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text 2017-02-22 00:14
I'm Back! (Does this Feel like Deja Vu?)

For real, though, how many posts do I have about being "back," and I never actually returned?




(Most likely.)


The thing is that I really miss reading. I haven't finished a single book since I graduated college even though I've had oodles of time. Other things have been keeping me occupied, but looking back, I can't pinpoint any of those things. Is being an adult the feeling that sitting down to read for an hour is somehow wasting time?? 


Anyway, I am trying my hardest to jump back on my reading bandwagon. I feel like I've missed SO MUCH in the reading world. I found out that one of my favorite books ever, Winger by Andrew Smith, has a SEQUEL that I never knew of, and I borrowed a copy from my boss/church lady. I'm really hoping this will push me back into reading. I burned myself out on all my Tolkien research, and as much as I love him dearly, I need a break from Letters


So here's the update on me!


I have a new job as a tutor in a school district in Oregon. It is, so far, only two days a week, but I'm hoping to be hired at a second school soon. I love tutoring, and even though I tire of the "Do you want to be a teacher?" question (English tutor/English degree--NO, I do not want to be a teacher), I enjoy what I do. Talking with students about what I love to read has also inspired me to try to get back into reviewing.


I am also doing Weight Watchers. It's harder to admit that here than I thought it would be (even though I know next to nobody will read this). As Thalia, I've done a good job of leaving my problems at the door, and my self-image regarding my weight is one of those things. As Thalia, faceless and essentially nameless, I've been able to pretend that I am whatever weight I want to be. Weight is not part of my reviewing (except on a few occasions when I've read books about weight issues). So there it is.


But, hey, don't cry for me, Argentina! I am SO happy on this program, SO happy with my progress, and I feel more confident than I have in years. I've been going since Jan. 4th, and I'm already down 14.6lbs, so you could say I'm feeling pretty good. Of course, I still have about a hundred pounds to go, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm telling you guys because it might factor into my mindset when it comes to reading now, and hey, maybe you care about who I am outside of what I like to read.


Anyway, things are slow for now, and becoming physically healthy makes me want to start working my brain again, too, and reading/reviewing really does that for me! I need to catch up on a lot of reviews for books I finished awhile ago, but I'm starting up my blog again, starting up BookLikes, and starting up GoodReads. I love it here, of course, but the truth is that nothing so far can compete with GoodReads when it comes to cataloguing. The reviewing politics drove me away from everything in the first place, and I can't keep up anymore.


(Side note: I hope politics doesn't stop me from enjoying books, too. It is not a secret that I'm a conservative Mormon on the internet, and well, sometimes that makes me feel like a black sheep. I will continue, as I always have, to keep my blog/reviews politics-free.) 

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url 2017-02-17 22:29
In Which Bookstooge Almost Takes Over the World

In Which I Almost take over the World

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text 2017-02-16 20:38
Random Updates on My Growing Insanity

The current political situation is turning my reading habit into a full-blown problem. I can’t focus on one book at a time, I can’t get through the books I am reading fast enough, and I can’t stop adding more titles and more subjects to my list. This is not a new problem. Rather, it is an exponential increase in issues I already had. I also can’t seem to settle into any kind of escapist reading, no matter how badly I could use the reprieve from reality.


I intended to start 2017 on a strong note, returning to semi-regular blogging and writing about books. Instead I find myself pulled in 50 different directions, attempting to cover ground in my deficient political and historical education in order to wrap my head around the shit show of United States politics. I suppose one solution is to take a break from reading altogether. But I’m not willing to make that sacrifice, however badly I might need to, considering I spent a huge part of 2016 in a reading slump that only worsened as the election rolled onward. Reading for knowledge suddenly feels imperative; halting the process feels like failure.


I was hoping that using reading as an outlet for this nervous energy I can’t seem to shake would be a good thing. I’ve yet to totally give up on it. But it seems like further steps will be necessary if I’m going to maintain my sanity and keep from burning out. In that light, some friends and I are launching a resistance project: a website/publication where we can use our various skills and interests to talk about issues and contribute something to the conversation. I hope to do a lot of writing about books as tools for resistance, though whether I’ll finally get the project off the ground is up in the air at the moment. I’m also under no illusions that it will be anything more than a tiny drop in a sea of other voices attempting to do the same thing. But I have to do something or I’m going to lose my mind.


I’m not sure why I felt the need to put this here. Maybe just to unload it out of my brain, or maybe to explain why I haven’t been writing after stating earlier in the year that I was planning on being more active again. I had made a post a few months back announcing an intent to be more political on Booklikes, but I’ve been avoiding doing so. Part of it is due to the issues I already mentioned, and part of it is simply due to the fact that I’m sure everyone is being bombarded by disaster in other areas and may not want to be inundated with it here as well.


Anyway, thanks for listening.

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review 2017-02-15 14:24
A-Ma Alchemy of Love - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Novel by Nataša Pantović Nuit quote about enlightenment

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review 2017-02-15 08:23
Tree of Life
Tree of Life - Nataša Pantović Nuit

spiritual poetry quote from tree of life

Source: artof4elements.com/entry/43/tree-of-life
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