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review 2020-05-20 16:10
Review: Centurion (Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #3) by Anna Hackett
Centurion - Anna Hackett

 Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #3
 Anna Hackett
 Science Fiction Romance
 October 20, 2019


Rescued from her alien captors, the only person who makes her feel safe is a cold, emotionless cyborg.


Abducted from her exploration ship, paramedic Sage McAlister has spent months locked in cells and labs belonging to the Edull. Rescued by the cool, powerful cyborgs of the House of Rone, she finds herself among fellow human survivors on the desert world of Carthago. But despite being free, Sage feels cold inside and is struggling to cope. The only person she feels safe with—who she doesn’t feel the need to pretend with—is a deadly cyborg who feels nothing.


Forced into a military cyborg program as a teen, all Acton Vonn remembers of his past are violent missions and the cybernetic enhancements forced on him before he broke free. His emotions have been dampened to nothing for decades and he’s fine with that. It makes him an efficient member of the House of Rone. Yet the more time he spends with the copper-haired woman he helped rescue from the Edull, the more unfamiliar, strange, and perplexing things he starts to feel.


When a tip reveals that more humans are being held captive at a mysterious desert lake, Sage will stop at nothing to help rescue her crewmates. As she is drawn closer to Acton, she worries about risking her heart. Being with Sage breaks down barriers inside Acton and he struggles with the emotions he doesn’t want to feel. But deep in Carthago’s dangerous deserts, with the Edull hunting them, Sage and Acton will have to risk it all: their lives, their hearts, their souls.


Includes a preview of Edge of Eon (Eon Warriors #1).






Centurion is book three in the Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone series by Anna Hackett. I love Hackett. She is an amazing science fiction romance author. 


Acton never understood why his fellow cyborgs kept falling for their Earth women, but when he helps rescue Sage, his world implodes. Acton is the most machine like of the House of Rone Gladiators, but everything changes when Sage moves in.


Sage was torn from her solar system and sold to the Edull. She was their prisoner and knows too well the danger they pose with their unspeakable robots. Now that she’s free she’s determined to find and save her fellow prisoners, but first she has to show the tasty looking Acton how good emotions can be. 


I loved Acton and Sage’s story. They started out as friends, but quickly realized their attraction to each other. Acton was so sweet in how he helped Sage deal with find her place in this new world and the trauma that happened to her. On the other side Sage helped Acton find his feelings. I was delighted with their budding romance and that they both helped each other to heal and find love. 


Besides the healing and romance we are treated to many action-battle scenes. There is no shortage of trouble from the Edull as the hunt goes on to find the Edulls hidden city and free the humans. 


Centurion is another fabulous, entertaining, and exciting read. I can’t wait to get the next story in the House of Rone series.


Rated: 4 Stars


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!



Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2020/05/review-centurion-galactic-gladiators-house-of-rone-3-by-anna-hackett
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review 2020-05-18 16:00
Review: Defender (Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #2) by Anna Hackett
Defender - Anna Hackett

 Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #2
 Anna Hackett
 Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
 August 18, 2019
 Kindle Unlimited


Rescued from alien slavers, the only place she feels safe is in the brawny arms of a big, gruff cyborg.


Astrophysicist Dr. Jayna Lennox's life imploded the day her ship was attacked by aliens. Through months of captivity, she's survived by shutting down and not feeling. Then she's freed by the House of Rone cyborgs and finds herself in the arms of huge, tough Mace. Struggling to heal, Mace is the only thing that makes her feel safe. The only person who makes her feel like she isn't broken. But there are more of her crew members imprisoned in Carthago's desert, and Jayna will have to delve into her darkest memories to help save them.


Born to fight and bred for rage, Mace barely survived his gang-ridden homeworld. Thanks to Imperator Magnus Rone, he's found a place at the House of Rone. Unlike the other cyborgs, he feels, but only anger and annoyance. When a small, wounded human woman works her way under his skin, Mace finds himself feeling things he's never felt before...along with a powerful need to keep her safe.


Jayna vows to help find her fellow humans, even if it means revisiting her nightmares and being part of a dangerous mission into the desert. But as the passion between her and Mace explodes, she finds herself with two battles on her hands: the battle to free the humans from their captors, and the war to win Mace's scarred heart.

Includes a preview of Edge of Eon (Eon Warriors #1)





Defender is book two in the Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone series by Anna Hackett.


This is another amazing story in the series. Hackett delivers another action-packed and fast-paced read. In Sentinel, book 1, we rescued another human women, Jayna, and in Defender we get to see her and Mace’s romance.


Mace can’t stop thinking about Jayna after rescuing her. Jayna is broken. She’s been beaten down, but she’s not broken. Mace is so sweet with Jayna. He pushes her to come out of her shell. Their romance is so sweet and endearing. I loved seeing how Jayna changes Mace and vis versa.


As is the way, we get new information on the missing humans and the hunt for Edull City is on.


Defender is engaging and so much fun! The world keeps expanding and more characters are introduced. Their is no shortage of action and romance.


Rated: 4 Stars


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!




Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2020/05/review-defender-galactic-gladiators-house-of-rone-2-by-anna-hackett
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review 2019-06-08 11:47
Seducing Stag by Laurann Dohner
Seducing Stag (Cyborg Seduction Book 10) - Laurann Dohner,Dar Albert,Kelli Collins

Much better than the previous book, but very short. I actually don't understand when the main characters had time to fall in love. The book had a lot of action and Stag's crew members were interesting. I hope next book is Hellion's story.

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review 2019-06-08 01:11
Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik - My Thoughts
Polaris Rising (Consortium Rebellion #1) - Jessie Mihalik


Just about my whole Romancelandia Twitter feed was over the moon about this book.  Best thing ever!!  Kickass heroine!!  Awesome hero!!! Action galore!!  Romance!!  Sexytimes!! 


If you're looking for all those things, try the excellent Conspiracy of Whispers by Ada Harper.

So here's the thing, a 23 year old heroine who can do everything and get out of scrape after dangerous scrape, time after time, thanks to some training we're just hearing about that she had when she was young.  TWENTY THREE IS YOUNG!!!  She's just so darned perfect all the time.  No one is at that age, but seriously, this gal, who amusingly enough, is named Ada doesn't have a single fault or flaw.

And the hero?  Loch, who frowns and growls and grunts his way through the book until just about the very end where he declares his devotion to Ada.  But do we SEE this relationship kindle and grow?  Nope, we see a lot of hot sex and lusty glances and panting after each other, but aside from this overpowering physical attraction to each other, I don't think I saw much emotional growth. Loch is just a lump of growly muscle and abs as far as I can tell, one who seems to think that Ada belongs to him.  His property.  I can't tell you how that put me off every time it was mentioned - and that was a lot. 

The action.  Well, there was a lot of that, but it mostly spun the same way.  There's some trouble, Ada pulls out some great weapon or defense and manages to rescue them, much to Loch's amused surprise. Or, Ada gets captured, she's threatened with DIRE consequences, and by some special quirk of hers or SURPISE, growly man, she or they manage an escape.  There are politics involved by they're basically only given surface attention.  They could be very interesting and maybe we'll get there at some point in the series, but not here. 

Romance?  Not much here!  Mutual admiring of weapons and abs and lusty looks and thoughts and deeds and that's about it.  I don't know why Ada loves Loch and I don't know why Loch loves Ada.  I'm told they're in love, but... I have no clue why or how.

There were a few scenes I really liked.  The scenes where Ada, Loch and their friends plotted and planned and teased each other.  Felt a lot like Nora Roberts' gang of friends characters.  And that's my catnip, as they say.  *LOL* 

Of course we've been introduced to the next couple in the series, I'm pretty sure.  Ada's sister and her family's House security guy (who I think is one of Loch's friends, but that's in the future.)

Oh, and one last thing...  I found the characters very 2019ish as opposed to the hundreds of years in the future people they are supposed to be.  Just the way they spoke, the terms they used, it just all felt somehow contemporary to me. 

Anyway, I went into this with high hopes and was quite frankly, disappointed.  I don't understand what the huge fuss is about.  The basic ideas are good, but the execution and the meat of the story are lacking, in my opinion.  So it's another book that so many people found wonderful and I found it rather ordinary and pedestrian. 

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review 2019-04-23 09:23
Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon
Barbarian Mine: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 4) - Ruby Dixon

This was more interesting than the previous books. The world got bigger and this story had some very realistic problems which needed solving. It's nice to see how the series keeps getting better.

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