements, it delves deeper into one of my favorite: time travel!


These characters are great. The art is great. The writing is great. This is quickly becoming my favorite series.

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review 2017-03-06 11:57
Paper Girls
Paper Girls Volume 1 - Cliff Chiang,Brian K. Vaughan

I had heard good things about this and going by the synopsis, a graphic novel set in the 1980s and focusing on a group of girls on a paper route looked intriguing.


The 80s feel in this was great, the characters we're great, and I liked the artwork. 


What didn't work for me was the storyline. I'm just not that into time travel / alt universe even if this particular storyline also fits well with the 80s theme.

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review 2017-02-15 07:06
Paper Girls
Paper Girls Volume 1 - Cliff Chiang,Brian K. Vaughan

This comic was confusing, but that's OK. Mostly it was weird to me that the girls are supposed to be 12. They look a lot older to me but maybe that's because I was born in the year the book is set?


I just kept reading because 1. I liked these supposedly 12-year-old girls 2. The book is gorgeous and 3. I had faith that the story was going somewhere. And I still do. I'll definitely keep up with this one.

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