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text 2017-10-13 17:18
Shelfie Time! Or "how I saved my sanity by reorganizing my shelves"

My main shelves have been so overcrowded that I decided to do some shelf reorganizing this week. More specifically, I was forced to decentralize my books, if I was going to maintain some sort of order and be able to view my living room shelves with pleasure rather than a sort of frantic overwhelmed sense of failure. 


I've been trying to keep all my books, organized by shelf, in my Wall O' Books, but I've accumulated so many that they were just haphazardly crammed in. Mowing through my TBR backlog hasn't helped, because I still keep most of the books after I've read them.


So my new organizational system: Wall O' Books is still for collections and TBR, but all the read books are now moved off, but still more or less grouped by category, so I'll know where to find them if needed. Over time, as my TBR gets smaller, I can move the read books back to the Wall. I also culled any non-collectible books that I rated less than 4 stars - those are donated to the library or Goodwill. 


First: The Wall O' Books. Collections on either end with TBR (mostly) in the middle.

My Nancy Drew collection on left, and yes I'm still planning to finish my ND project, it's just stalled right now. On right is my collection of classic horror and fantasy: Stephen Kings, Harry Potters, and Tolkiens, with my niece's trilogy and that fabulous EA Poe popup sharing Tolkien's shelf.


TBR in the middle, but the Romance TBR is creeping over to the bottom shelf on left under the Girl Detective. 

TBR Children's lit: Left shelf 1

TBR Vintage books (mostly inherited): Right shelf 1

TBR General fiction: Left shelf 2 & Right shelf 2 & 3

TBR Nonfiction: Right shelf 4 & 5

TBR Scifi/fantasy/horror: Left shelf 3, 4, & 5

TBR Romance: under the Nancy Drews


Since those are the only nice bookshelves that I've got, the "read" books are now scattered to various places around the house - but still semiorganized.


My favorite vintage books have place of pride display in the living room, on the little table under my tv:


Guest room - additional fantasy on my grandmother's table and held with a handcarved bookstop that was a gift from my grandparents back when I was such a weird little kid that they had no idea what to give me except books and educational stuff. Also my "school bookshelf", used to keep all my school and professional texts and householdy reference books. Those need this supersturdy solid oak bookshelf because all those weighty books would make any less serious bookshelf sag over time. 


All the other hardcovers are starting a new "bookshelf" on top of my desk cabinets in my study - there's lots of room to grow on here. 


 And finally, because I didn't know what else to do with them, until I finally get around to decorating my bedroom instead of just throwing random old stuff in there, I put the rest of my read children's lit, paperbacks, and Discworld books on a saggy old pressboard bookshelf that dates back to high school, where I keep DVDs and photo albums. 


I know this is probably not very interesting to anybody but me, but I spent so much time agonizing over it that I wanted to document it somewhere.



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text 2017-04-14 20:34
I'd be doomed!

This is a list of acceptable reasons for commitment to an insane asylum for women circa 1864 to 1889.  There are a few on here that would get me locked away ... but especially "reading novels".  Hmm ... I wonder if they let you read in the asylum?Probably not!




Origin: Unkown Source: Facebook

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text 2017-01-25 23:10
Reading progress update: I've read 10 out of 319 pages.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Alexander Freed

The Bone Clocks kind of put me in a book coma. I'm trying to shake it off and read anyway, but I keep finding myself spacing off and wondering how Atemporals would fare in the Star Wars universe.

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text 2016-12-06 22:06


I was finally able to post a review after a grueling 2 weeks! 

Between the hectic Holidays and Booklikes taking forever to load I just hadn't had the time to sit down and post a review. But it's happened, it's finally happened =) 



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text 2016-11-13 16:22
In Paris they read REAL Books!

When my daughters and I were in Paris recently we walked (and walked ... and walked ... and walked) to the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, which were highly recommended by a friend of my youngest daughter.  Excellent recommendation by the way!  We stopped at some quaint shops and purchased a picnic lunch complete with (the obligatory) bottle of wine to enjoy in this gorgeous setting.  When we finished our wine and cheese feast we strolled around the grounds.  One of things that immediately popped out at me (being the book nerd that I am) was the extraordinary number of people who were sitting and reading in the park.  Not only that BUT reading REAL books.

I live in a house so if I want to read outdoors I can step out the door and read on the front porch-ette or in the backyard.  Heft of a real book -- no problem.  These folks carried books in their bags and purses to read in the park.  I prefer real books (of course) but for portability nothing beats my eReader. 
I found this very interesting and (much to the chagrin of my daughters -- I'm sure) I began surreptitiously snapping pics of these folks enjoying their books.
At Versailles?  Same thing!  Parisians certainly enjoy beautiful settings to sit and read.  In my opinion, the only thing missing was an extra large cup of Cafe au Lait.

So, thanks to all the folks enjoying their books who (hopefully) didn't realize I was taking their pictures.  


You all made me smile!



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