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url 2019-04-03 05:46

In a world of EDM and electronic music, the significance of piano hasn’t declined a bit and is still a massive contribution to both modern & classical music. In our way to improve lives, we usually forget that things we enjoy the most enrich us mentally & benefits our physical health. For instance, piano lessons in San Antonio, TX. And if you’ve finally decided to have a piano lesson for yourself or your kids. For More Information Visit Website:- https://pianoguitarsinginglessons.com/all-time-favorite-easy-piano-song-for-kids-and-beginners/

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url 2019-02-01 07:20
Reading Keyboard Music in San Antonio

We teach reading music similar to how a speed typist learns her keyboard. You are taught where the notes are on the keyboard in relation the to piano. This method is so fast that students will be reading music on the very first lesson. A child, youth or adult can pick this up so fast that everyone around them will be a awe of what the student is doing. For More Information Visit Website:- https://pianoguitarsinginglessons.com/product/read-music-fast/

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url 2019-01-02 08:21
Tips To Succeed ‘New Year Musical Resolution’ from Finest Musician in San Antonio

The beginning of the year is also a timeframe of great promises; which is eventually a swearword toward a better version of us. And since you are here, we can easily anticipate what will be your most fervent goal in 2019. For More Information Visit Website-https://pianoguitarsinginglessonstx.tumblr.com/post/181638697783/tips-to-succeed-new-year-musical-resolution-from

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text 2014-12-31 13:40
Year 2014 in Reading Music

Like so many, I too listen to music while I am reading my precious books. I finally had the time to look at my records and see what bands and songs were the shit this year during my word devoting. No surprises, I am extremely stuck with my oldies, year after year.


This will also work as a music for my New Years Eve, have a good one fellow readers. 


1. Eminem



It might be a little surprising that a woman who is all the way metal and rock, manages to come up with Eminem as a most listened and played artist. But it really is not. He makes me laugh, think and sometimes even cry. I love his hate, love his pain, love his love and his real him.


TOP 3 Tracks: Space Bound , Not Afraid , Survival


2. Down 



I love Phil's music, his voice, his mind. Meow.


TOP 3 Tracks: Jail , Learn From this Mistake , Bury Me In Smoke


3. In This Moment 



She has got the music, the voice, the attitude and the looks. Definitely my number one girl crush.


TOP 3 Tracks: Whore , Adrenalize , Blood


4. Alice in Chains 



The Voice. Yeah, the feels. The feels.


TOP 3 Tracks: Would , Nutshell , Down In a Hole



5. Metallica 



They actually were young at some point... Me too. Nostalgia band, biggest there will  ever be.


TOP 3 Tracks: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) , Fade to Black , Orion





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