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review 2017-02-04 17:09
The Talented Mr. Rivers by HelenKay Dimon - My Thoughts
The Talented Mr. Rivers - HelenKay Dimon

The Talented Mr. Rivers gives me everything I expect when I pick up a HelenKay book.  There is an intense, hot, steamy connection between the main characters, dangerous action that threatens the MCs, a few twists and turns and a fun and clever supporting cast.  Oh, and some fun banter too.

I had one problem with this book and I know it's probably just me and I can't figure out why, but I had SUCH a problem with the names of the main characters.  Hunter, the bodyguard/agent/tough guy and Will, the younger of the two, the college grad, the almost studious one, the youngest, supposedly oblivious sibling of a vicious crime family.  I kept getting their names mixed up.  I'd read Will and be surprised that it was Hunter and vice versa.  It was very annoying and lasted through the whole book.  I've never come across this specific problem before.  *LOL*

Sexy, steamy suspense is what HelenKay does and it's so much fun to read.  Her characters are always wonderfully larger than life and always flawed in some way or another.  :)  Except for Seth, I've not seen a single flaw in him yet.  Maybe in the next book, his story, Guarding Mr. Fine.

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review 2016-12-07 18:46
Shiver by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott - My Thoughts
Shiver - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

This book was a round-about rec in a way.  One of the romantic suspense novelists I follow on Twitter was quoted on a book blog about some of her fave reads and the 3rd book in this series was one of the ones she mentioned.  So, I went to check out the series and it hit a lot of my 'ooooh' buttons, so I went and picked up this first book.  


There are 4 men who are as close, if not closer, than brothers.  A millionaire club owner/businessman, a surgeon, a security company head and a chef.  This story is about the millionaire and what happens when he gets targeted by the bad guys over his latest property venture.  His buddy, the security company guy, sends him a bodyguard and the romance begins.  :)


It worked for me for the most part.  I enjoy the whole band of brothers thing and all the characters are bigger than life, which is fun for me.  It could be compared, I guess, to the Abi Roux Cut & Run books or SE Jakes' Tommy & Prophet series, but it's got a bit to go to live up to those faves of mine.  


The romance and sex is steamy hot and the falling in love stuff makes sense for the most part.  Although I did find that maybe, in certain tense situations, maybe the guys could have held off on the whoopee for a little bit?  


However... I did knock down my rating because this pair of authors, like many in the m/m genre, use the word SMIRK so often and think it's a hot and sexy expression.  OH. MY. GOD!  It's SO not.  It's smarmy and supercilious and obnoxious and it turns me right off and hauls me out of the story quickerthanthis.  UGH, I hate it.  In my uneducated opinion, I they use it in the hopes of it coming across as uber masculine.  Anyway, if I were the editor, I'd be raising hell.  


So, I will be adding the others to the TBR pile and hope that the word is used much, much less.  



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review 2016-11-02 22:27
The Two Gentlemen of Altona by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock - My Thoughts
The Two Gentlemen of Altona - Lisa Henry,J.A. Rock

This first book of the Playing the Fool series/trilogy was a fun read.  Somewhat light-hearted, this tale of the meeting of the FBI Agent and the con-man read more like White Collar than Blindspot.  


I liked both main characters.  They each had their set of quirks and flaws that made them more human and it was easy to see what was piquing the interest of one in the other.  They had good chemistry, I thought.  


The suspenseful aspect of the book wasn't intricate or deep or anything.  And that was okay, this was ore of a get-to-know-ya type of story for the characters.  I will admit that the part of the FBI plot that had to do with the insider kept me guessing until the end.  


The one problem I had was the cliff-hangery ending.  I had already bought the other two books of the series when I was halfway through this one, but had no idea that the ending would be so abrupt.  I find myself resentful when the endings are so, open-ended for want of a better word.  I get that Mac and Henry's tale is far from over, but jeez!!!


Anyway, I have the next two ready to go whenever I'm ready to get to them.  :)  Frequent readers of My Thoughts know I hate to binge read a series.  :)


So, yeah, good book.  :)

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review 2016-10-31 02:17
Fish Out Of Water by Amy Lane - My Thoughts
Fish Out of Water - Amy Lane

So one of my faves, Amy Lane, has turned her hand to trying one of my favourite sub-genres, romantic suspense!   And the results are pretty damned good!


I love this set of MCs.  Jackson is just such a guy!  And Ellery is like a sexy... I want to say Felix Unger!  *LOL*  I like how they mesh together, and how Ellery turns out to be the driving force behind the relationship.  He's so... SURE and competent and positive and I really, really liked him.  :)


The cast of secondary characters is quite wonderful too.  Amy is an excellent creator of unexpected families.  Jackson's nextdoor neighbour, Mike, I think is my favourite.  Ellery's mom is a very close second. (I saw Christine Baranski in my mind's eye whenever she appeared on the page.)


And for those who are bemoaning that this book isn't as 'sweet' as Amy's usual fare... well of course not!  These are MEN, not youths!  There were definitely spots of sweetness though, and if those readers didn't catch them, then maybe they need to slow down and actually read the damned book.   


And yes, it is the first of a series.  (I honestly don't think there's a romance writer out there who is capable of writing standalone novels any more.)  And that's good news because I am quite eager to head off 'fishing' once again!  



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review 2016-08-20 17:53
Murder at the Brightwell by Ashley Weaver - My Thoughts
Murder at the Brightwell: A Mystery - Ashley Weaver

The reason I bought this was because of the cover.  :)  Is it not gorgeous?  It caught my eye immediately and since the blurb sounded rather interesting, I had to have it.  


It's touted as a Christie-esque mystery and I guess it's so, because it concerns a group of people brought together in a confined situation where any of them could be the murderer.  Set at a classy seaside resort in 1930s England, it's got plenty of atmosphere and numerous red herrings to the point where I was honestly never certain who the murderer could have been until near the end.


Amory Ames is a woman of her time and circumstance, I think.  Looked upon with today's eyes, I can see how some might find her a bit.. unassuming... but honestly, we are reading about the 1930s high society in Britain, okay?  She works.  I liked her.  


And I liked her husband Milo, despite his being an absolute jerk more than once.  I think there's much more to him beneath that smooth and suave exterior and hopefully we find out more about him over the other books.  


Anyway, I much enjoyed it and once the price comes down on the others (there are 2 of them and they're $12.99 each for the ebook - too steep for me!) I shall pick them up.  :)


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