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review 2015-11-15 00:00
Personal Changes
Personal Changes - K.C. Wells

Since I bought a bundle of all the stories in the series, I was determined to read all of them at least once. I was a reader on a mission, quitting was not an option.

Which was actually pretty hard, because while this story was a little better than the first installment (end was the same sickenly sweet HEA for practically everyone in basically every aspect of their lifes), I still couldn't really enjoy the writing. I'm beginning to think it just might be that K.C. Wells and I don't go together. Maybe the style isn't for me, I don't know. It sure seems like it's another everone-loved-but-me.

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review 2015-11-14 00:00
Making it Personal
Making it Personal - K.C. Wells

I'm sorry. Firstly, I'm sorry I couldn't enjoy this more. And secondly, I'm sorry for myself a little here, because I feel like the odd one out, asking myself if I just read a completely different book. Thirdly, I'm saying sorry for all the bitching that is sure to come in advance.

And that's where I'll start my complaints, so ignore the spoilers if you're not in the mood.

Because what is this even?! I liked the beginning. Son of publishing asshole-father meets up with sweet and inexperienced rent-boy, to get his itch scratched, fighting the loneliness and depressing thoughts. Because Blake is in the closet - actually he is still in the closet under the top drawer of his main closet. But okay, I can work with that. The sex was hot, I liked the guys well enough.

And then the writing kicked me in the balls. Because it was sloppy, immature and hacky - at least to me. Repetitions drove me nuts, sentences were so short, I had to actively look for all the components to make sure they were actually there. Childish expressions, sometimes inappropriate words at times that really made my head hurt. I could not get into this story. At. All. It was like stubbing my toe constantly, on something spiky.

And it got worse, because when things came to a head and everything went BAM!, I was sitting there, shaking my head. WTF was used frequently while reading at this point, followed closely be 'Serieously?!'. I started to get angry when everything resolved itself magically after that, so the two two-dimensional guys with a tendency to speak in a language that was DRIPPING artificial sweetener mixed with honey, could have their HEA. And ALL the people loved them. And were understanding. And loved them some more. Even the homophobic dick of a father with no soul saw the light, was just misunderstood and an all-around sweatheart to boot. He became FRIENDS with his son's lover. FRIENDS. I can't even.

The only exception was the absolutely over-the-top bitch with no heart, no morals and obviously NO BRAIN. She was flat as Texas - mentally speaking - but that didn't matter because in the end, everybody hated her anyway. She was just there to make things somewhat exciting for a little while.

As you can tell, I was NOT happy with the writing. The plot had so many holes, I could go around in circles in there - with an 18-wheeler. The whole conflict felt absolutely fabricated, the villains were either sweet like puppies, or just colorless, spineless props.

I wanted to like this, I really did. Because Office Romance is a nice trope, the potential for hotness and sweetness is great. But this book didn't do it for me on any level. The end just made me angry, not happy. Epic fail for me, because this clearly is an everyone-loved-but-me situation.

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